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Played the MP for 10 hours with no issues. That is a HUGE plus. #1
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I clearly remember the day we lost 2k football and have been stuck with Madden as our only choice for years.

I agree with you im not getting to excited for this. Until I see an official statement etc from MS/2K ill temper my excitment.

I want options and im not getting any younger (42) so I hope its true. #6.1
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Has a petition actually ever worked?

How about a petition where you drop $60 up sure they will be more interested then a useless cyber signature. #16
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Based on the WAY to many models they are offering. I feel consoles are safe.

They should have released 1-3 models priced in the 500-800 range.

What is it like 12-15 models ranging from 500-10k!!!?/ #34
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MAG 2 would get me to go buy a PS4.

I really liked MAG. #7.2
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I only have one current gen for is not noticeable as I have nothing to compare it to.

So I just play and enjoy! #3.2.1
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I have been getting ea access of and on since it was announced....I should have just paid a year up front. Oh well.

10 hours.....that had my interest more then 6....May sign back up (again) #14
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I agree it would be like charging more for 3 hour wouldnt work.

Leave major release at $60 and do your research before you buy. Or do like me and!!!

And with renting you have the option to buy at a discounted $45.

The only time I go buy a game day one for $60 is if I know its the type of game that has huge potential to pump a lot of hours into it...dead rising 3, BF4, racing games.

Il... #15.1
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Agreed some cheevo pics are down right OOGLY!!! #11.1
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I logged 385 hours on consoles with not many major issues. Xb1 #2.1
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I currently have premium and honestly I feel one is playing them tired of vanilla maps.

They should open up all maps for everyone!!! #5
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I can listen and say what sounds better to ME...

But which is more authentic to the REAL car....cant say as most cars that are in these games I will never see in my lifetime....such as a MacLaren! #19
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Dang I didnt realize they had the same release date.

I do want both.

I have high hopes for project cars. Mainly there are things that FOrza and GT are missing that I have read this game has....crosses fingers! #9.2
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The thing with games in general is that your never going to satisfy the masses.

What I like and you like will differ.

Take BF4 SP...I actually liked it...but thought it ended abruptly I wanted more!! But I then dumped 385 hours into the MP. If the game had been SP only I would have been pissed.

So the ORDER there is never going to be a right answer when it comes to length, SOme going to love what RAD did with the game and others not so much.... #11.1.1
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The little subtle nuances for gun sounds depending where your located always a plus! #2
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The many changes are welcomed!!!

I look forward to this game myself. I logged 100s of hours into BF4.

Logged about 15 hours into the BFH Beta. Didnt play the last few days because I was ready for the FULL retail game. #1.1
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Great point.

I have never heard anyone ever complain that the running time of a movie should determine its ticket cost.

For me I dont mind the $60 price tag. It keeps it simple.

I know what types of games I like and what I will spend $60 on versus renting. Just like I know what movies Ill go to the theater to see (Star Wars 7) versus waiting for dvd/rental (Haunted House lol) #11.1
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Well written article.

Different strokes for different folks! #18
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Lets hope with BFH launch we get a better experience.

The fact that they delayed the game and made many changes is a PLUS! And having a almost week long OPEN beta. That was very smooth and easy to get into matches is promising.

I hope that with the addition of CTE on PCs and soon to be on consoles that we get improved online games.

So yes something is being done. #6.1
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Loved State of Decay. I wa son the fence for awhile after release. Glad I made the purchase and look forward to the XB1 version! #1.1.1
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