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Deep Down Capcom was suppose to come out with that game.

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Yea I feel you man 1440p monitor with 60 to 144fps is the sweet spots. Everything is ultra real and smooth like butter. Seeing that on PS4 VR, especially with Horror games like Resident Evil 7, and arena shooters like Rigs is a more than welcome addition to playstation. 2K-3K gaming on PS4 Pro from 1440p-1800p(upscale to 4K) is pretty darn close to 4K gaming! I don't know why people are complaining when they are getting that with smoother framerate on 30fps games, 60fps games, and all t...

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This is why I say the PS4 Pro is more on the stable and better framerate side ,than it is for native 4K resolution. I see a lot of PC gamers who game on a 1440p monitor with 120 to 144fps, more than they play on 4K 60fps monitor. Plus 4K gaming in 60fps is still too demanding even for a Titan X Pascal card (even overclocking isn't enough need 2)which I have. With PS4 Pro combine with VR you will get a sharper look and a stable 120fps! That would cost you $800 dollars before taxes.

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Damnit! O well the PC version still going to look better anyway, even without the HDR added.

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Wow like traveling through America big probably! I need this Final Fantasy in my hands now!!!

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I got to get this game! Looks scary and I like scary. A roller coaster ride of horror.

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Not even the Titan X Pascal I have can run 4K 60fps locked on some games like Deus Ex Mankind Divided. You will really see the 4K 60fps with games like Dark Souls 3! The New Doom GTA 5 and etc. if you truly want to keep 4K 60fps locked in most games go Sli with Titan X Pascal which I will do soon. Overclock the hell out of these cards to make sure it stays that way.

One other thing to keep in mind some of these games need to be properly optimized so it can playable play 4K...

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What time period America was ever great?

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HDR Ps4 Pro support I bet for the delay.

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I for one will preorder the pro, and I for one know the potential behind the system that so many miss. It's just that Sony did a poor job explaining 4K gaming to the public. Yes it will have Native 4K, and it's not just an upscaler like so many people are led to believe. 3 games are reported to do 4K/30fps Native and one of them is Mass Effect Andromeda!

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The Lighting part for Fetch powers clearly shows the difference between 4K HDR and PS4 standard. It is not just lighter its shows more effects than ever to her powers. watch.

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You are absolutely right cause I happen to have the most powerful card which is the Titan X Pascal. I can only run 30 something FPS in 4K overclock around 40 something and at times dipping to 30s FPS. This game is poorly optimized!!! Like Quantum Break for PC.

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Man just got a Titan X Pascal card an I still can't run 4K at 60fps not even with overclocked! This game is poorly optimized. I even heard that Sli support is mess up for this game as well smh!

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That red head looks hot in that black one.

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Doom did it I don't understand why they can't do it for this BS man!

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I heard from these developers last year that the PC version is going to have graphical features you can't find on consoles, the PC version is going to be the best version. What you see in this PS4 version is all you going to get. Its not a downgrade its just the console version.

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Man I was hoping for a Fallout Detroit damnit!!! It make so much sense going there, because it's pretty much have wasteland written all over it now. Looks at Flint Michigan and Detroit's abandon Auto factory! Come on I can go to Detroit record footage from Detroit edited with the Fallout soundtrack on the background, with my commentary on why Detroit should be the next Fallout maybe Fallout 5 if this rumor is true.

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LOL you won the internet! Its like they completely forget that Sam Frisher is 50 years old! Why does he look so young?

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A decent 15 hours with multiplayer on the PC Version

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Half Life 2 was a decent 15 hour campaign so what is wrong with that?

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