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Damn what if the character was Meat? LOL!

Maybe they can give him his own moves. #2
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They say that this day won't come, but who are they to say now? Quote from Halo 2.

Madden himself is on his last legs, ending his chapter. Now is a good time to retire the Madden series, for a new football franchise. 2K football need to return to greatness in gorgeous 1080p 60FPS, with great graphics like NBA 2K14. #26
NFL Fever was the shit back then with McNabb on the cover too. That was a good Xbox exclusive. Don't know why people disagree with you. #2.1.2
A lot of people don't know this, but in the big cave map in Halo 2, you can shoot the stalactites above to fall down. It can even kill players. #43
Incredible engine! Imagine Fallout 4 looking like this! #1
CryEngine = Crying Crytek

Sucks how this is happening, to this company. They have some Rare developers too. They should of make Timesplitters long ago man. Heck they wouldn't even have these problems, if that game turn out to be number 1. #1.2.4
2015 is looking good for both consoles, and will get the Xbox 1 Kinectless sometime before the end of the year. That Halo Master Chief Collection with the Halo 5 beta and show, really got to me lol! That is the best game collection since The Orange Box! Quantum Break and Phantom Dust I am looking forward to as well.

PS4 ya already know! Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order 1886, and more. But what I really want is Battlefront PS4 version! #1.12
Well said man I gave you a bubble! Yeah why does everything got to end in 3 anyway? It's like around the last console generation where Halo 3 was suppose to be the last game in the series, but it just didn't feel right. So they gave us more. #9
Great add me on your friend list so we can game on! PSN name is legionaire2008. I will get Destiny, so hope to see you in the beta July 17th! #7.1
Yes and its a very long 20 hour campaign for a FPS. #2.7
Well if you saw the E3 demo of the Xbox One version, it already look more downgraded than the E3 2013 demo.

E3 2013 demo:

E3 2013 demo clearly looks much better. #42
As long as the main character of single player is interesting and actually talks, unlike like Recker from Battlefield 4. All you hear is Recker do this! Recker do that! Every minute throughout Battlefield 4.

I hope Hardline doesn't fall in that trap of repeating the main character's name like a 100 times lol! #6
792p 30FPS for X1 I bet. #11.1
That's why great developers like Rockstar never go to E3. Plus they do honest marketing to their games, telling us the facts. They show the real thing, and it looks like the final product. #5.5
Its not a repetitive dungeon crawler like Dragon Age 2 was. It has variety of environments to explore, and many more things to do. Here look at this: #5.1
You don't know what your missing man. #4.3
Ahh look at this:

That shuts your argument down easy. No its not prerendered. #20.1.1
Yes it's fix now after 6 months, but we are talking about how Battlefield 4 was broken at launch. Plus the terrible single player (Battlefield 3 Campaign was better and the main character actually talks) had a bug, where the game don't save. At least Far Cry 3 had a single and multiplayer that works day one. Dice need to shut up and make sure Battlefront is ready without game breaking bugs. #11.2
Yeah it is a shame that Destiny in Alpha build looks good and plays smoother, than a buggy Battlefield 4 game at launch. These guys have a nerve to pick jabs at Ubisoft. Plus Ultra settings on PC for Battlefield 4, don't look that much different than current gen version anyway. #1.10
Thanks for your opinion! I rather hear this from gamers than a arthur, who probably didn't care to learn the controls. They never downgrade this game in anyway, it looks even better. I for one can't wait til this game comes out! Everybody who is preordering Dying Light my PSN is: legionaire2008!

I like the feeling of running from something doing parkour with 3 other players. Everytime I hear this song from the original CGI trailer, it makes me hype for this game runn... #3.1
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