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Its because you have some on the other side of the fence that will scream MS needs exclusives....and also hope that the few exclusives they get fail. It is very weird.

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Im not going to repost but how about go read the recent patch notes and stop acting like they are not doing anything about cheating.

PS - Cheating in PC gaming is not a simple fix to stop. Ohh they just banned over 1 million players in January.

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This FACT is what many do not know or know and gloss over.

Not taking away from the success of Fortnite but I wonder how much of a big game would it be with a price tag of $30. We will never know. But I can say that being FREE and being on 3 platforms ...oops I mean 4 (Mobile now) kind of helps the point of entry.

I have spent ZERO dollars on and play. Im sure they are making money on cosmetics.

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I dont know the financials as far as microtransactions for fortnite.....but I would rather be in the situation of having SOLD 30 million copies versus giving away 30 million copies.

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OPTIMIZATION from last patch.....
Improved real-time response by reducing input lag
Mitigated the frame drop issue caused by the map loading process
Reduced burden on GPU by optimizing buildings in Erangel
Optimized the beginning and the end of effects
Optimized vehicle physics when driving under a certain speed

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BUG FIXES from last patch on PC....
Fixed a square-shaped border on the sea that could be seen when flying in the airplane
Fixed an issue where a player could die instantly when vaulting and climbing
Improved problems where characters would get stuck or die during vaulting, and be able to look through walls.
Fixed some incorrect UI and in-game text
Improved problematic character animation where the character would move abnormally if multiple action...

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Im really getting tired of reading comments like this .

Have you even read the recent patch notes??

If you did then why are you acting like they are NOT working on all the issues you have addressed.

As for being sluggish....from my limited understanding of coding and game development it is not easy to fix games, its not simple to stop PC game has eliminated cheaters so why all of sudden we expect blueh...

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If this is true...interest level dropped slightly. Here is hoping that it has weapon and character customization. And is a COMPLETE game on release.

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Looking forward to a new BF. BF1 I loved at first but after awhile the maps and everything just felt the same. No maps for me really stood out. Most seemed liked open fields.

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As a person that spent $500 on release 4 years back. I was happy with my purchase. But what got me out of console gaming was 1. the kinect being useless after awhile...and cell phones having better voice recognition!! 2. The announcment of mid gen consoles from Sony then eventually MS.

MS just never did anything with the kinect that was worthwhile. It was a gimmick. It did work for some things that I did like like turning the system off and on. But being that you can talk ...

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Lines like this tell me this guy is really stretching the truth and simply just doesnt like the game because its popular...

"A new replay system barely functions at all, but it sure does look shiny" - The replay system works great. Once you learn the controls it works as advertised. Not sure how a guy or squad got the best of you? You can replay the whole match. Move the camera freely. Follow yourself. Follow a enemy player. You can even see how many kills that pl...

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You have got to be joking.

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With all the complaining about loot boxes pointed towards the devs and pubs ...what people seem to forget is people are BUYING these loot boxes etc and they are making way to much money to stop,

How can anyone expect a business to STOP doing something that generates millions on top of the base price of the game. The problem is the buying public.

The moment its not profitable to add it. They will stop adding it to games.

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Game goals!

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Plateau ...nice to have an opinion.

As far as FORTNITE...its free to play. And many will play a free game for sure.

PUBG has sold 17 million at $30 a pop. And continues to sell. Its remarkable.

One map and early access. So no..I disagree with your opinion. In December when version 1.0 releases with the new map the game is going to get even bigger.

In my opinion the game is just going to get bigger with time. More w...

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Divinity Original Sin 2

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Not even reading the article. Over exageration. There are plenty of SP experiences out there. Im 140 hours in on Divinity Original Sin 2 on PC.

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People are really not liking that PUBG is hitting XBOX one first. If MS was smart they would add Mouse and Key Board support asap!!!! Before the game releases!!!

The game is very addictive and many dont have or dont want a PC. So if they want this game...which a shit load do. They will get it on XBOX. I feel that this game will be a system seller.

Many on here will say but its coming to PS4!! Will who wants to wait for up to a...

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@The Cell

Time well tell.

But look at it like this....the game is what 5-6 months old. Still incomplete (Early Access).

One Map!!, Limited Weapons, Limited vehicles.....and more I cant think of lol.

The new vaulting mechanic is going to change up how the game is played VASTLY!!!

When they added FPP it changed up how the game is played.

So as far as it wont be around....that is ve...

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The game has sold a ridiculous 10 million and ONE map, Early access and I would say a small amount of weapons and vehicles. Its very addictive.

XBOX players are in for a treat especially if PUBG releases with M and KB support.

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