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Lol. Turbo, I made them. What makes you think I can't make more?

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Yeah $15,000 is suspect. I don't believe that price. Nightmare armor sold there's for $3,500 and it was professionally made.

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And what magical way do you suggest that happen. It is undetectable for 99% of games and further undetectable with additional mods.

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I have two modded controllers. One has a switch on the top to turn rapid fire on an off easily. It isn't just advantageous for multiplayer games. It works in single player games also. in fact I have sold numerous modded controllers some with rapid fire and plenty with buttons like a,x,b, and y under the controller for people missing fingers. I have made two modded controllers for fellow disabled veterans. Not all mods are as bad as you want them to be.

Clearly a lot of y...

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I am glad you speak for us halo gamers even though you have no idea WTF you are talking about. I hate terrorists, thieves, and republicans who give rich people more money. Video games... no hate there.

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Tekken was THE game in the arcade back in the day. Now... not so much.

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@aviatior Then give him a credible website besides vgchartz. If you can't then STFU.

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I think Skyrim needs a hardcore mode granting access to anything the game has to offer at any point weather it is enemies or equipment. This game should mimic some aspects of life. You either are going to walk out the front door and run into a girl selling cookies or a man pointing a .357 at your face. Being prepared or not becomes dependent on chance.

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They didn't beg them. They made a suggestion based off of two demos. One running 512 and 256 mb. Microsoft chose the 512.

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I got around the deathclaws easy from the beggining of the game in new Vegas. No I couldn't fight them. But you could easily walk around them onto of the hills to the right of death claws warning areas.

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The reason I have my system isn't the exclusives. My first 360 game was call of duty. I bought my 360 for xbox-live which consistently has proven a wonderful investment. The games will be there exclusive or not. You may have bought your system for exclusives, but that is not a universal reason.

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Part of having friends of different race means you need to be prepared to confront the issues they have. No you weren't part of the issue that caused slavery. I wouldn't blame you or your black friends. I blame the method the teacher used to deliver that knowledge and how he or she failed to avoid the anger it may have generated and instead challenge the students to see how we as Americans have altered the very face of race relations together as a people. No where in the world do civi...

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@ares Are from the Untied States. Because this nation is known for opening all topics and discussing them at will, freely. We don't supress issues we deem controversial just because it would be conveint. But then again this is a big boy topic filled with emotions and a requires maturity you may not be prepared for. So I understand your not wanting to discuss it.

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We blacks don't care what you hate. You have no clue what we have issues about because more likely than not you are catalysts to those very issues. That so called ranting you hate brought about the only civil rights movement in the history of this planet. Only here in america is race discussed, confronted, and so protected by laws of the land to allow anyone to "rant." What you don't like is confronting the most controversial topic of this nations history. Let the past be bu...

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How is he a racists? That comment had nothing to do with race.

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Kinect can do everything this controller would be able to do with voice only.

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Both multiplatform and exclusives. And how the hell does that matter? If ps3 gamers are SO supporting to the exclusives on it... Then why don't any of you hardly buy them? You kids are over saturated with them which yields a poor return for the developers who invest on in exclusives. That is why some have chosen multiplatform as an option. Don't sit here and brag about exclusives when they hardly get sold.

I am not saying it like anything but what I said. "I hav...

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Xbox 360, wii, and ps3 consoles will be traded in to upgrade to any next gen console. This gen will continue to sell regardless as slow, and limited financial consumers hold off on adopting next gen consoles. And it is this persons job as an analysts to make bold statements. Some of them are virtually void of supporting evidence.

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That looks boo boo. She even admits it was messed up.

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I can not believe they are passing the Xbox up. But I shouldn't be surprise given no mmo games have been released for it in years.

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