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The issues are a shame, as is the length. I was really looking forward to this but 2 hours is pretty poor. #1
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I've given up clicking through these. Usually the strange facts or lists are things fairly common knowledge anyway. #5
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To have a locked 30fps remain smooth the game needs to be capable of running at or above 30fps at all time. Hence why killzone and second son had unlocked up to 60fps and locked 30fps options. I'd rather it be locked than fluctuate as I noticed dips in infamous. #5
With the often ridiculous pricing of psn and xbl digital versus retail prices I seriously don't want retail releases to go away soon. Especially given how terrible a lot of the psn sales have been recently. Steam has it right. #62
As an avid Ps4 gamer I'm afraid I don't believe the xbox one can't catch up. People said the same about PS3 and it took years but it did it. You can't forecast what promotions, firmware updates and most importantly exclusive games will be released on the next 5 years. I do think the PS4 will keep the lead this generation but I don't see how you can predict it when we're only a year into this gen. #40
Biggest reveal of 2015? I'm hoping Gran Turismo 7 but seeing as they take a century for each release I'm guessing it won't be out till 2017-2018. #2
Lol you got disagrees for saying you'd do charity work with it. SMH #23.1
If you made it why not spend a bit. It's hardly a huge dent in his wealth and he made it fair and square. Hats off to him. #22
I always wonder why people who have terrible written English attempt journalism. #1
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Turn the T on it's looks like an "L".

Half Life 3 confirmed! #1.4.1
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Actually ubi have said there is no embargo, however the game is being sent out for review a day before release and they said people should play for 30-40 hours before judging. Reviews will most likely start to surface on release day when the servers are live. #13.1.1
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The Vita is a steal at that price. I wish people would start supporting it. I use mine to remote play and play lots of vita games on it too. Use it more than anything else as the TV needs to be free of an evening. #3
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Not if they purchased and received the game themselves. If Rockstar provided the copy the embargo applies. #6.1
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I'm getting error ce-35485-5 now when I try and play blu rays. DVD's are fine though. Anyone else having problems? #36
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So far I've managed two online racers since I purchased. Both have disconnected. I have wasted about an hour attempting match making. Love the single player but I'm running out of events. To be honest I think the season pass should be given free to us early adopters that are having to put up with this. I love the game but it's so broken right now I've nearly stopped playing. #4
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I agree. I couldn't wait and picked it up too. The feel of the weight of the cars feels tactile and realistic but the ease of sliding the back out in corners is more arcade like. The handling really sits between the two and I was surprised at how challenging the single player is. Don't regret my purchase at all but I've only managed one online race so far due to the crippling server issues. Despite eventually being able to get online the game won't allow me to match with other... #4.1
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the single player tour only completable with the upgrade? As the tour spans all the tracks and the plus edition only has 11? I thought the majority of the plus edition was online only? #5.1.1
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Click on it and the next page will show you the ps plus edition at the reduced upgrade price. #6.1
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I'm confused. Can we preloaded the plus edition or just the full release? #6
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You can use a wife connection via your router or using wife directly via PS4 if you're near enough. Direct connect works like a dream but the distance from the PS4 isn't great. #2.1.2
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