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First thing first I gave you an agree, yes they were good, but not great games. Infamous Second Son was my least favorite out of the series(Infamous 2 beats it with more variety in powers) Drive Club, had a rocky launch, but ended up being pretty good after many tweaks. Killzone ShadowFall was good too, but not groundbreaking, and the multiplayer got boring after a while. Bloodborne is the first great exclusive PS4 ever had, other than Last of Us Remastered. What sold o... #1.10.2
You dont know what you are missing! You should at least give this game a good rental from Gamefly. #24.1
I think this game is better than Demon and Dark Souls combine! That dodging enemies over no shield, has a rhythm to it. That is my favorite thing about this game, even if this game looks very similar to those soul games. Bloodborne is the first truly great exclusive for PS4! The rise of the PS4 exclusive is coming! Starting with this game. It will only get better from here. #1.10
Well you got 24 characters with 3 moves sets,so that is more than enough. Plus you can get a bonus character after beating the game, according to a article or tweet I read from Boon. I hope that hidden character is Smoke! #2.4
I can't wait to play as Goro! That will be the character I will play first. #1
Its possible just look at how Lara Croft hair physics from Tomb Raider on PC back in 2013 melt PCs. Literally! Maybe the fire from Witcher 3 is too demanding on PCs also. #1.2.1
If your not convince with VR then you need to watch this:

Did that change your mind now?

I dare you to try those on playing that game in the dark. #1.6
Wow this is sad! First the creator of Oculus Rift dies to a car hit and run , and now the Holo Len's creator dies to a hit and run? Strange? Both died similar. #50
They will probably give you back 5 cents lol! Better off at Ebay screw those robbers. #1.3
Beauty is in the details on this one! #1
People need to understand that yes they are making more new ips and sequels, but a separate group of the same developers are making remastered games. This will give them more money to make new ips and etc. #1.7
Quick time event as far as I remember have been around since Shenmue, that used it better than most games, because it had slightly open ended quick time events where you can go 2 ways to check a bad guy running for example. Games that are not all about quick time events like Halo 4, Call of Duty, Uncharted 3, Alien Isolation recently Dying Light, have used them in a lazy way to face the end boss, instead of giving players a chance to face them on their own. #9
Since Call of Duty made it standard. #51
For being sarcastic I get 4 disagrees lol! I was pointing out the fact she wasn't mowning. People these days smh. #1.2.2
All they need to do is get away with showing a woman's vagina without a AO rating lol! Maybe Witcher 3 would do that. Witcher 2 had the best sex scene ever in a game that look real. Witcher 3 would push the limits. #1.1.5
And the whole private parts! I like how that lady was riding on his dick with no mowning sounds lol!! Must be really bored. #1.2
Well the Order 1886 already has film like quality graphics. Plus it's coming out in the next 2 weeks. #12
The Order 1886 ,Uncharted 4, what the heck Rise of the Tomb Raider (game informer), and Quantum Break are the best looking games graphically right now. The Order 1886 we will see later this month. #1.10
I just beat Dying Light and found no bugs like Dead Island. Gamers need to quit talking down this game thinking it is another bugfest Dead Island, they don't know what they are missing(they are missing a really good game). Techland already explain why the Dead Island series was so buggy. It was because time constraints and the publisher Deep Silver wanted the game to be rush for release. You should be blaming Deep Silver for this not Techland. SMH!

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