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Well a lot of people bought Crackdown just to play Halo 3 beta at the time. #3.1
Wow that asian dude can beat the whole world lol! #1
Yes I understand what you mean, but this is not the best year to buy next gen consoles, so that's why I said Wii U is the best console to get right now. Out of all the disappointments, thank God that Dying Light didn't release this year. And it's great that they eliminate last gen versions of the game, many game developers should do the same. #17.1.1
Ahh the Wii U is the number one console to own this holiday season. Out of the overhype games, bugs, framerate, and online issues, Nintendo destroys the competition this year. Not only that most of the remastered games had better reviews and still beat the overhype new ips. Infamous Second Son a good game, but Infamous 2 was so much better man! The Master Chief Collection, is being plagued with online issues despite the already great Halo games it has. To add more fuel to the fire, Gamespot g... #17
Should of rented this game at gamefly! Oh well trading this and Blackflag for Dying light in 2 months. #9
I have the game right now from Midnight launch at Gamestop waiting in freezing cold, but it was worth the short wait time. I got Samus(there were only 2 Samus amiibos left before sold out) and Mario amiibo! Play the game and I got to say its a little bit of melee and brawl, but its much better than both games. The online is stable most of the time, but a Lan adapter is highly recommended! The only thing I didn't get yet was the separate gamecube adapter, because the UPS truck in Buffalo N... #1.1.2
I got Samus and Mario smash one before they sold out. #1.3
Waiting outside of GameStop to get super smash! Nintendo will own halo collection online! Nintendo will say this how you make a game and treat your fans. 343 officially sucks so bring back bungie. #17
343 officially sucks Nintendo's Smash brothers will own this tonight. The update still doesn't work. #1.3
343 officially sucks Nintendo's Smash brothers will own this tonight. #19
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Yes the air dash was on of the features of Halo Reach and Halo 4, but it wasn't always used everytime. Now that Call of Duty Advance Warfare came out, its the standard feature for the game. Soon the air dash will be the standard feature for Halo 5, which looks like Advance Warfare's air dash with Robo Exo suits. This is what I been trying to tell people lol! From the air dash to scoping to the 60fps, Halo 5 is walking in the shoes of Call of Duty. Actually Titanfall made air dash stan... #3.1.4
Like I said its the management that is the problem, not the developers. They didn't even say they went gold for Assassin Creed Unity or Rogue? They just release it the way it is. What a way to treat consumers. #4
I heard 4 years, but they never said anything about going gold! Every game developers milestone before the game ships to the public. Only a few developers posted their game going gold to the public, like Naughty Dog for the Last of Us, Creative Assembly for Alien Isolation, and etc. My argument is justified here, so it doesn't matter if the game was in development for years. They should of release it when it is ready. Too much blame on the developers, when its really management and publis... #1.1.1
Yea I know that but just reminds me of Advance Warfare for some reason with that fast 60fps gameplay. That look and feel seems too identical to the latest Call of Duty. Heck Even Titanfall had abilities like this too. #4.1.1
Looks like Advance Warfare with Robo exosuits! The air dash and everything is just a carbon copy. But the game still looks good though. #4
I say BS lol! You know why I say BS, because they should of release the game when its ready. Don't annually release this game everytime. I notice many developers don't post the games are gold and ready to ship(This is to make sure that there is little to no problems are in the game). Gamers should demand that the developers tell them that their games are gold and ready. I never hear from Ubisoft that Assassin Creed Unity and Rogue went gold. Its important that developer meet their mil... #1
Yea Nintendo games are not buggy and they don't need a patch on release though. You have to admit that. Plus Wii U games have lasting appeal with nostalgia. Wii U you games still play more split screen games too. If Nintendo had system just as powerful as PS4 and X1 they would of beat the competition.


"Oh, and fighting games like Killer Instinct only on Xbox...or Guilty Gear Xrd only on PlayStation...Nintendo has no answer!"
... #13.1
Yea Nintendo milk many franchises, but you have to admit none of those games are buggy on release, and they never need a patch too. I am pretty sure Super Smash Bros Wii U will get it right this time for not only the game itself, but the online gameplay too. That game is looking to be game of the year along with Bayonetta 2 highly scored game, which is a game changer for Nintendo. You have to also admit that many PS4 and X1 games were overhyped like Watchdogs (Not as much content as a last ge... #1.8
So much for the cloud right? #1.2.3
Naw Halo 3 beats them all in campaign. Halo 1 is runner up, Halo 2 is 3rd and Halo 4 is last. But for multiplayer I have to give it to Halo 2. #1.1
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