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People are really not liking that PUBG is hitting XBOX one first. If MS was smart they would add Mouse and Key Board support asap!!!! Before the game releases!!!

The game is very addictive and many dont have or dont want a PC. So if they want this game...which a shit load do. They will get it on XBOX. I feel that this game will be a system seller.

Many on here will say but its coming to PS4!! Will who wants to wait for up to a...

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@The Cell

Time well tell.

But look at it like this....the game is what 5-6 months old. Still incomplete (Early Access).

One Map!!, Limited Weapons, Limited vehicles.....and more I cant think of lol.

The new vaulting mechanic is going to change up how the game is played VASTLY!!!

When they added FPP it changed up how the game is played.

So as far as it wont be around....that is ve...

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The game has sold a ridiculous 10 million and ONE map, Early access and I would say a small amount of weapons and vehicles. Its very addictive.

XBOX players are in for a treat especially if PUBG releases with M and KB support.

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Dont know why your getting disagrees as its a FACT that dreamcast had M/KB support.

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Dreamcast was the first online game I ever played and with MKB...I think it was doom or quake. Took awhile to get used to but I was hooked!!

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I wont buy the game but I do pay attention to the commercial!

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Could you tell us what this game is a CLONE of? I havent played anything like it recently.

Have you even played the game?

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The open BETA also did fall on 4th of July weekend. 30th - 5th

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As a huge fan of the first crackdown (second not so much) this footage is pretty bad. Bad in that it looks like the 360 version.

Barely any NPCS. Enemies just there to get shot.

I honestly thought someone was trolling and that was indeed 360 footage!!

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Exactly. I didnt know we were judging games on BETA numbers and calling them flops BEFORE release now.

Times have changed for sure!

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to each his own. If you didnt like the Beta then any other shooter is going to be a better option for YOU.

Have fun with whatever game that might be.

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I am going through withdrawal. I dumped 24 hours into the Open Beta on PC and wanted MORE!!!

For the people who played the Open Beta I think most love it and will buy.

There are some BETAS that get HUGE numbers and sell through the roof and guess what...I didnt have fun with them.

So im hoping this game gets solid sales over time on PC...enough to get plenty of play time with it!

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Real Shame? The game hasnt even launched yet. Next game will do better.....THIS game has not come out yet.

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Hmm based on the article title I was expecting to read how Monolith was going to use the extra gpu power for there game. But the article says nothing about that. So its pretty much going to be the same version as the PRO version.

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The reason I dont want or need a X1X is there isnt any games releasing for it I can only play on it.

I dont own a 4K tv or 4K monitor.

I already have a solid gaming PC with a 980TI that Im sure would struggle to hit 30 frames at thx!!

I hate to say it again....but where are the games? I said the same thing about the PS4 PRO....whats the point in having more powerful hardware and devs arent taking FULL advantage of that power. ...

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You are right!!

I have seen some thick cosplay woman for sure!

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DUDE I was thinking the same thing. I was like OH MY is that her...she looks like a dude...exactly like Depp playing Sparrow

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What this also tells me is devs pretty much use the SAME slim body types for her to pull this off.

Trust she wouldnt be able to cosplay any female characters I would have in my game cause they would be much thicker in the hips and ass lol.

She is cute though!

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I don't mind a company trying to make money is all about how you go about making that money.
And some of the shenanigans with the last game that I read about is just to much and I will most likely be passing on the sequel.

There are so many other great games coming out that I wont miss D2 just the same with Destiny 1

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The biggest issue this PC centric game will face is ...going to consoles. Going to controller use vs M and KB use.

Are they going to add auto aim? How smooth and fast is the inventory management going to be? Things like this should more of a concern then what this article brings up.

Frday the 13th looked a mess of a game from the start and was not backed by a major company like MS making sure the game comes out in a playable condition.


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