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If you gonna make a movie about killing a dictator, make sure the dictator is dead and a regime change to the country. Never was interested to go see the movie anyway. The funny thing is I knew something was going to happen, but not to this extent. Kim is just trolling America with false threats about 9/11, due to offending the North Koreans. Nothing to fear here, so don't fall for the usual fearmongering from the media. #70
Sir you forgot Shenmue and Soul Calibur.

I say the 2 above Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 with the Chaos mini games

The House of the Dead

And PowerStone! #1.2
Day 1 buy for me too! Getting this for PS4 hope both the PS4/X1 version gets 60fps like this PC version footage. Yes that is definitely PC footage. #1.1
Same here my game of the year too, especially playing it on the X1 with the Kinect. #1.3
Not a major problem at all,it wasn't a major problem when Xbox has Killer Instincts exclusively. #16

It's not the that fact many black people in Ferguson was rioting, it's the fact Agent Provocateurs started the riots, so the mainstream media can blame black people for destroying their neighborhood. It started out as a peaceful protest, the cointel pro New Black Panthers hijack the protest and start riots, the police and the national guards so called America's heroes to save the day for the media to report. Wake up people we are being played out. Most of... #3.2.2
Probably scarier than Alien Isolation can't wait I am a big horror fan. #1.1.1
Yes Yes Yes Yes! #10
One of my heavy hitters for winter 2015! Uncharted 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5,The Division, and Zelda Wii U! The best of the best for me. Uncharted 4 vegetation, draw distance, and great graphics and intelligent A.I. is enough for a purchase. Game of the year already like this lol! #54
Like Sunset Overdrive and Timesplitters had a baby. #6
Get both games I know I would all on PS4, damn I got to get a 5TB drive for PS4,X1, and Wii U LOL! #3.1
Oh shit gonna get this with Oclus Rift wow! #1
This game is still broken just look on Twitch guys, you have people already trying to still find a game for crying out loud! #8
I get a disagree for speaking the truth wow! Well just go ahead an play it then. Its takes like 5 minutes are more to get a match man. #7.1
Its working but matchmaking too long to start. #7
Should of been $40 dollars from the get go, especially with the online problem we all been having with this game. #2
Well a lot of people bought Crackdown just to play Halo 3 beta at the time. #3.1
Wow that asian dude can beat the whole world lol! #1
Yes I understand what you mean, but this is not the best year to buy next gen consoles, so that's why I said Wii U is the best console to get right now. Out of all the disappointments, thank God that Dying Light didn't release this year. And it's great that they eliminate last gen versions of the game, many game developers should do the same. #17.1.1
Ahh the Wii U is the number one console to own this holiday season. Out of the overhype games, bugs, framerate, and online issues, Nintendo destroys the competition this year. Not only that most of the remastered games had better reviews and still beat the overhype new ips. Infamous Second Son a good game, but Infamous 2 was so much better man! The Master Chief Collection, is being plagued with online issues despite the already great Halo games it has. To add more fuel to the fire, Gamespot g... #17
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