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Yeah i do agree that there are far too many games coming out all at once: BF3, MW3, Gears 3, Forza 4, Uncharted 3 the list goes on. I happen to be a student and the best 4 player (all on one screen) game is by far FIFA. So we usually have a good time playing it throughout the year.
TO be honest I haven't really looked that much into PES, I've heard it's coming along well but they have lost alot of support over the last few years. A bit of healthy competition should help p...

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Yeah I did, thought it would be better to not include my own, slightly biased, personal opinion of the game in the actual preview. Are you looking forward to FIFA 12? :)

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This game is going to be very good. I can't see it not changing the series drastically for the better. FIFA games recently haven't iterated that much on the previous years, this looks set to change that.

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Join the campaign!

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I don't know whether ASDA, as part of Walmart, will even have the deal. If so though I am definitely getting a 3DS. I've been lucky enough to play Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 3D and StarFox 64 3D and they were awesome.

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I am definitely getting a 3DS now.

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I'll third that.

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Read the article. It quite clearly states that they ARE brothers.

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If only...

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I guess they are giving us early adopters 20 free games. I am excited about the games, but it's going to be a while until we receive them and by then the big games BF3, MW3, GEARS3 etc will be out and I'll have no time for them.

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In an ideal world :)

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Care to elaborate more?

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I think that most gamers that watch a game film like to see how the movie directed has gone about doing certain key scenes more than anything. It's not about knowing the story its about seeing how the movie has translated the story from the game to the film.

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There are other reasons aswell. Prince of Persia was on ok film, but it wasted an actor of the talent of Ben Kingsley in a small role. There is more to this than crap actors. Poor director for one.

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Can't wait for this to arrive. The only downside is it doesn't rank as highly as other games coming out at the same time. Why couldn't they release it now, there is literally nothing to play.

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If you look back at past Smash Bros. Sunday we also agree that Professor Layton deserves his place. :)
If only Nintendo listened :(

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Come on fellow Mega Man fans! Let's show Nintendo Mega Man still has a special place in our hearts.

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Don't forget you're dancing with the devil.
EA will screw you over sooner or later...

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You have to bear in mind EA's attitude to the gaming industry. The games on Origin may be cheap now but if they do gain control of the DDS market you can guarantee they will charge gamers like us through the nose.
I hate EA as a business. I trust Valve a lot more.

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Stupid fucking Sun. I read this article yesterday courtesy of The Sun about the 3DS:

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