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What the hell does being fat or a bisexual have to with someone's ability to give an opinion ion on a game? Or being born in 84 for that matter. In fact that would be better because he's tworking years older than me and therefore was in his teens at the height of the genre.

And for the record I think the guy is deluded for giving the scores he does and just likes to rebel against other scores, so I'm not defending him but using size and sexual its is childish.

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I haven't played the full game but I played the toybox demo as a backer on PS4. For this game to be a 2/10 it would have to be way worse than the demo. The demo was well designed, well thought out and fun. The frame rate had a very slight judder and the controls were not completely perfect but still very accurate, there is no way this is a 2/10. They'd have to rewrite the controls from the demo and make them worse. And the demo was an early prototype.

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I have lots of retro games and consoles. I collect so I have many games I've never played but want to. That's how I got a backlog.

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I could be completely wrong here....but is it possible that PSVR IS hurting short term sales? I can only speak from my own personal thoughts but I really want but can't have PSVR yet and even if I could it's sold out everywhere. This is relevant because I want the best experience possible and won't buy Resident Evil 7 until I have PSVR to make the most of it. Am I alone?

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Actually the review ended up recommended but your point still stands. I'm yet to try the game. I'm pretty sure I will enjoy it as a change of pace. But I'm not purchasing it till I can get it for around £15 or until I've seen more updates that bring the game more in line with the vision.

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I didn't know this. Upvote for you. What game was it the creator went on to do?

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Sony has been really clever with releasing. Yes there have been delays, but staggering releases throughout the year is definitely the best way. I feel bad that some devs release close to the big hitters and struggle. I think it's fairly obvious by now however that gamers don't only buy games in the run up to Christmas.

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It will be interesting to see what happens next. In order to be successful as an independent studio I doubt he can have a game in development as long as he has. But I truly hope they are a successful as Ico &SOTC are amazing (can't comment on TLG as not played it).

Actually I snapped up Ico & SOTC collection in the January sales. Well worth it!

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I'm not sure why Sony downgraded expectations. They massively sold out and units are still difficult to get hold of aren't they? Last time I checked it was sold out everywhere and people are marking up 50%+.

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Yeah I know a lot of the cheaper ones suck. Don't worry, I'll be ensuring the TV has as little lag as possible. Most TV's I've purchased are Samsung so may go for one of theirs. I'm only gonna be looking for 40 inch as it's the second living room tv / PC monitor. At least that's how I get it allowed by the other half (honestly, the PC screen is so close but it'll look a lot clearer).

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I've been pretending to not be interested in 4k and HDR for a while now (spoiler, it's my way of coping as a technophile who is poor). I even pretended to myself that my launch PS4 is just fine.....but some deals I've seen this Christmas putting some HDR 4K Tv's into the sub £500 mark has given me a meltdown. I need a spare £1000 to pick up a pro, PSVR and 4k HDR TV.

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Definitely. I'm hoping for this too. People said we'd never see a crash remaster so we can dream for Spyro.

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Fingers crossed. Would love to see a Spyro trilogy remaster too. And Omega Collection looks great. Can someone clear this up - I assume Sony has had to have bought the license for Crash back? Or are they allowed to do the remasters as they own rights to the individual trilogy?

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Septic - the review embargo would almost certainly be after the game is released if they have no confidence. Not before it.

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I'm pretty sure my PS4 controller only gets that much and it doesn't have a screen haha.

The Vita managed 3 1/2 hours on top games. Remember you are looking at worst case scenario with battery life. If you're playing on a train or bus reducing the screen brightness has a pretty big impact.

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Could be a nice 30th birthday surprise for me!

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I just didn't really find any of their exclusives that exciting yet. But I have played Forza games before. Not Horizon ones though. My wallet has moths in it but will be picking them up at some point.

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Well done Microsoft. I'm not interested in 4k yet (can't afford it) but Forza Horizon 3 might just be the system seller along with a slim to get me to bite.

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Came here after watching the video. Seriously is a 5 year old with no gaming experience playing? There's a reason why people still retro game and why dark souls et al is so popular - not everyone wants a watered down half hour tutorial explaining that the X button is jump (I know it's on screen but you know what I mean with hand holding).

The person playing in the video must be playing one handed or something. How difficult is it really to jump on a ledge? Even if t...

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Up vote for you. Hadn't seen this. Seriously I rarely play FPS's but I'm better than that! Timesplitters was my first FPS with dual stick control/aiming. I played better than that even when I was trying to get used to the controls. Whoever "played" it clearly has zero credibility or hand eye coordination. I play tutorials and smart phone shooters better than that, even though the latter is touch screen controlled 😂

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