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Should be interesting.

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Gotta say the 3DS is definitely going to have more of a challenge from the PS Vita than the DS from PSP. Should be interesting to watch Nintendo and Sony compete against one another. With any luck the consumer could be the winner here, better quality games in general with cheaper systems and games.

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8 people agree with me...
and as for the one person disagreeing, I'll put the safe bet on it being you. Hell even your reply got 2 disagrees.
You wrote the article for hits. Don't mistreat the community with the integrity you clearly don't have for journalism.

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This is a ridiculous article looking for hits. Stop writing bullshit like this and have some journalistic integrity, you are degrading not only yourself but the industry.
In the even smallest chance that Google were to come into the games industry they damn well wouldn't team up with another company.
I've foolishly clicked on your site before and I don't regret not going back.

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Fed up with these games to be honest.

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Definitely buying BF3 now.

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It's a shame it's such a phone...

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Iwata has taken a huge paycut, things aren't going particularly well for them at the moment. Although the upcoming 3DS games combined with it's price cut, I think, are sure top pull them out of this position.
But yeah, I wouldn't mind having their funds either... :)

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Glad you liked the article, with any luck he will be on the 3DS version. Especially after I go to snag my 3DS this weekend, £115 :D .

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Oh Peter...

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You just wasted 10 minutes of your life on something which smells distinctly like bullshit.

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As an owner of the all the previous MW games I gotta say they haven't impressed me yet.

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Definitely getting a 3DS now.

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Haha, she is quite the bitch.

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Brb Walmart.

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I don't have a disdain for milking games. I have a disdain for publishers letting their fans down. Quality not quantity.

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I do enjoy Modern Warfare, but how Activision destroyed Guitar Hero should serve as a warning for big fans of the franchise.

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Great game, worth more than $30.

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If you read the previous week's Smash Bros. Sunday you will be pleased to see that we also agree :)
I've sent a link to Nintendo telling them what the fans want, comment on the article ( and help us convince them as such! :)

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She has huge support, I think they will be silly to ignore her. With any luck Nintendo will see the article and get their arse in gear. I would love to see her on Smash Bros. 3DS!

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