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The Sun lies about everything. Something needs to be done.

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If you're implying you couldn't care less why click on the article?

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there is no way Nintendo is 'Doomed'. They made a huge mistake rushing the 3DS market when it wasn't ready.
But the price cuts and rewards for ambassadors is a great way to redeem their mistakes.

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Mods are by nature mostly seen on shooters.
If you don't play many FPS' or 3PS' you wont see them too often on your online multiplayer games.

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It does always seem to be a teenager, 13-17, that has a modded controller.
And trolling does seem to follow after they have used the mod to dominate the rest of the players in a game.
Practicing to get good at a game does appear to have gone out of the window recently on online multiplayer. Everyone is after a quick way to be good.

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Have to say I am a long time supporter of anti-mods. Games are made to be fun, challenging and fair. Games are none of those if people cheat and have an unfair advantage.
It's a shame that a minority often ruin it for the majority, it doesn't help that many adopt the philosophy that if you can't beat them join them. Meaning that there is more modded controllers.
I don;t understand why someone would pay for a game and then pay for a controller to cheat at that game....

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I can't say I'm a fan all of the murderous shooters at the moment. But games like call of duty are simulating war. People don't feint in war like Pokemon. And there certainly isn't a Pokecenter that can heal killed or injured soldiers.

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Can't say I'm looking forward to the Wii U. Definitely staying faithful to the xbox.

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This does look like an absolutely great game to play. Three friends and myself with some beer this would be great. It's a shame that this may not get the attention it deserves because of epic yarn.

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I would love a controller for my Ipad. Every time I am about to break my records on a game the stupid unresponsive fucking screen screws me out of the satisfaction. It doesn't help I have big fingers I guess.

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Sure to be a contender for game of the year one would think.

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I hope control pad wins this debate. I have played a fair amount of PC games but nothing compares to the natural feel from playing games on my 360.

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I can't wait for another Kirby game.

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Haha, I thought I had a problem.
I am a sucker for collectables and limited editions though. Already have my Gears 3 epic edition pre ordered.
Spent money on the halo 3 legendary aswell.

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I know it's probably going to happen eventually but I can't help but feel sentimental for the technology I grew up with.
I think that if there is more profit available by using discs publishers, being the greedy fucks that we all know they are, are going to continue producing games on them, whether to compliment DD or rival DD is where the matter will get interesting.
I love hoarding my games, hence I rarely trade games in. I certainly hope they are still around in 20...

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Fair point. I am in the corner of discs. I will miss them if they are lost from gaming altogether.

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Post a link that you think deserves a mention in the comments of the article

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I'll post it in the comments section. I did think of Fallout but hadn't seen this vid.
Definitely include this next time :)

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Gears of War headshot with Unreal Tournament HEADSHOT! sound?

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