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I want to read or hear this from the actual developers. This should just be label as a rumor! We still got E3 with possible announcements. People are too gullible to believe rumors like this without the official word from the developers. We still need to hear more about Beyond Good and Evil 2, and other unannounced games.

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You finished it? You know what your probably from Dubai or somewhere in the middle east. Sometimes they get the game first before anyone lol! I remember watching Live stream videos of Metal Gear Ground Zero, Thief, Infamous Second Son a week before they came out. An its always from places like Dubai. Hmmm. You could be telling the truth.

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Great length and its free!

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Halo 6 coming 2018 confirmed!

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Just clowning lol! Knack 2 and Mario Odyessy will both be good platformers.

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Mario Odyssey doesn't hold a candle to Knack 2 hands down! Watch me get a lot of disagrees for saying that 😂

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Yup expensive for a 32gb system, especially when Xbox 1 and PS4 is only $250.00! 10 times more powerful than Switch, yet less expensive.

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People just need to give this one a rest it's over. I gave up on Half Life 3 ever coming out again.

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Only 2 players for native 1080p 60fps? O yea this is a weaker console than X1 and PS4! Damn that's bad.

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Horizon Zero Dawn will destroy Zelda in the same category of open world RPGs. Horizon will do just fine even when Nintendo Switch launches

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I got to agree especially when it's only 32gb compare to base level PS4/ X1 with 500gb and they are much cheaper.

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No rush to preorder I wait for Fall 2017 when more games come out for it.

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Damn this is on PS4? The graphics and the framerate looks God awful! How the hell this pass QA testing? This is not ready!

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No you are the one confused lol! Its more than just deeper colors. HDR is basically showing you objects in white level and black level all at the same time with true clarity. Look at that island level on Uncharted 4 where you can see the detail on the sand! You can't see that with a Standard TV set, is too bright( white level). It is a big difference than a plain 4K TV. You can see it even more with 65inch HDR TV 1000 nits recommended by Sony. I know what I am ...

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If I really were to buy this thing I would get it in the fall when Mario comes out. I don't understand why Nintendo didn't wait til the fall to release the Switch? All the better games, online multiplayer would be ready by fall so why release in March?

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Your not doing it right then. HDR is only compatible with HDR content. If you have a 1000 nit HDR TV like the KS8000 from Samsung you can see the HDR at it's best. Uncharted 4 is a great example with the Sun being visible, better looking clouds, realistic looking trees, to the dust everywhere in an abandon prison.

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Whatever lol! Wait til E3 guys. Its like 5 months in a half away.

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That is the U.K. Release date.

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Great Score and looks like a great buy! I will definitely give this a try.

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Look like the Master Chief controller without Master Chief!

Well sort of lol!!! Looks similar.

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