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I have my eye on this. Hopefully it will end up great, as it sounds a little too generic. #2
I loved the Gamecube start screen. Deliberately less serious. #2.2
Jeez, it's Naughty Dog. Have faith. When have they ever failed in anything they've ever done? I don't feel they need to show footage because I trust in them and know they deliver every time. #4.2
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Excellent news. Will be doing this soon then I can finally move my PC with extremely short HDMI cable away from my TV st last. Seriously though, Sony needs to sort this out. It's bad that my old PS3 handles so much more media than my PS4 does. #8
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Yes flash is terrible. I actually had to reinstall windows twice due to it crashing my computer and damaging the OS beyond repair. #3.1.1
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Certainly no crash in monetary terms...the release list for 2015 with all those delays is pretty busy.

As for identity...COD has attemoted to leech any sense of identity out of the industry for years, this is nothing new. What we do still have though is a fantastic indie scene which is arguably the best it's ever been. There are plenty of great games out there beyond the generic COD franchise, and I'm sure it will soon fall from grace. I tend to steer clear of most sh... #7
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Smh...I wish people would state the region when putting these sale prices up. If you're not in North America it means nothing. #4
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Does anyone know whether the EU version is going to be heavily censored like the original was? Will be picking this up when I have some spare pennies as I sold my PS3 towards the end of last gen and never got to play this, but it would be a shame if censorship lessens the impact. #48
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I thought I read somewhere that Sony bought it back? #12.1.1
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Medievil was ace, really don't see why they stopped at two titles. I'm probably alone saying this but I wouldn't mind seeing Eutechnyx doing a title in the same vein as Max Power Racing (C3 racing) and Total drivin'. Played the hell out of those games back in the day. #2.3
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£10 a month would be great. £15 would be acceptable but £20 or more and I'd seriously consider not bothering. #2.2.1
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@DashArrivals I agree. If they start too cheap imagine the outcry when they put the price up! Start as high as possible and decrease until the feedback concensus is that the service is good value. Then everyone ends up happy. Starting low would shoot themselves in the foot. No one ever released a console or service then realised it was so popular that they doubled the price... #1.5.3
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What I want to know is when it will hit Europe. I know connection speeds vary but why not just release it in Europe and say they advise a particular connection speed for it to work at the point of purchase? My connection is 20mb/s andthere are plenty of people with much more than this. Fibre customers are getting 2-3x my speed and my speed is more than capable. I really want this service on my Vita and the wait is becoming agonising. Still, only one game out of the initial crop I'd rent a... #13
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I don't mind the remasters as I haven'tplayed GTA V or TLOU or even Tomb Raider bbefore....waiting for the latter to become free on PS plus, but almost certainly will buy the other two. I had to sell my PS3 due to financial circumstances towards the end of the last gen so never got to play some of the later games.

Anyway, my point is there are plenty of games that people haven't yet played from last gen and these remasters are a way for people to play them, while... #7.5
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I had a blast with Dark Sector. It may have been a mix and match rehash, but playing with that blade and slicing everything was ace. The promo videos they did where they were breaking fruit to sound like breaking bones were also funny. #5.3.1
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Me too. The sticks take getting used to but the build quality is top notch for the price and the battery life is surprisingly great. #1.1
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This. I has a heart attack the other day when my DS4 turned itself off after ten minutes while watching Netflix. I was like - "YES!", then when I turned it on again to click for the next episode the damn thing stayed on for the rest of the night.

The feature is useful but doesn't work properly. #5.1.1
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Gran Turismo
Elder scrolls
Final Fantasy (not a port)
Resident Evil #9
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Really want this on Vita. #1
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As a gay man I couldn't care whether or not it's included, but to say some societies think it's weird and that's why it shouldn't be included is rubbish. People think lots of things are weird....doesn't mean they shouldn't be included.

Also, not offended that it's very rarely included in games, as homosexuality is a minority group. Am used to it not being included and makes no difference. If I play a computer game with a strong lead, I expect t... #7
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