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The main attraction for some is playing it on the newer system with the extras attached (DVR, Screenshot, twitch streaming, One console).

Yes one could simply fire up the 360 or buy one cheap.

But if the library can just play it on the Xbox One. #1.1.2
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Im hoping that they lets us populate the field with specific drivatars.

So say I want to race against my buddies (friends list) drivatars.

Or drive specifically against the top racers on the leader boards.

I mean being able to hand pic my opponents would be great. #1.6
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F5 was disaapointing...for me at least.

Here is hoping that F6 has everything that was lacking in 6. Car totals and track totals.

I do hope they add real racing series ala project cars.

Not really into racing in make believe races. #4.3.1
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I think it looked fine.

There was other issues that made the game just not so special as far as seeing actual gameplay.

But looking and playing is totally different. #1.1.2
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After seeing a few youtubers discus what they had played at E3. Yeah my interest has dropped off immensely.

Some of the complaints can be fixed like bullet sponge enemies.

And PVP and looting is only on the dark zone.

Issues with character animations. No Melee option.

I guess I envisioned more of an fully open world MMO type ala GTA 5 online type of game. Maybe it is still that.

Im sure others interest ha... #1.3
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Huge forza fan.

Im hoping the copy Project Cars and have real racing setups.

I was dissapointed with Forza 5 as far as the car count and low track count. And the fact they charged for all car packs after and during release. #7
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I havent played Madden let alone purchased in years.

And this is one of the reasons. Penalties that should be standard are being promoted being in the game now when they should already be in there. #2
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Ill keep that in mind.

Some monsters can be intimidating but easy once you learn there weakness. #5.1.1
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Good to know!!! #2.3.1
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35 Hours in. Level 6.5

Took a minute just to learn everything. Now that I have I feel I will be spending alot of time with this game.

I like that you can explore and come across a town area ...kill some monsters and get credit for it without having tooken the contract.

I went far south...south west in Velen and came across some strange creatures. Some I was able to kill others with ?? I just left alone.

Like the Fogel things.... #5
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Im like 35 hours in and really getting into the game. More then I expected.

Initially I wasnt liking the fact that my level was to low to do some of the main missions (kept dying)

But what It did was push me to explore more....take on side quests (that do not suck and have good stories)...and in doing that I am more comfortable with the controls and what everything does.

I got killed soooooo many times trying to keep the 3 torches burning for... #3.3
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I havent encountered an lag as far as inventory.

And seperate much stuff do you want to carry???

You can get larger saddle bags that helps. #2.2
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I have done a few side quest to level up.

I started one and realized that the monster I was going up against was 5 levels higher then me....stopped that right away!!

I dont have much free time so if I start getting to much into side quests ill never finsih the story lol. #5.1.1
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I think it was a smart move as many console only gamers never played the first one and the second one wasnt a huge hit.

I myself played the 2nd one on 360 and felt it was meh and was probably better on a PC.

Im liking the Wild Hunt for sure. But for me ....I always hit a wall messing around with side quests and get bored. So what im doing is trying to stay the course with the main quest.

So far so good!! #5
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Since I only have one console...ill just enjoy that and not worry about the other console.

Looking forward to a new game...its been awhile! #2.2
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I think I will try and stick with the main like this I never beat because I get caught up in doing side missions and exploring...or is that the point..hmmm #3
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Which one is it..."I dont like it" or "THe game is amazing" ? #1.3.1
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Not even looking. I want to play this game not look at screen shots. #3
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no #5
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If....a big IF this review is true thats a shame.

BUT...I played the 360 version and it wasnt as horrendous as this guy makes it out to be so im wondering if he is stretching a bit with the XB1 version.

The one thing to note is that not much has changed...that is a worry. #2
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