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Re-Submitted. Saw report for embed too late. #1
1/3 of the price of the original game. So I'd want at least a new planet or WAY more content if they get to recycle pre-existing environments. #3.3.1
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People were shooting that cave for hours because they didn't want to play the strike-missions for days to get the same gear. So if that's his explanation... #10.1
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So...your Sex is repetitive but at least you get a reward? :D #6.2.1
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Fighting however relies on the variety of a human opponent. Racing I feel is a good comparison. You could play Destiny repeatedly and try to perfect your "run" - like in the score-shooters of old. However that is not supported by game design. Bungie does not show a score or a time after completing a level let alone offer highscore-lists (maybe because people trying to rush things would ruin the play for "normal" players and that would mean a separating the community into d... #6.1.1
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How? They consist of 90% pre-existing environments, they're still "get to point A to fight of waves of enemies" cookie-cutter-designed, they're about an hour long and they use the same storytelling device - only with a female voice-over instead of Dinklage. #3.1
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That is bullshit. Right now Treyarch is running the CoD-Show. Makers of such hits as "Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer" and the "Quantum of Solace" game. If they can take over for Infinitey Ward without missing a beat, Gearbox could at the very least do the same.

Now could Gearbox have made "CoD 4: Modern Warfare" before there was a "CoD4": I agree, they probably wouldn't have. They're still one hell of a studio though. #5.6
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You really think so? The core gameplay of the early BiA-Games was: "Set guys to suppres, flank, kill" - in endless repetition. Before "Hell's Highway" the storytelling was pathetic war-hero-patriotism. I agree the third one was good, but not better than CoD. "Call of Duty" has gotten atrociously stale but the core gameplay is extremely refined, especially on consoles. Movement, aiming, reaction times etc - this is all extremely well done.

No... #2.1.1
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Not sure if I'd consider the gameplay of "Brothers in Arms" or "Borderlands" far ahead of "CoD". I'd agree though that it would be great if Activision would let a studio like Gearbox reinvent "Call of Duty" as they see fit. But as it seems, if you want to do it, you have to go by the formula. #2
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