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I think the cross play to PC thing will help Xbox One sales, especially when you can play digital copy of Alan Wake and the Nightmare add on. It also sync save games between Xbox One and PC. And this is probably one of the first titles to fully use DirectX 12 (probably the real reason for so much delays) on both platforms from the ground up! Put it this way, it will be the best looking title on Xbox One! This will shockingly look mindblowing in 4K 60FPS! Hope my 2 980 ti with the i5 4690k wil... #2.3.2
How about getting 2 980Ti cards run that game max!

Quantum Break will look mindblowing on 4K 60fps! #3.1.3
Still give the game a chance it will look even better May 13th. #1.3
The reveal Doom trailer at E3 was obviously the PC version, but there is no downgrade here, especially when you see the new trailer: #1.2
Dreamcast to this day was my favorite system, and I was crushed that it didn't last long! It was the first to go multiplayer online, the graphics on games like NBA, NFL 2K, and Baseball look so real I thought I was watching real sport games on TV. Dreamcast was the first to show that realistic graphics beyond N64 and PS1! For some reason I still don't see that realistic look in a Madden game, that just look too cartoonish. Sonic Adventures 1 and 2, Soul Calibur, Shenmue, Quake Arena 3... #1.1.6
If you played Dead Island it's very similar to that with parkour, but much better. It is the most fun you have a $60 dollar game well spent. Who told you that this game was short? The campaign is about a good 15 -20 hours long, but with all the side quest together it's a 50 hour game. Plus if you got the season pass last year you get another 20 hour expansion to the game, called The Following, plus you have extra side quest, challenges, new weapons, suits, and map creator for PC only,... #2.1.2
Best coop game of last year. It literally beat the breaks out of that overprice game Evolve! #2
I saw that and I got a little hype until that happened smh. 500gigs is a little too small. #31.1
Man can't imagine Ebay prices for this lol! People probably are going to scale the price to $700 to $1500! That is one damn sexy PS4 console. #7.2.1
Same here love the first one too. I was one of the lucky ones at E3 2015 to get a chance to play the new Mirror's Edge. After waiting in a long line(was really worth it) the game developers introduce me and 9 others to a 20 minute presentation of the game with gameplay footage, and then I finally got to play the game. I was playing through training missions of many types including time trials, fighting enemies, and much more in a more open environment than the first game. You are really g... #1.2
Same here will sell my old black PS4 for this one. #30.1
Up on Gamestop too with limited quantities. #7.1
It will be game of the year like this: #25.1
Sexy PS4 console! What is better than a PS4 bundle with Uncharted 4 theme on it? PS4 flagship title will sell PS4 like hotcakes! Day One buy indeed. #26
This is what I always wanted from a Doom game! Where the monsters grab you, and beat you down to a bloody plup if your not careful. Its adds more depth to the game, while not making the player feel like he or she is playing God mode like a badass too much. This will look extremely great on PC and consoles! #10
Why are you asking such a stupid question? Consoles are more affordable so there is your answer. #45
Donald Trump is as ugly as his hair. #35
30 hours campaign and coop! Finally a FPS that is really worth $60 bucks! #7
Why even release the game on PC, if they were just going to shun PC fans like this? #2
At least those had sounds from the games built in when you turn it on or off. #2.2.1
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