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@Theyellowflash30 actually they do..... Maybe not exactly but they don't guarantee the service from the second you buy the game. Read the back of every game. Subject to Playstation Network Terms of Service. They actually straight up say online play is not guaranteed..... I agree we paid money but so did Sony. They are still paying every day. I'm thankful for the heads up, dedicated gamers can run hosted games!

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Well considering Hulu might be purchased by Comcast and use a different model I think it is possible. Any company can be "bought" just need the right amount of money which Microsoft has.....

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This is really strting to make me mad! Everyone makes the problem on Monday sound like Sony meant to do it, that it broke every console and they no longer work, that Sony doesnt/didnt even care. IT WAS ONE STUPID DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an error, unintentional I might add too! I wish I didnt have to say that over and over BUT THESE IDIOTS DONT GET IT!!!!!

You wanna talk company quality control? look at what microsoft did, granted I am not bashing them merely pointing out t...

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The only reason Apple would be doing this is temporary. Wow you guys really dont follow tech do you?

Apple bought a mapping company that has some very interesting ideals that can allow apple to have a great standing.

They bought a mobile ad company also. These are two things that Apple has done to save their @ss...

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I just got through reading the entire press release. From what I took from it is that Sony prob will be charging for their Sony Online Service(name a work in progress). Like taking a picture from a Sony DSLR and having it stored on their servers and read from ALL of Sony's devices. Or the Bravia Tv Link service. Either way I would love to see more.

Btw I have got to give Sony some huge props on their 3D work. That single camera set up will make it so much easier to shoot 3D. With...

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Hey ok I just found a great article. It appears that there has been a breakthrough. Well was I guess, which means they are still working on the problem and still my point is valid. People need to buy these lol. I mean c'mon I know the economy is bad globally but there has to be some rich ignorant people out there wanting to just get the most expensive tech just for bragging rights haha or poor people wanting to have the same rights and be broke, like me.

The article states that e...

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I hope this is true! Sony needs to push the market with OLED. They need to, so the price will drop and I can get one!

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Although I am very happy they are going to use this much power and are thinking ahead, like everyone should be, why are Sony AND Nintendo releasing devices of a line within a year of the previous model's release? This is something I have always backed both companies on, for avoiding such situations....

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So many people had said Sony needed to ditch the UMD drive. Now they have and Sony gets nothing but crap from people!

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Well I don't care what he thinks now, I am judging you're 12 or maybe 13 not by your name but how you act!

You tell us to go and read a book? I think you need to do that before any of us even think of being forced to do so.

You say, "How has Sony or Microsoft tried expanding the market with success before the Wii"

Well I'm sorry to tell you this but the EYE TOY was out way before the Wii and IS the answer to your question. The recent publicity...

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The reason this article is false is as such,

When GT5P came out one thing was known about BOTH Forza 3 and GT5:

THEY AREN'T DONE YET!!!!!!! The only thing that could have been compared back then(two years ago remember) was, what MIGHT come to be!!!

NOW we are comparing one game(The shown Build of Forza 3), that first of all has had lot more time to polish things up(when talking about comparing to GT5P), to a compiled and UNFI...

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haha and yes if its near abercrombie and fitch its just down from the sony store too hahaha now i will have two reasons to go to fashion square (sony and microsoft) hmmmm i wonder if they are hiring yet/still???

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I think Microsoft had Vista as an unintentional beta basically and to pay off R&D and salaries, well thats what I see it from in my standpoint.

I think something along the lines of the NT to XP. They used the same foundations but improved and fixed the problems.

I am def. one that believes people do need to upgrade every once in awhile (E.G. Digital TV), it stimulates markets and does help programmers and Microsoft too. If there are too many things for one compa...

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FYI I'm on medicine, i just had back surgery so my sentence structure blows, and I am having trouble getting my point across. Darn Fentanyl! Yea most you all wont care, just I'm OCD about it, I literally keep screaming at the computer cuz what I'm typing isn't making sense in my head.

I think its fair game.

I think we all can agree Kojima is gonna put all of his effort into this game and really try and bring this title to his world of creativity.

My poin...

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well except youre wrong. games arent hitting 30gb of space yet. they need that much data because the speed of a blu ray disc is still slow. they have to layer the same data to compensate for that. if they are finding new tech for old dvd imagine what they can do with the newer blu ray discs.

microsoft for one isnt going to wait till that tech is ready, they have proven they dont like to wait with hddvd. granted they could have learned their lesson, but still.

two th...

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I love his personal battle against jeans?! WHAT! If he had any sense he should be telling people to buy jeans im pretty sure they are an American company, which supports our failing economy! Its people like this who I just cant understand! Then he rags on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates cuz they choose to wear jeans when they announce things! um is this guy just bored??? Without them AMERICA WOULD HAVE NO ECONOMY! Microsoft and Apple are getting product sold, who cares what they are wearing. Maybe ...

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i can confirm theres something up with the original video from Gamerscyde. there are segments you can tell it is 3D. I just used my 3D glasses from the superbowl and they seemed sufficient. i wouldnt want a whole game of this tho and the switch from regular to 3D blows

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and didnt half life 2 get a 96 on metacritic??? i think in steam it displays it as a 96 but i looooove that game sooooo much!

in my opinion NOTHING deserves a 10/10 or 100%, NOTHING IS PERFECT!

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the PS3 Cell can do graphic rendering and then send it on to the graphics card.. its why its more powerful

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how dumb are people, they are being sold for dirt cheap of course they will be flying off the shelves!

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