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Yes to A Link to the Past remake. Yes.

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I'm not expecting the game to be controlled any other way, I never said that. My issue with the game isn't with the choice of controls, but with how they have been implemented. They are unresponsive and difficult to use making some of the levels near impossible. Compare this to games like Hydroventure on 3DS and there is just no comparison. Hydroventure controls respond accurately, so I have no idea why this isn't the case with Pudddle.

But yeah, each to their own...

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Wow I really didn't like this game, the controls are awful and so hard to use effectively.

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may be something to do with both becoming available as eShop titles this year, as that would explain it

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Yeah I noticed that they left out the specific platform figures..

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Just watched the football on ITV through the gamepad, nice if you don't already have a tablet to carry around for TV.

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Yeah I'm finding it really challenging but enjoyable at the same time. It seems to have the perfect mix.

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Yeah thinking of getting the gamepad skins to brighten things up a bit

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This. Hori seems to be pretty good at making decent screen filters, definitely worth the money.

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What are you talking about? It looks terrible.

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Yeah, I get that. I was just surprised because it looks bigger in previous pictures.

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Wow, the console is really small.

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I can dream.

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A reveal trailer would be awesome but it's never going to happen. :(

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I'm still playing Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS, but I really do miss the RPG elements.

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This makes me feel a bit sick.

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We won't see an announcement at E3. All eyes are on the Wii U.

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Even the waves of poor Kinect games that Microsoft will so proudly show?

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I don't know if I want one but I'm most interested in hearing more about the Wii U. So many questions that need answers...

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