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Love your opinion.

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I'm far from a Sony Fanboy. I love the 3DS and honestly think it has a great summer with games such as Super Mario, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart and Luigi's Mansion. Infact I'm off to report on these games this coming weekend at an event in London, check back for what I assume will be positive things to say about the system.
At the moment however 3rd party games are dropping like flies and 3rd party support often affects how a system performs in the long run.

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Actually can not wait for this game. Sure to be absolutely huge this holiday season. If only their were two tiered cities in real life...

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great read.

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Yeah, shame it didnt come into the generation with the zelda game it deserved.

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I freaking love the DS and am not happy about megaman being cancelled :(
as for people bitching that the article hates on the DS read the other article about the top upcoming games:

Im losing faith in nintendo...

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