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This article is lame lol! Where are the actual Xbox exclusives? Games is not even a good reason to ditch PS4 Pro over the Xbox One X. PS4 Pro doesn't have to be the most powerful console to get the better games. There is no stopping the PS4 momentum It is pretty close to the 100 million mark in sales.

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Why not look at twitch stream to see how the game plays in action. That is the best review ever!

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Because you guys didn't support it enough man!

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More like 2021

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Hunt and kill monsters in epic and edge of your seat action pack ways!!!

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Love that destructible environment, blowing up the dam and all this water bursting out! Awesome!

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"I am Nintendo Switch... And I will defeat you Conner McGregor! Just watch the classic movie The Great White Hype for an early preview of your defeat."

-Floyd Mayweather

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Still in stock!

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Horizon Zero Dawn already achieved this even with the base PS4! Heck both Uncharted 4 and 1886 are runner up that also did this.

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This guy is reaching lol! So what if PS4 has 5 exclusives that play similar in third persons. They all have unique experiences. Playstation has more than just 5 unlike Microsoft's Xbox One that only have the same 5 games you see in the past years. Halo, Fable, Forza, Gears of War, and Crackdown. Most of those Microsoft exclusives focus too much on multiplayer while the storylines are mediocre at best. PS4 still got their variety of different games like Lost Guardian, Nioh, Persona 5, and ...

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This crap better not happen.

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Yup especially after facing Supergirl doing those stupid zoning attacks and that stupid flying punch side to side hard to block.

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It's only been 5 months guys stop complaining Switches will come.

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Easy change the game engine.

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Remember this conversation when the Switch become the best selling console every month to a year. Eventually surpassing Wii lifetime sells. Just wait for Mario Coming in the fall, and Nintendo will increase production in more Switches.

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he will eat his words, especially Switch already started with a flagship title Zelda new ip Arms, Splatoon 2, Mario, Metroid Prime 4, and even more like Pokemon too. The Switch will crush the Wii.

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I think people need to really stop comparing PC to consoles, when we all should already know from the jump that this console generation is not a massive leap like 360/PS3 was to Xbox/PS2. Many developers even Cliffy B talk about this before PS4 and X1 came out. I digress. Xbox One X is like a Premium PC experience for consoles, and of course it is the most powerful console ever made. It is the closest consoles ever going to get to true 4K gaming. The great thing about this generation is that ...

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The gameplay on this looks terrible and stiff.

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Yea tell me about! Most BS move ever in the game. They made Supergirl better than Superman with better moves and combos! That flying punch needs to be nerf out of the game!

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Damnit I was hoping they nerf Supergirl's Flying move punch attack, where she quickly flies to the other side of the stage at the opposite end with a punch. Too damn hard to block if players keep spamming it, especially with its super Version.

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