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Haha, I have to admit drinking an ice cold beer whilst playing FIFA with my friends is the best way to play. Perhaps they should release a version with a beer packaged with it and a llimited edition FIFA glass. It is EA, if it makes money they will probably do it.

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Apple are by far the worst.

Stupid Steve Jobs too busy thinking about the next model of Apple product rather than how long the current one is going to last.

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I like Phoenix Wright, however I've never been a fan of crossovers. Who knows, Phoenix may make this awesome.

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Dem casuals...

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The first sonic game I want for a long time.

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Hahaha, couldn't agree more.

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I can't say I'm excited about Monster Hunter but I know that they love it in Japan. Could work miracles for the 3DS over there.

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I don't think people are annoyed at the fact that the second circle pad add on is coming. It's more the fact that it wasn't on the console in the first place and Nintendo's errors and short sitedness have left fans out of pocket and with a piece of hardware that looks like an early concept build.

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I think I'm gonna defend Nintendo on this one. I don't think clones come from Nintendo's lazyness, although as of late I wouldn't be surprised. I think it comes from game balancing issues. It's a lot harder than it looks to ensure that one character isn't considered the best.
Smash Bros. in my opinion has always done balancing quite well and stay pretty true to the rock, paper, scissors ethic.

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The list of characters Nintendo could and SHOULD include is so big. I just read some of the other editions of Smash Bros. Sunday and I absolutely agree with them all.

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@ TheGameFoxJTV

Thanks for the example but I know what oxymoron means. Also, if the English language has taught us anything it's not the relationship between the two words, it's the word types and the connotations they imply.
Feminist is usually used as a noun(like TABLE) as so is whore. However the two words placed how they are changes the noun "feminist" to an adjective (or as you might know it: a describing word) there for blurring the connotation...

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I never said I stopped supporting them. I believe downloadable content should be an after thought:
a developer has just worked all out on a game and it is awesome
fans love the game so much a great deal of them are calling for more
THAT is when i believe the notion of DLC should be concieved. Money shouldn't drive it, although I agree that money should be charged for the extra work the developers put in, the fans should.
As for the sexist remark, it saddens...

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EA will never compete with Steam the money grabbing fuckers. I hate EA.

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It does look an awful lot of fun.

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I'm definitely going to give both BF and MW a go. I'm sure they will both be great in their own rights.

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there is nothing wrong with reusing the same characters if they are used in new, original ways,
I'm beginning to lose faith as Nintendo, in my opinion, are forgetting what the games industry about. So much so they have managed to make a major mistake on a piece of hardware.

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Good review, I may actually buy this now instead of holding out for Gears 3. Sci-Fi shooter of the year though? I think this will be proved wrong come september 20th :)

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Can I add before these drones arrive that I was, and still am a Nintendo fan. If you read the article you will see how I've been singing the 3DS's praises these past few months.
I don't want to come across as a fanboy trying to spark an argument.
I just want to know if Nintendo are having a similar effect on other fans of the company after a few consecutive blunders in a row.

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When your unique selling point, in the Wii U's case the controller, isn't working when you are expecting to launch your product next year I think this rumour can be regarded as "development hell".
Only, of course, if this rumour is true.

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Kudos to you sir, who managed to disagree with an article and yet not troll.

The internet needs more of you.

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