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Great tech but severely under utilized.

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I own a launch XB1 and its a real disappointment that the kinect failed. I feel that they had something pretty good but really failed to make it better or maybe it was the best it could not sure.

I did like using it to trn on my system (tv and receiver). But I felt that the commands were to limited and you had to say them precisely or it didnt work.

Guess ill add the kinect to all the other older unuseable console hardware I have lol

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to little to late. The DLCs should have been free many months ago!!!

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I wish they made the DLC cheaper and or free sooner. So they can be populated.

Set a time when DLC will be free ...maybe right before the new maps come out.

I do like that games like Halo 5 and Overwatch are realizing that free maps is better as it doesnt splinter the player base.

Hoping BF1 abandons season pass in favor of something that will merge ALL players when new maps come out.

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You can and should only be able to get into vanilla servers (Base game).

Go to server browser filter and just check off the base game maps then search

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The SP was horrible. They had a decent idea but failed with the whole badge flashing thing making thugs put there guns down lol.

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I wasted my money on that pass also. And the maps were really good but not enough people playing it.

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I went into spectate mode once. And the detail on the characters is astounding!!!!!

And this is on Xb1.

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Im stuck at like 98 or something....I barely get enough XP to move up much since everything is unlocked.

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It looks like we may get that FULL destruction back.

BF4 and Hardline lacked destruction and BF3 was limited on it also.

From the BF1 footage it looked as if everything could be taken down.

I hate when you have walls that SHOULD be destructible arent and a wall right next to it can be blown up.

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In the same boat. Out of all the games purchased since 2013. BF4 easily sits at top with most hours logged.

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I have dumped alot of hours into the XB1 version.

Just got it on PC and looks like im going to be dumping even more hours into it. Starting from scratch in MP is one of the few things that has me going forward.

I even started the SP portion again. I actually liked the story and was dissapointed how it ended!

Initially I wasnt impressed with the PC version looked just like the XB1 version. I was expecting to be BLOWN away lol.

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BF4 and BF3 are far alike.

Hardline....good game but lacked that polish that BF4 had.

Plus Hardline had almost no destruction. And the maps that did have it were pretty lame.

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I just purchased BF4 for the 3rd time on PC ($19.99)

For $5 is MORE then worth it....a solid FPS to hold you over until BF1 comes out. Plus the full DLC with the game are now $19.99

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I liked it initially on release. But grew tired of it. Plus the DLCs for them ...not many were playing them on consoles.

And on PC its even worse.

There is probably more people play BF3 or BFBC2 then HL on PC.

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Many have said this and I would always disagree ...but after seeing Sony conference...then thinking back on MS....yeah it does feel like they show the same 3 IPS every single year!! Halo wars 2, Gears 4 and FH3......what was last year ...Gears Ultimate thing, FM6 and Halo 5 (Im guessing as I can remember).

Now lets see when these good to great looking games from Sony get released because there was at least 5 that got me interested!!!

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Very cringe worthy.

It felt so scripted, boring and a waste of time to even do it.

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Hands down.

I dont have a PS4 and after this show made me want to go get one. Game after bs in between.

Hats off!

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Just watched. Wow this game blew me away.

Sony came with the games!!!!!!!!!! Nothing but games fluff!!

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Agreed. Sony in my mind dont even need a upgrade in hardware. The system is selling very well.

I think its smart for them to wait. See what MS does...see what there pricing is ....and see what the consumer reaction is going to be.

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