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Well the Post Stone Age of the game Horizion: Zero Dawn for PS4 says hello to this game. #2.7
Alien Isolation for that hide and seek from the Alien. Plus Until Dawn that make you care for the characters and fear for them. I recommend both games for Halloween. #2.1
Yea but you forgot about Destiny Taken King PS4 theme console was Sony's best looking one. #1.1.5
It would of been cool to have a Xbox One theme console with the Pip Boy Edition too. That will sellout like crazy! Miss opportunity. #1.2.2
Damn I was hoping for a Fallout 4 theme Xbox One Console with the Pip Boy Edition bundled with it. That will sell out real quick. All they have to do is make it a 500gb or possible 1TB console theme with the Pip Boy Edition for $500 bucks! #15
I had the credits after every mission. How many times do we need to know that Kojima productions created the game? #15
What about Alien Isolation? Here is Alien Isolation Oculus Rift: #9
I agree and plus Xbox One Advance Warfare Edition had sound effects to it too. #6.2.5
I'm surprise people are drooling over the look of this PS4 console? The only thing that's good about it is the game and 1TB. Xbox One Limited Editions look way better than any of the PS4 Limited Editions this year, and at least Microsoft put sound effects in their Limited Edition consoles, so that every time we turn the console on it sounds different. PS4 Destiny Taken King Editions is the best looking one so far. This Call of Duty bundle looks ugly and too orange for me. #1.13.1
Yes I did tried Outlast, which was a well crafted horror game. But that Aliemmmm(saying it for humor) is too scary. #4.1.1
Alien Isolation to this day was the scariest game in my opinion. #4
The Halo 5 Xbox One Console bundle is a better value for the same price. #1.5
Donald Trump will take a dump on this country, and destroy it with all the bull crap that comes out of his mouth!

He racist too lol!

So ashamed of that brother who's dreams of seeing Donald Trump crushed, only for Trump to ignore him in that crowd. At least he can try to buck dance for Trump, and eat some but... #3.4
Shao Khan in MK9 was just as hard to beat too, so hard had to take a break from Raiden lol!!! #22.3
If you have a smart phone download this app that every gamer should have. It's called Gameflip. People sell new and old games, consoles, accessories, collectibles, and many other things. I am pretty sure you can find Mirror Edge for PS3 on there. #1.2
Until Dawn was this years best horror, and its an instant classic, but my money is on Fallout 4 being game of the year! Last year horror that was game of the year for 2014, was Alien Isolation! Even though horror is great this year, I think the game of the year would go to an open world title. #13
I highly recommend you get this game. I played part one on the PS3 back then and it was the biggest surprise of 2009, with the parkour through obstacles, and fighting enemies. That game was a breath of fresh air! If you still have a PS3 give that game a try, you won't regret it! #1.1
This game was the biggest surprise of the year! No one expect this game to be that good, but it exceeded expectations. I will keep this download on my PS4 and never delete it. #3
Until Dawn is a new ip and from a new developer. #1.1.13
Like the Witcher 3 developers! #4.1.1
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