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From the previews I knew it was going to get a bad score. Just look how wonky the enemies and friendly A.i move. Look to have. A great story and voice acting, but poor execution!

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Yea I think Last of Us 2 will come out 2019, because of Days Gone. I think Days Gone will be our Last of Us fix, and it looks like it took inspirations from the Last of Us. I saw Days Gone behind close doors at this years E3, and it look like it was Last Of Us with the combat enemy humans, but monsters are different in this one. We got zombie animals too.

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Well for one last gen PS3 had the Cell Processor that made games difficult to develop, so of course they favored 360 at the time.

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Damn so many dislikes and no one cared to look at the better looking fan made one on the link! I guest many people don't have good taste lol!

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You probably have a bad HDR TV. You need to get KS8000, Sony 930D -940D and the super expensive Sony 9ZD, or any OLEDs TVs to see get great HDR. Sony 9ZD is the flagship one as brightest ever! It has a 1800 nits of brightness! If you have the money there is your true HDR experience!

its $4000 bucks right now

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It’s runs pretty stable you should try it. Better than Evil Within 1! Your main character running has improved a little bit, but not as bad as the first where he constantly runs out of breath for too long 😂 You can still move a bit when out of breath at least. That running was the one thing I hated about the first game, especially after dying too many damn times on Chapter 10! That Spider 🕷 Lady oh the horror!

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Yes slight difference, but not by much it is still 1080p 30fps like the PS4 version according to Digital Foundary. The only drop on the PS4 version is the slight drop in the cutscenes. For now until the new update both versions are the same.

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Damn this looks worst than the PS4 Darth Vader Bundle of Battlefront 1! Why can't they make it look as good as this fan made one?

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I was waiting for this news! It is about time, because there is literally no difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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Terry Cruz was gropped In front of his wife by an executive! So it is not that rare to hear a man complain of being sexually harassed.

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Damn lol I look at all these Alt Right Lice lol comments, and they all are contradicting! The damn Far Right supported Neo Nazism, and supported documentaries like this...

And blame the Far Left as the Communist that corrupt the world after world war 2. So if Nazis was the Far Left then why is the Right calling the Left Communist? You can't have 2 ideol...

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They are waving and saluting to Nazi flags and Confederate flags! Those treasonous flags is a disrespect to this country, and our veterans! Most of his supports are card carrying white supremacists that follow Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and to top it off David "ScaryLookingPaleOn Steroids " Duke!!!!

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What is so politically correct about this generation of Star Wars? Are you mad that the main characters is a girl, and a black guy? I know you guys are going to say Social Justice Warrior for that lol! Star Wars now is just like Star Wars a long time ago. Just admit your saying that, because the main Jedi is not a white male lead after the previous 6 films. Big Whoop! You guys are never satisfied, and you don't like change even if was for the better.

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I like this beta over the first one anyday! What is so disappointing about it? No the attack doesn't always win. I played many games in the better with different results each time.

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John Boyega as Finn FTW!

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Hey since that resolutions allow them to give both Xbox and PS4 versions 60fps, I am all for it. 1260p is funny, but at least its better than 1080p lol!

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This looks really impressive on the Switch! Sure it doesn't look better than the Xbox One, PS4, or PC version, but it still looks good enough. Multiplayer(which is confirmed to be a download at launch) will look and play great on the Switch. This is the first Switch FPS test. Maybe we will see Call of Duty make a return on the Nintendo platform. Just imagine even more switches sold like hotcakes with a Switch Call of Duty bundle! We need a Switch Shooter exclusive. The indie games looks v...

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Yes they said it before the PS4 launch, but never talk about it again after that? Strange? Killzone Shadowfall was suppose to be the first game to do that.

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The racist Trolls are going to eat this one up lol! Some claim it to be just an internet meme joke, but that's how all racist start out with just jokes! Then they get serious... Funny how the first American comedy was making a fun of black people with blackface, and the Jim Crow Dance. Yes I said it! Jim Crow Dance! It was a dance before it was used as a law. That is where they got serious, and it was the same thing with the KKK in those white hoodies just to scare people...But they got s...

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A massive open world like this game with an 1080p 60fps option would be quite the achievement.

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