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That would make me buy it.

The game was good but you felt rushed to do things and couldnt take your time to have fun.

The second DR it got annoying to have to keep going back to give your daughter zombrex even though there were people with her that could have given it to her. Hence I never got to far into DR2.

DR3 I got much further but got bored eventually.

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LOL I clearly remember that problem with the game in SD.

It was right around the time many people were getting HD tvs and that was the only way to see the text clearly,

I remember getting my first HDTV and how much clearer games like Madden were at the time.

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Yeah id rather a new game then play this one again with a new coat of paint.

Now if it is a TRUE remaster with new things and improvements I would be interested.

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It looked like he was having fun using the KB M setup so im not surprised he went forward with this new hobby.

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I havent read the article but I wonder how much playing BF1 at that event a month ago influenced him. He chose to go KB M instead of controller.

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Its one of the main reasons im not resubbing after 11 years on XBL.

I guess you could have say I have woken up after getting a PC.

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I just built a gaming PC. My XBL subscription expired shortly after.

After playing on PC...and playing demos like Forza Apex. And having my XBL friends list etc on PC (Win10) I just dont see a reason to pay for XBL at the moment being that if all there MS games are going to be on PC.

So yeah I feel they need to make a change to how XBL works. Make the MP portion free at least. Or may be reduce the price...something. Especially being that the same game is ...

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Bingo. You said what I was thinking. G2A is like ebay.

I buy and sell on ebay. I dont know if what im buying is stolen and if I sell something that was stolen how is the buyer to know?

Has stolen items been sold on Ebay Amazon or G2A or similar sites? YES!!! So should people STOP using a site because something that was stolen was sold....and there are many other legit items being sold. IMO I think you should keep buying.

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Name a few?

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Seems they the devs are mad at G2A like they get mad about used copy sales.

Why dont they just NOT make keys for there games....or limit them.

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I wish I had known about G2A before I made a few purchases.

I always make sure to check the site to see if I can get a game cheaper.

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Great tech but severely under utilized.

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I own a launch XB1 and its a real disappointment that the kinect failed. I feel that they had something pretty good but really failed to make it better or maybe it was the best it could not sure.

I did like using it to trn on my system (tv and receiver). But I felt that the commands were to limited and you had to say them precisely or it didnt work.

Guess ill add the kinect to all the other older unuseable console hardware I have lol

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to little to late. The DLCs should have been free many months ago!!!

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I wish they made the DLC cheaper and or free sooner. So they can be populated.

Set a time when DLC will be free ...maybe right before the new maps come out.

I do like that games like Halo 5 and Overwatch are realizing that free maps is better as it doesnt splinter the player base.

Hoping BF1 abandons season pass in favor of something that will merge ALL players when new maps come out.

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You can and should only be able to get into vanilla servers (Base game).

Go to server browser filter and just check off the base game maps then search

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The SP was horrible. They had a decent idea but failed with the whole badge flashing thing making thugs put there guns down lol.

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I wasted my money on that pass also. And the maps were really good but not enough people playing it.

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I went into spectate mode once. And the detail on the characters is astounding!!!!!

And this is on Xb1.

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