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I disagreed with you. Not because you like the game alot.

But because the reviewers opinion doesnt fall in line with yours then as you say its BS.

He laid out the reasons he didnt like the game as much as you.

Is he not entitled to an opinion on a game he put as much hours into as you??

There is no one game, movie, car etc that will be univerally praised by all. Once you except that and go based on your OWN opinion you will... #1.12.4
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I played the BETA and actually stopped playing because I didnt want to play to much before full retail release.

I rented. And havent gotten to far into the game but if the story is lacking that is very dissapointing. I was hoping to jump into a bungie game from day one and get into a deep story.

I remember getting into Mass Effect from the beginning even reading the books. That game had a great story.

I guess I was expecting the same from Des... #1.10.2
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Myself before the beta never saw anything about Destiny that made me think "Wow ...I want to play that"

I played the BETA. And thought the look was solid and the gunplay was solid. But the areas felt lifeless....but I figured it was just the Beta.

I ended up renting the game. Havent gotten to far into it. Being that I rented I will put some time into it. I wont be grinding hours upon hours in one sitting.

But I will keep an open mi... #1.6.2
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At this point I feel a fully realized BOXING game from EA would sell better then NBA live.

I remember when LIVE was THE nba game and 2k was the new kid on the block.

How times change. Maybe before I die I can get another football game besides EAs #4.2
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Where have you been. After Live 10 they were going to come out with Elite 11. Then after the demo came out....and was a mess with a jesus glitch (google it)

the ended up scrapping the game. And 2-3 years later all they could muster was the lackluster NBA Live 14. So they had plenty of time to hit us over the head with a bad arse NBA game.

Imagine if 2K had 2-3 years to make a B ball game!!! #1.3
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Im sure its already been said above.

No...just NO. Destiny will not outsell GTA5s 30 plus million units.

There just isnt enough interest from all gamers for this game.

IMO that is :) #28
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i am really liking what I am reading about this game.

My main gripe with the Forza series was it never had a true a season you take a driver through a championship run against the same racers.

I got bored with Forza 5 because the SP was not very interesting. I want to race in a series and set it up with how many opponents. How many races, laps....what tracks...etc etc.

I want options!!!

The drivatar is great and... #1
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When the ball is in the RB hand or any offensive players hand you should have 100% control over that player.

Based on the is video....thats not the case.

Shame. I was so close to getting Madden 15 after playing the 6 hour trial. #3.1
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When on Defense. Yes you are only controlling ONE player at a time. the case if offense. He was able to press X to snap the ball and AP the RB ran the ball without any analog input from the user.

So why is it that when the ball is in the offensive players hands...which you should be able to control 100%. Is moving on his own??

That is what he is pointing out.

What SHOULD be happening on offense is...when you press... #1.1
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No one is looking for saints row next gen. #28
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We all know the mistakes ms made. This is like article #1080 rehashing the same list of mistakes.

I for one am looking forward to new games like quantum break and sunset overdrive....two games that the article failed to mention.

I'm all for pointing out mistakes but this is getting ridiculous.

We get prefer what Sony is offering. #33
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This is great considering how scarce demos are in the Xbox one. #9
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I got a kinect with mine and use it all the time.

The question me and a friend were how does a kinect free user say....XBOX RECORD THAT

How are they supposed to use the feature?? I suspect they wont be able to do on the fly record 30 second clips. AS far as I know there isnt a specific button for it.

I agree that Kinect has enhanced my experience more then hampered it. #8.2
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I have never played a Diablo game and I understand whats going on easily.

Im sure playing the other games helps but in this version the story is pretty simple.

Funny thing is...playing SP I pay more attention to the story etc.

Playing co-op with friends they are talking etc...cant get into the story much lol. #8.1
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Sometimes I wonder with alot of games that are made do they really think some of the things are fun (GTA4 phone calls to pick up a friend to play pool etc) or do they just put it in there?

I find that sometimes games you play are not FUN....they dont have that FUN FACTOR.

I remember I think it was gamepro mag had a FUN FACTOR rating. I feel games need that rating back. As im sure alot of the highly anticipated games would rate LOW on the fun factor scale. #10
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100% agree!!! #9
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I imagine that controlling your character as far as movement is much better with the analog then a KB??

I purchased and I am enjoying the game.

A clan member of mine got me to make the purchase. He is a HUGE Diablo fan so playing with him was very very helpful.

He told me soooooo much about the game that I would have either never found out or found out later.

The only thing that sucks is that the dude has like 10 times the h... #4.1
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OT - The site is called 1080players but yet they have a old NES controller in there I guess LOGO. #11
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I hope they didnt. And if 900 was needed to accomplish what they set out to do. Then who are we to complain.

The number 1080 are a common number these days. No one is even talking about the actual ....GAME! #23.1
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The thing that bugs me is that these articles come out and its like if a game is not 1080/60 then its not a good game.

I have played many great games that I couldnt tell you what the res and fps was.

The Witcher 3. I trust that whatever setting is needed the dev will make it happen so the game that they made plays as they intended. #22.1
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