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Gamescom is better than E3(E3 is still great). A lot more game demos playing with less behind close doors. Plus you get 5 days to play them all. I wish E3 was 5 days, because 3 days isn't enough, especially if you waiting in line the whole day trying to play Halo 5 Multiplayer demo with the Holo Lens! Yup Halo 5 E3 demo had the Holo Lens(it won't be in the final game damn)! That's why it was the biggest line out of any game at E3. #2
Unfortunately its only for PC. #5.1
No Wonder why I get my ass handed to me in Call of Duty and Halo! These pros are on drugs that gives them extreme concentration! How can I beat that? #7
Great Great!!! #1
Holyyyy Shittt!!!! Ebayer sellers are not going to like this! Buyers gonna want their money back. They would say bu bu but I waste 400.00 dollars for nothing! #1.9
Apparently unprofessional IGN reported the same so called leak too. Now everybody is going to believe it lol! #13.2
If you read the article you will see why. People these days always take things out of contexts and judge an article by the title without actually reading it! #3.1
Valkilmer you are Snake!!!

Metal Gear Solid coming to a theater near you. #1.4
Man I hope they fix the framerate on the PS4 version, its horrible especially when you look at the map? I also got this funny jumping bug lol! #11
Like I said they would refuse to acknowledge it even if it was proven in the British Museum for example. They would also say that Ancient Egypt(real name Kemet) was all European, even though the Ancient Egyptian hair and style is used by Africans today.


Plus if Ancient Egypt was all European why go through all... #23.1.2
White people probably won't admit this, but black people where in Europe also during those mid-evil times. Remember the Moors of North Africa that invaded parts of Europe, then eventually Spain run them out of Europe.


http:/... #23
Well there was this black Centaur lady I was suppose to kill, but I lied and let her go. That is the only black character I seen in this game, other than the creatures different from humans. #19
This look like a next gen Half Life 2 game in open world. I think the graphics looks good and exceptional for an open world game. Face it people open world games are not the best looking games out there. Yea we have Infamous Second Son(not a massive open world but the best looking open world game), and we have Witcher 3 that currently dealing with framerate issues and bugs yet to be patch. To have a open world game look as good as Crysis or Uncharted 4 will be too demanding(not on PC but cons... #46
No last gen version confirmed yes! #72
Actually Skyrim was announced during VGA awards 2010. #6.2.1
Fallout 4 we miss you! Can't wait to see the new VAT system. #25
Clay was badass in Sons of Anarchy great show too. #7.1
back then they crap in a bucket, there are no bathroom. #9.1.1
This game looks even better from when I saw it last time back in E3 2013, behind close doors. I remember hearing Avalanche say that this was suppose to come to PS3 and 360 also, but now those are cancelled. #4
Geralt and Triss sex scene in part 2 in the cave waterfall with flowers was better. #1
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