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I played this game at E3 2015, and I got to say that this game looks just as good as the E3 trailer back in 2013. I remember hearing about this game from 2 people who was V.I.P that saw gameplay footage when it was super behind close doors, for Journalist only! This was before it was on the internet back in E3 2013. This game has come a long way, and I been following it ever since. #4
The PS4 hands down is the best looking one I ever seen. #10
Can you give us a source please? #3.2
You tell the truth and yet you get 8 disagree? What kind of crap is that? The ads were misleading I think so, and also Angry Joe think so too!

That moment with Chief and Locke against each other should of been playable. They should of been a ruin city with Master Chief or Locke near death for an alternate ending for player choice. Don't understand why something like that wasn... #3.1.4
great deal. #1
You what you guys need... A brofriend. #1.3

Killzone Shadowfall had a much better story than Halo 5, don't even compare. Halo 5 biggest problem is obviously the campaign, the repetitive Warden 5 plus+ boss fights, 3 Hub missions that are not levels, the false hunt for truth ads, and the weird movement animations in dynamic 60fps from a distance and close at times. #1.1.3
Alien isolations Even more scarier to play on Halloween. Try it on Oculus Rift. #2.1
You didn't watch Bethesda Conference at E3? They had a crap load footage on Fallout 4, Doom, and so much more! #1.1
There should be a create your own set pieces and create maps in Uncharted 4! That would be mind blowing! #1
I agree for the most part. I do think that Halo 5 has the best multiplayer, even before they add more content in the game. The story and the campaign was lackluster at best, compared to Halo 3 and 4. The Warden fights repetitive fights at times are the whole level, and those pointless hub areas pose as missions, for the so called 15 missions 343 talks about. All you do is talk to 2 npcs and get an achievement for the next level! What? One of them you revisit to do the same thing! What? All Ha... #13.2
That big covenant boss was a joke compared to the Scarab Boss. That thing was stationary the whole time with turrets: All you had to do is going inside on boom he is dead in 3 mins. The Warden was a repetitive mess appearing 5 to 8 times during the campaign, doing the same thing everytime. then close to the end you had to face 3 versions of him doing the same BS. That right there makes me feel like 343 ran out o ideas. I seen other shooters do a better job with boss fights than this. For thos... #4.2
Halo 3 to this day is the best campaign in the series. How can you say no to that epic Scrab boss fight or those huge vehicle battles Halo is know for? Halo 3 had 11 full missions with no hub levels posed as missions for Halo 5! Play Halo 3 again and tell if you still think Halo 5 is the best campaign in the series. Man if Halo 3 was built from the ground up for Xbox One it would of blow Halo 5 out of the water, in terms of scale. Yes Halo 5 has the best level design in the series, but the ca... #4.1
They clearly made this Halo for multiplayer, but the campaign was the worst in the series. I will play the campaign again for the fun factor and coop play, but you got to admit they could of done better. The problems with the campaign is the repetitive boss fights of the same enemy over and over again for like 5 times. It made me feel like 343 ran out of ideas to make more variety of enemy bosses! We got 3 version of the same boss at the end that made the game more frustrating, and the storyl... #3
Funny thing is in the movie Casino Royale 007 Agent M talked about this very same thing to James Bond! You know what else happened? Gold was taken out of the basement before 9/11. Donald Rumfeld announced a day before 9/11 that trillions of dollars was missing.We can say we are not the one for conspiracy theories, but why is it called a theory when it is proven fact that all that happened. All of those 9/11 survivors who mention that they thought they heard a bomb explode end up dead from ill... #6.1.1
At least Hatred is just a dude in a trench coat shooting people he hates. This is 9/11 we are talking about! What fun is going through a disaster like this, which happened not too long ago? What are you suppose to do escape in just one level? This needs to get cancel, because its an insult to the families that lost their love ones! An insult to the firefighters and cops who risk their lives trying to save people! #2.1.4
People giving you disagree don't understand until they play it. I played it an thought the same thing as you. Halo 5 is the best in terms of level design, but the worst campaign in the series. After replaying Halo 3 and 4 on the Master Chief Collection, my expectations for Halo 5 were very high, and man was I disappointed! All those ads was lies. No it's not the greatest hunt in history, especially for a cheesy fight scene of Chief and Locke that was an epic failure. No there are 12 m... #4.3.1
For the people that disagree with me just play the campaign on solo or coop and you see what I am talking. This is no BS! I feel sad to say this as a Halo fan, but the same boss fights and the pointless hubs, hurt the immersion of a great campaign that could of been more. After playing Halo 3 on campaign mode on the Master Chief Collection(the best campaign in the series), my expectations was high for this game. All that stuff you saw in the commerical was never there and overhyped at best. 3... #30.3
I enjoy Halo 5 as a multiplayer game for both coop, slayer modes, and warzone. The fun is still there, but the campaign could of been better though. The story is what I expect from the Halo series as B movie quailty, but the repetitive boss fights happening over and over again with the same enemy, really could turn alot of gamers off, which is ashame cause every single Halo I played from 1,2,3, ODST, Reach, and 4 all had many full playing levels instead of hubs like Halo 5. None of the past H... #30.2.1
I just finish the campaign, and I got to say its the best Halo campaign in terms of level design for 4 players, but there are some weak points to the campaign. First I got to say that Halo 3 campaign overall is still the best in the series hands down! If Halo 3 was built from the ground up for X1 instead of 360, it would of blow this campaign out the water in terms of scale and more enemy variety comparable to this Halo.

The weak points of Halo 5's campaign(spoiler free... #30
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