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I got about 15-20 minutes playtime and whilst queuing I got to watch it for about half an hour. It is an overpriced expansion in my opinion.

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Well Epic Games seem to be the last of a dying breed of developers that connect with their fans. I can name probably 5-10 members of their staff without even googling them. Whereas you look at a studio like Infinity Ward I can only think of Robert Bowling and even then I'm not sure if he is IW or Activision. I just like the personal touch developers add to games in the form of Easter Eggs, especially with a game which has a loyal fanbase like Gears.

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40%, that has to be bullshit. There aren't that many stupid people in the world.

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I love it when developers add their sense of humor into a game. Definitely decreases the ever growing gap between gamer and developer.

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I can not wait for this game.

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Every Gears game has the bunch of fucking noobs. Whether chainsaw, sawed off or retro lancer. i get so pissed off

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Gotta love MGS.

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Then you are wrong.

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Best game I have played this year. Definitely spot on!

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Do it,.

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Flame Bait bullshit. Like anyone would actually buy those games over Gears of War 3.

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Dat Magikarp.

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CAPCOM have really gone down hill if you ask me. I was looking forward to Mega Man Legends 3!

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Can't wait for this game. I loved BF2 and MW2 equally as they both felt like completely different games, even though on paper they are damn similar. I intend to buy both of them again this time round and waste countless days playing them. See you online!

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I'm not denying both of those games are going to be great. But I definitely think MW3 is going to be up there competing with them.

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I'm not thanking them. I am pretty annoyed that Nintendo have sold us an unfinished product. But I RESPECT their decision to look like fools and bring fans a new add on that allows for more games to be released on the platform than bury their head in the sand and let fans not experience many great games that wouldn't be able to be on the platform.

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I think he should quit being such a douche and atleast be grateful for the fact that Nintendo can accept when they have done something wrong and go out and correct it. Unprofessional yes. But atleast they want to bring us 3DS owners good games, even at the risk of looking very unprofessional.
I don't understand why he is bitching when he is going to buy it anyway. If you don't like/want something don't buy it.

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I often talk about how old games would still be able to hold there own in today's market. Remakes, such as OoT, add some weight to this. But if this console performs well I will be really happy. :)

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Yeah, the point being "back up batteries". You can't just take out a 3/DS battery and replace it. Quit whining.

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Demo is downloading, I certainly need to try this game. Glad I clicked on the review otherwise this probably would have slipped under the radar.

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