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Why choose between sh*t and piss when you have more choices than the 2 overrated parties. I rather be independent from sh*t and piss. I rather eat green grass for Green Party.

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God of War Fall 2017 its a heavy hitter.

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Uncharted 4 will get game of the year! Here is proof lol:

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Great game with the best set pieces, but I still think The Last of Us was the best, especially with the story.

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This entire article is a pointless clickbait that doesn't make any sense! This whole game had more set pieces and action in any of the Uncharted games! Even the quiet moments and mystery to the story were great! The enemy A.I. is the best I seen in an Uncharted game. I find the really intense moments in the non scripted moments facing the enemies. Here look at my playthrough:

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So that live 14 minute gameplay demo we all saw at E3 2015, and online of Uncharted 4 wasn't a set piece? What game were you playing? That whole level especially with the Clock Tower and Puzzle was a series of set pieces. That Cathedral in Scotland had the slide in the cave set piece! Or what about the bridge in the jungle that collapse as Nathan and Elena drive on it, only for them to fall in the river leading towards a waterfall! You claim that is not a set piece? This game has more set...

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Well this name is no worst than in game name from Dark Souls 3 named I Hate Ni@@ers! Yes this bastard was a player invader who accidently kill himself, and my coop partner and I laugh, but was outrage that a name like that got past?

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I think someone should give him a ticket to E3 2017 so he can not only enjoy the games, he could also talk to any of Sony reps, or even the heads of the department about this in person. I really hope he has a lot of gamers in support of him. Truly sad how Good Muslims or Arabic people in general are mistreated. They want to live like everybody else, they are human too. As a matter of fact maybe he should talk to President Obama(who is a gamer at heart too) about this, and be a success story l...

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Song ends an I thought the interviewer was Norman Reedus for a second.

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First 4K native gaming for PS4 Neo that is what I meant don't know why I got all these disagrees for? At least the 8 agree understand me lol! Xbox One S is just 4K for the movies that's it.

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Just like Microsoft said that the Scropio will be the most powerful console, Sony should say the NEO is the First 4K ready Game Console that plays games in 4K!

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Its a buy for me Like Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Until Dawn before it! This one is a must have.

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Gamescom maybe.

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I say this game will come out summer 2017 during the Spiderman movie or Fall 2017.

Oops wrong aricle lol!

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Dude this is just one game that needs to be tweak. Most of the games at launch are fine with no discomfort like this.

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Dude I just had a thought! Crackdown 3 delay could be a Scropio 4K 60fps release with the almighty Cloud! Remember that? Total destruction all in cloud and 4K 60FPS! Man what a wet dream lol.

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Love your analogy dude lol! Classic right here:

"Capcom stand as much chance of replicating that as I do of stepping into the boxing ring and being Floyd Mayweather JR. "

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Why do I get the feeling they want to be like Dying Light with Resident Evil 7? Dying Light had that intense zombie night chase. I wonder if we will see the same thing here? Resident Evil seem to be taking elements from a number of games.

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God of War says yes I did stole the show! If you disagree with me you will see the wrath of my axe! Somebody press a button so I can quick time this guy with a finisher. LOL!

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