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They already did by messing with our internet by stopping Net Neutrality by April 23th!

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O please his whole entire presidency is Watergate Scandal part 2, and it's even worse! All this talk about his Russian connection to winning. Plus people from all fronts is ready to expose Trump if given the chance. This one Russian woman that is arrested in Thaliand, has serious dirt on Trump in exchange for her freedom. If that becomes something Trump is really going down faster than he was elected. Its Richard M Nixon again. Heck Trump copy and paste many things Nixon say anyway like...

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EA would answer Trumps questions if he pays them for Lootboxes lol!

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How about he fucking talk to the organization call Republic of Florida, a white supremacist group who had Nicholas Cruz as a member! These are home grown terrorist groups on American soil! Talking to the game industry about violence won’t do shit! Man this orange troll want ruin our internet and our mature games! I know people are embarrassed that they voted for this failure, who already have 18 Washington officials quit or get fired! Even his own people he trust got fired and quit!

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Yup someone on Twitter hoping it was you, ask the developer about Detroit release date. May was predicted an the developer respond with a Like!

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Mario Smash Bro series is one of Nintendo flagship games so releasing during their online play launch, they would sell Switch like hotcakes!

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Maybe Ubisoft would do a better job. Heck why not give it to Deep Silver just don’t know about Activision with the whole Destiny thing. Capcom would be great also with their awesome Framework engine.

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This would be a great class project, the game clearly needs more polishing. Plus the game world look to empty! Makes me want to play Skyrim instead.

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Yes can’t wait!!! Will play this on my vacation.

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I love this game! My first Monster Hunter I couldn't wait to play on consoles for so long! It was satisfying beating that swamp creature who keep on jump and driving out of the swamp, so I chop him down with my great sword. All by myself. But that T-Rex I gonna need help for that one lol. He is vicious!

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O no Dark Souls remastered you got a big one coming if it’s May.

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If they was ready for Dark Souls than they are ready for this!!

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Switch got Monster Hunter XX so they can do a slim down version like that.

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X gon give it to you!!!! X will give you the Definitive Edition with proper 60fps and close to 4k resolutions. Ignore the haters. I got both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but I will get Monster Hunter on PS4 Pro with the Horizon Zero Dawn add on.

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No big exclusive January, but PS4 version of Monster Hunter has the Horizon Zero dawn exclusive Aloy and her missions. The PS4 add on is for January.

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May confirmed since you got a Like! If it is true you maybe on to something there. You might want to save your comment and Link to show everything you said when it releases.

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Wow 😮 9.5 an many 10s on other websites! Capcom starting the new year with a bang! I knew this game was going to get an awesome score!

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Limited time Horizon Zero Dawn exclusive? I was hoping she was permanent. I hope I am wrong about this.

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I am going to say that this game will come out in April or June the latest. If it was really coming out in March They should already prepare to announce a release date sometime this month. I feel they are going to announce it maybe in February.

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Source please?

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