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Well they gonna have a Jak and Dexter remake bundle with Uncharted Legacy, so Spyro the dragon remake could be possible.

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What is power if you don't have the games to back it up? History tell us that power is not enough to beat what is already established with less power. Yes I am talking about the PS2 vs original Xbox. It will be the same this generation, or should I say mid generation. PS4/Pro this year had a number of great rated titles from Yacuzu 0, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Horizon, Nier Automata, and now Persona 5!!! Need I say more? What do Xbox One have this year? Just Halo Wars 2 which got an average r...

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So what PS4 Pro got the games and the graphics look good enough. Look at Horizon.

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Xbox One Prime or Xbox Prime should be the name hands down!

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Too much like the terrible Wii U with its identity crisis

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Xbox One Prime or Xbox Prime! I am calling it.

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Xbox One Prime should be the finally name of this console. I am calling it now!

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Xbox Prime will be the finally name! I am calling it. They can't call it Xbox Two or Pro, but they can call it Xbox Prime.

Xbox One Prime. Premium sounds lame but Xbox One Prime will do

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That's awesome! The first Gif is the best, and the second look like a cgi trailer taking down that ThunderJaw. Wow incredible!

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Games like Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, from the Xbox Original and PC, literally had no repetition in it. It was a whole new experience for 10 hours of constant change in gameplay throughout. Riddick was the first few games where you had the option to get rid of the HUD display, and the first person stealth was amazing. The shadow of the player and looking down at actual moving legs, made the game more realistic. This game was the biggest surprise of 2004 that no one saw co...

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The writing and dialogue still sucks that can't be fix so Persona 5 is out! And Star Citizen will rip this a new one. You can't polish a turd to get game of the year.

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Yeah I don't get the whole feminist thing? There is nothing wrong with a female protagonist. So what if the Nora was matriarchal. Humanity back then worship women as Gods so this game has its historical accuracy. There was never Father Nature anyway it will always be Mother Nature! For all we know humanity most likely started out with women, so it would make so much sense why people worship women, and also the Sun ☀️ as God. Even scientist are saying that the Sun can literally destroy i...

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"The pacing also seemed a smidgeon off and I'm not a fan of Neil Druchmann SJW influence."

What SJW influence you are talking about? Didn't see that in Uncharted 4.

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You are so wrong, especially when African built civilization like the Nile Valley when other people above were in caves, hunting and gathering. Africans we're fully aware of their own resources and the value of it. Africans had palaces, Castles, and many advance structures War hunger Europeans ransack from existence. Africans were the Moors that gave Europeans knowledge of science, math, astrology, and so many things even stuff that lead them into Freemaso...

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Unfortunately they will never learn, and they will always need outside help to boost the economy, America back in the 60s realize that with integration! MLK's Montgomery boycott, shows that many white businesses need other people of color to buy from them to keep them in business. What they will never tell you in the American history books that the white only economy wasn't enough for the entire American economy to maintain. They would of been in another great depression, so this whol...

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Hell isnt Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, and The Order 1886 photorealistic already? What about the magic behind Hideo Kojima Production using Decima Engine from the Horizon game? Horizon by the way is already the best looking game on any platform. Even when it rains in the game environment of Horizon, the graphics is at its best! So shiny and realistic looking, even with the rain drops 💦 on Aloy's skin. The green lightning in the night looks like that cutscene when Aloy was fac...

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#Ben Dover

Far Cry 4 did this in 10 minutes! And all you had to do is sit in the chair until the boss gets back.
Not worth a speedrun.

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Still it should of been 60fps from the jump, but it is how the developers made the game.

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NG Sigma was great NG 3 was the bad one.

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Can't wait I got a Switch so I am excited! Hope to hear about another Smash Bros and Metroid Prime. I appreciate Switch as a handheld/console on the go. Sure it is not as powerful as X1 an PS4, an I'm ok with that. Switch still has legs to last for long, hopefully longer than Wii U.

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