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I wonder what MH stands for? Could it be Magical Horse, monkey hand or perhaps mysterious megasaurus? Considering monster hunter is one of their biggest exclusives it could be named after that. I'm really just being silly.

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I doubt that to be honest. Why would they make it with GT6 releasing on PS3 after the PS4 was ready to go? I'm guessing that what PD have done is tried to scale the same game engine on to PS4 with enhancements rather than starting a new engine from scratch. I suspect it's not terriblyour optimised for the new hardware which is why we're seeing so much tearing and frame drops. I hope six months is enough for them to get the game back on track.

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Being in Europe I'm ashamed to say I actually had to look this game up. I'd never heard of it which is rare for my as my knowledge of the ps2 is pretty good. If they release this I'm going to have to give it a go.

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Personally I would have added The Last Tinker to that list. It had frame rate issues at launch but I found it a colourful and fun game.

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Agreed. Definitely the best talent for a remaster.

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Wow. They've even looked into people with disabilities. That's total dedication. Naughty Dog really try to cover every possible outcome. I guess that's why they're the best in the industry!

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Haha yes! I love it when they come to the door. I just say I can't talk as my disabled husband is in bed. The blank expression immediately followed by a look of mild terror and a step backwards before handing me a leaflet and back stepping away from the door is priceless :-D

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@rain I think you're absolutely right. The xbone is underperforming frequently on multi plat. I expect they would release a slim version but possibly with a bit more grunt so they can hit 1080p more easily, and the resolution would auto decide based on the model. So 900p for xbone but 1080p for xbone slim.

That is the ONLY way this would work I think. Console gamers are used to playing experiences that get better as the devs get more used to the tech. This is reason gener...

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They'll say - where the heck is the EU bundle? I'm UK based and hoping out for that. Not hating - hoping.

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Gran turismo games always take forever to come out but usually they're worth the wait. I admit the waiting is agonising but it's usually worth it.

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I don't get why people get so mad at delays. Developers delay for a reason, and when it's Naughty Dog that when it does come out it will be simply mind blowing.

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Looks like a better option than move or dualshock for certain types of games. There's such a huge amount of enthusiasm about VR this time. People need to not just wait and see what happens and actually buy the kit so we can move all this innovation forward and make VR games a viable business for developers.

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Awesome. The playstation was amazing.

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Yeah. I don't even know if I can afford PSVR yet but if Kojima's Sony game utilised it I'd make sure I found a way!

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I'm getting hyped the way I hyped when I first played PT. I just hope this time I don't end up disappointed (somehow now he's free of Konami I doubt it).

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YES YES YES! Screw Konami. I'd love to see this happen. Kojima and Reedus can only be amazing. It seems that the best formula for horror games these days is first person. Imagine Playstation VR being used. I would probably actually shit my pants!

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I thought I was the only person who loved Sewer Shark. Great fun it was.

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RE2 was my favourite. RE4 was an amazing game but it moved away from the series roots. Judging by how well the remasters are selling I'd be willing to bet if Capcom made an old style game with fixed camera angles etc but modernised certain parts it'd do well.

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I'd like to see a new Knights into dreams game. I've never played the Saturn game but played it on the eyetoy as part of the Sega eyetoy game. Seemed pretty awesome!

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It's not rocket science. If they charged a bit less they'd sell a lot more. I'm sure a hell of a lot of people would be tempted if they were a bit cheaper!

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