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Do I even waste my time with this garbage title (Article)?

So the critically acclaimed and sales juggernaut ....with what 70 million units sold across 5 platforms.........kiss its crown goodbye??

How does that work? Do I have to give my 2 versions I purchased back to rockstar?

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Thats exactly the thing I feel Bioware was going for.

THe N7 pathfinder is clearly a leader and could be the main character but he is not. His kids are for a reason I wont spoil.

SO they are not your typical heroes. I feel by the end of the game they will be totally different characters and in sequels to come!

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No your not alone. I watched some videos and it looks horrible. Maybe 10 years ago but in 2016/17 ....its pretty bad.

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The interesting number I want to see a year or so from now is if BF1 surpasses BF4 overall sales. That will show that BF did indeed increase there user base and did get some COD fans to buy there game.

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A juggernaut like the COD franchise wont just die over night. It will decline in sales over each iteration. Blops 3 sold better then ghost and AW. And IW is selling worse then Blops 3 ..... BUT the thing is ....that the sales for a COD game are high as hell even in a down year.

A down year for COD still blows away sales from any other direct competition....the Battlefields and Titanfalls.

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I didnt like the timer in DR1 or the need to have to keep giving the daughter Zombrex. So I would welcome no timer. BUT I feel they should of made a HC mode and a casual mode. Appease both crowds.

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I havent finished but I was blown away with the time jumping scenario early in the game. Very well put together SP.

The MP is on point.

I pray the game has legs and sells for many months because the MP numbers on PC are pretty low.

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I did the same thing!!!

After hearing about the PRO and Scorpio I decided to go forward and build a gaming PC. I knew I wasnt interested in buying another console so shortly after launch. And i always wanted a gaming PC so I said eff it. Had a $1500 budget and havent had but one issue running a game (Fallout New Vegas - $6-9)

My console has been pretty dusty THE LAST 6 months!! After 11 years I didnt renew my yearly sub and havent thought about renewing. ...

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Im 44 and havent owned a nintendo console since the 90s

For $250 I would make that buy for sure.

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If the rumor of a $250 price tag is true I may buy my first nintendo console in hmm 20 years!!!

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I just got the game. Enjoying it and hope it has legs to sell well over time.

But the release date was very piss poor and I dont understand why they didnt release the gmae at a time it could stand on its own like mid January.

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3 Major FPS releasing back to back to back....somebody out of the 3 is bound to be affected in a negative way.

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I dont mind $60 if I know ill get a crap load of hours out of it.

But there are times I buy a game and dont really put the time into FH3.

I been logging tons of hours into BF1...was on the fence about TF2 but ended up getting it for $40.

So ill beat the SP and log some time into the MP...I really dont see myself putting to much time into the MP something about it just feels like im playing against smart AI even though its re...

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I understand the WHY as far as releasing in the last 3 month window. But what I dont get is when you choose to send a game out sandwiched between other HUGE releases.

Especially when games might either be in the same genre or going up against a juggernaut say anything Rockstar.

I would NOT release my game anywhere near Red Dead Redemption 2.

TF2 I hope will do well over the long haul but it should have been released late w...

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I got it on sale...pretty good SP and MP is fast paced.

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Im not here to say that people arent having problems on PC.

Im glad I am not having issues.

But your claim of its like a desert online with not a lot of people playing is BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS It does suck for people in countries that have issues finding close servers.

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So those numbers for PC 141K are not digital?

I just got a PC and I as like dang....the user base is pretty low compared to Consoles.

From my understanding isnt Origin the only place you can buy BF1??

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GTA 5 released 3 years ago (Sept 17 2013).....on the xbox 360 and PS3 at that. What they did with that old tech was and is amazing.

So lets see what Rockstar does with there next GTA game on xbox one, PS4, PS4 Pro, XBOX scorpio.

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You also need to take into account that GTA 5 released 3 years ago!!!

So I would hope that newer games can beat it as far as immersion and such.

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Did UBI not see the backlash EVOLVE got for having way to many editions and season passes before the game released?

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