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Trailer looks like they are going for a maybe 3-4 stories in WW1. If done right they could have one of the best games in a long time.

I already know the MP is going to be on point.

What they need to do is have a STRONG story and STRONG characters. Mix in some action. And im good. I dont really care for mindless action with little to know story and paper thin characters.

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DICE may mess around and start having STRONG SP campaigns to go along with the MP.

Im hoping that this trailer is what we get....more story and strong characters that we feel for. Feel for the point that if they die you actually feel something inside.

I myself liked the BF4 SP campaign. So much so that when it ended abruptly I was dissapointed because I wanted to see what happened to the 3 main characters.

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I recently got a new monitor and chose 144hz over 1440 res. I wanted a smoother experience especially being that my rig was getting over 120 FPS easily on most games.

I do want to see what 4K looks like on a monitor hooked up to my system. But I dont want 4K if I have to sacrifice other things especially FPS.

Companies I feel are going down the wrong path in thinking that all people want is 4K games. I have a feeling that is what console games are going t...

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I love when people make statements on what they think is the truth when its NOT.

I myself spent around $1300 range to build my gaming PC...specifically to GAME back in May.

Why because I can afford it and I wanted to experience PC gaming at some point in my life (43). I have been on consoles all my life so wanted to see what is was like to PC game and im liking it.

My opinion on PS4 Pro will not perform 4K native EVER on a AAA g...

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Really good read. I never got to play the tech test. It has to be really tough to be a dev nowadays with everyone having an opinion on what your trying to create. Like respawn said they encourage constructive criticism towards there game. But on the other hand your not going to please everyone and have to stick to your vision sometimes.

Ill more then likely end up buying as I enjoyed the first one.

I think there are alot of very solid games coming this ho...

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Seems to be a solid game. And guess high end gfx~

8.99 on steam~~!!

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When it comes to these old games...I think people will realize how clunky they are in present time compared to modern games we are playing.

I experienced this with Rainbow 6 vegas....loved that game when it was new. Going back to it recently. It was so bad COMPARED to what we have now.

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Does it even matter? Overwatch is a bonafide hit and this other game?

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I didnt even make it to the end. Once they started showing the world it looked like a PS1 game.

Now I would take a low res game that was deep and had great gameplay etc ...this looks bad all around.

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I know its just a game....but riding a bike with your right hand holding a weapon is impossible.

As soon as I saw the guy wheelie with just his left hand on the bike and right with a weapon I was thinking....PASS

Even in the original Road Rage the rider ALWAYs had his throttle hand...which is the right on the bar and weapon in left had and swung both sides.


This game looks like crap!

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I built a PC back in May. And just recently turned my xbox one back on. Was curious to see what I could do with it WITHOUT a gold membership (I was going 11 years strong and called it quits ..didnt renew after I built PC)

So I was surprised when everything worked EXCEPT mp in games....OK cool. So after playing the FH3 demo I was thinking of getting it. Then today I remembered that you could buy XB1 MS published games and get it on PC.

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So if I buy it on XBOX you get a PC code or you can just access the game on your PC?

And when your on the PC are you just playing the XB1 version on your PC and not the PC version?

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I opted for the upgrade of 144hz with 140 FPS over 1440 also.

No point in having a PC capable of FPS over 120 on a 60hz monitor.

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I think Ill wait to see reviews on performance and such. Seems like console games always have issues on PC.

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Now her boobs look stiff and fake lol

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And that is the problem. So much time is spent and making game LOOK prettier but we need better AI and such.

Instead of larger open worlds I want deeper open worlds. Meaning all buildings I can go in and explore.

We need depth.

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Insurgency is really good!!!

No crutches in that game at all.

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I think it was BF3 I played almost HC only and it is hard to go back to regular BF when you have played alot of HC.

Some say HC is easier. I disagree....just as its easier to kill its also easier to GET killed.!

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#2 will not be a problem once the full game releases. One thing I notice is no one is using the AT mines which are very effective. I like that the tanks are OP it makes for some excitment in the game when a tank rolls up.

#3 Revive should be on there automatically and not a button press...I agree!!

#4 I understand that the build we are playing is a old build and they have removed quite a few issues in the current build. *We shall see on launch!

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What you getting to get your FPS fix?? TF2?

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