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Not saying the game will be good or bad.

But you can take about anything edit it together with great music and make it look awesome...thats the point of trailers.

Lets hope this game is as good as that trailer was. #62.1
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IM waiting for that ONE game that makes me jump in.

If the game is half as good as that trailer ill be buying a PS4 next month.

Did the same with the uncharted 2 AND A PS3. #56
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At the end of the day it is MS that deciding what they need to do to bump there sales up.

The problem right now for some people is they are looking at well the PS4 is selling and assume that anything below that is struggling.

Yes the price drop helped immensely. You could have an item that no matter what price you drop it to its NOT going to sell. Because no one wants it.

The XB1 sold well based on the price AND that it was a wanted console.... #1.4.8
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10 Million is sales in the first year is struggling??

Based on what statistic is it struggling? #1.4
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im working my way through HMCC I am looking forward to H5 campaign as well as the MP. #4.2
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I watched some videos on the halo channel and what goes into making a MP map is ridiculous. I never knew that much went into it.

So a beta a almost a year before release is great and I hope more devs do this. To ensure smoother launches.

Look at BF hardline. That game got delayed based on beta feedback. They realized they had more work to do changes to make.

I look forward to that game and also Halo and hope these early betas work out for us... #3.1
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Because there are some HUGE fans if Halo that will buy it.

I wouldnt buy it and neither will wasnt made for us.

Its for the super fan.

I bet qtys will be limited for sure #2.3
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I feel there are games that yes rely to much on cut scenes then there are some that need more cut scenes.

I am currently playing Halo CE MCC campaign and the cut scenes at the end of each chapter are great!!!

I havent played Halo in a very long time and I am REALLY enjoying the story. The flood is creepy as hell. Im at the part where Master Chief almost activates the Halo Ring and cortana tells him the truth about halo that 343 was hiding. #50
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Wow that screen is not touch screen??

I just assumed it was. That makes no sense.

Ms is doing well but people like to see it as struggling or not selling. They are comparing it to the PS4 which is selling very very well!!!

Now the Wii U....I think that can be classified as struggling. #11.2
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A name besides WiiU would have helped market it better as a new console. Hell even calling it the Wii 2 would have been better.

Its a whole new system. I do understand why the put the Wii in the name. They figured we sold tens of miliions of the Wii....lets keep that name and we sell more tens of millions.

From what I read...the system is solid. So the sales arent there based on it being a crap console. I feel consumers just dont realize that the WiiU is a ne... #9.2
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The main problem with the Wii U isnt that its under powered vs the PS4 and the X1 its the name!!

I feel calling it the Wii U was the WORSE thing nintendo ever could have done. They guessed wrong that the name Wii would help them get the edge.

When people say Wii U it sounds more like a game or a add on to the Wii then a whole new system.

I feel they should have moved on from the Wii name. And called it Nintendo (_________) <<< anythi... #8.1
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Twice in a row?

The Wii was number one console last gen.

As for sucked....thats subjective. I myself havent owned a nintendo anything in a Long long time. And dont see that changing.

The ONLY way I could see myself buying a nintendo in the future is if they continued with there own IPS and got 3rd party support from the games I love. #5.1
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I dont need to know the FULL lineup for 2015 in 2014.

HEaring about a huge release at E3 about a game coming in Sept is awesome versus hearing about a game NOW that is 10 months away.

I think with things like movies we get release dates early on.

But games they usually have a strategy in regards to what they announce. #1.3.3
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I read this whole article and this guy is entitled to his opinion (I disagree). Its something called free speech and he is exercising it.

But yet in the article ....

"Fob the world off with some WEAK piss about free speech"

So you can use free speech to voice and opinion about the portrayal of sex workers in the game...but the game itself cant use free speech to defend itself?

Also you cannot harm children in the ga... #74
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Why is it that people like you think that somehow no one wants a xbox one.

Reminds me of last gen when people acted as if no one wanted a 360.

So was it sad when Sony did the same thing with the PS3 early on?? #8.8
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That looks good. I would set mine pretty low as I dont need to see much to navigate. #3.3.2
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I currently just own the XB1 and next year more the likely the PS4.

At the current rate..the XB1 will never pass the PS4. Does that somehow make the XB1 inferior? Naw I dont think so.

There is always going to be a leader. Both cant be #1. The PS4 is killing in sales. The XB1 is not failing as many would like it to.

As for the price drop and other tactics used to bump up sales worked. If the system wasnt wanted it wouldnt matter what price it... #14
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Another versus article. SMH #8
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Kudos for pointing this out.

The PS4 is killing and the xbox one is right behind it doing well in its own right. COnsole sales are doing well and thats good for everyone!! #38.1
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It because one person says it. THen its repeated over and over now its used as fact without it being backed up.

7-10k was like in every third comment.

What people fail to realize is the PS4 is selling at such a high rate that any system going against it is looking as a failure when that is false.

The xbox one is selling well just not as well as the PS4. I dont ever see it passing the PS4 but in the end they both well sell tons of units. #37.1
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