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I hope they use a different engine for the sequel and make it current gen ONLY!!! #62
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I need to use my Kinect for something ..cause we know it aint that great for games.

Look forward to something new ...maybe ill get my preview this weekend! #1.4.1
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Then for would get a X1 with a drive. Simple.


I myself would get a drive less X1 if there was an incentive as far as cheaper digital content. #5.1.1
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I think a X1 without a drive at a cheaper price would give people a good option.

You can run a X1 currently without using a disc. Digital content. #5
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Before the release of F5 I would have used the words CLASS developers.

BUT after F5 cash grab with the car packs for a game that shipped with there lowest car and track totals is a shame.

I will be getting F6 but F5 left a bad taste in my mouth. #7.2
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Huge FORZA fan and yes im with you. F5 was bare bones.

It was the first FORZA game I eventually just got rid of.

The fact that there was limited cars and tracks....and they charged for car packs was a slap in the face.

So I do agree with what others stated F6 is what F5 should have been. #3.1
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I havent purchased a madden game in ....5 years or more.

I have this coming in the mail (Rental) ...ill give it a fair play.

Im from the group that loved the 2k series and its always been disheartening to have one option for football all these years. #6
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THAT....that right there was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! #2.1
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I LOVED Crackdown. Couldnt stand crackdown 2...played the demo and it was so OFF putting and felt like someone else made the game (which was the case IIRC)

So this game even without the destruction element would have had my interest.

Going after orbs for some reason was addicting. #7.1.1
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I think its because they know they would LOVE it if it was on there console of choice but since its NOT. Its not all that etc etc.

It happens all the time.

Look at BC for X1 compared to PSnow. One is free and one you get charged. BUT somehow the free BC is bad and PSnow is great. #4.1
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Battlefield 4 has been pretty lackluster on the damage.

I would like to see more damage. I dont mean every building but some things being able to be destroyed then others NOT being able to sucks. #3.2.1
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Its what I have been waiting for.

Prettier graphics is a given nowadays.

I want something that actually does something that hasnt been done. #2.2.1
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The only game that I think would effect ROTR is if ROTOR was multiplat and UC4 was releasing this year.

The games are similar and the same 3 person action adventure type game.

BUT UC4 is coming out next year and on opposite platforms.

Fallout 4 will sell great.

ROTR will sell Good to great.

Ill be getting BOTH and then some. #61
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If we go based on last gen numbers...

Fallout 3 4.62 Million (360)
Tomb Raider 1.86 Million (360)

I feel the new TR will sell well. But not fallout numbers.

Based on the prev iterations for both....F3 sold over twice as many copies. #1.12.1
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There are 100s of games that come out yearly

Some are strong in both areas (SP and MP) or one or the other.

I myself buy certain games like BF primarily for the MP...take hardline for example. I have not touched the SP..just not interested.

Whereas the Witcher 3 (It has no MP i know) I have dumped over 80 hours into it and its a strong SP only game.

I see myself doing the same for Fallout 4.

Halo 5....halo al... #39
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I think that the people questioning why not SP are the folks who never played crackdown 1.

That game would not be as good with 100% destruction. And I imagine its the same for Crackdown 3.

Plus....they few people who are NOT online can still buy the game and enjoy the SP mode. #10.2.2
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Would it have really made a difference?

They showed the tech demo for destruction some time ago and people doubted it.

They JUST showed Crackdown 3 in action and people are STILL doubting it.

So imagine they showed it in 2013 people would claim BS just like they still are today. #9.2
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Me and a friend discussed this years back. The concept of actually showing the pluses to what they were trying to do.

The xbox one as it stands now is pretty boring if it isnt hooked up the the internet.

Everything that I myself do with it I need to be online. So its almost as if I have a online only console lol.

But i do feel they dropped the ball years back in how the system was presented. There should have been an option. And most I would... #3.2
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Loved C1...didnt much like C2 Demo.

Look forward to C3 and check out the MP #1.6.1
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One problem for the XBOX one is that its always going to look like its NOT selling that great ....simply because the PS4 is selling like crazy.

Take away the Ps4 and you wouldnt be getting many of these articles.

I knew with both systems launching close together that the PS4 would get the lead. Even if MS had a steller 2013 E3 and made ALL the right moves....SONY was gong to lead in sales....Thats just my opinion.

Im happy with my XB1 and lo... #23.1
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