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Love The Last of Us!! Best game of the generation! #640


The FAQ section on this page basically says asphalt is one of the powers and I've heard rumblings of "cloud" or "steam" being another (can't remember where I saw that though). #6
How about this to turn the series on it's head...

Why not take the derivative nature of the game of having someone from the future access DNA of someone from the past and somehow take a present day person and actually go into the future instead of the past??

Not sure how one could access someone from the future but I'm sure something could be concocted. You would be able to write any kind of revolution or era you wanted. #9
Muy interesante! #1.1.2
Maybe if they are at work and can't stream need to be an ass, Whitefeather. #1.1
I would actually be more concerned about my/his PS3 at this point in time. This same "glitch" happened to me when Final Fantasy XIII came out and my launch 60GB's blu-ray drive died. I guess the drive's lens is going bad so it's not reading everything on the disc as it normally would. Good luck to him. #4
If the grammar and spelling of this article are any indication of how nice the site is then it's terrible. #8
[deleted] #26.1.1
How can anybody disagree with FACTUAL findings....overlay the images yourself in a photo editing program and you'll see the difference.

I'm a PS3 fan at heart and at least I have the balls to admit when a rival platform looks better. #26.1
I've taken each of the screenshots in Photoshop, overlayed them and switched between layers back and forth and the 360 does have a slight edge. The PS3 version has it's infamous overall foggy/blurry-ness to it. I am sure the textures and everything are exactly the same but it seems like the PS3 likes to put that foggy layer over everything.

Who knows though what settings the PS3 version is running on. Is it using Full RGB and those other special settings? We will... #26
Disagree for creating the biggest oxymoron I have ever read on this site. #11.1
Yeah, I haven't seen 3D yet but from listening to what everyone else has to say it seems like its ridonculously fantasmic. #3
So does that mean Squeenix is pulling a Jaffe regarding FFVII remake?? hehe

/and restart rumor mill! #3.1
I assumed ppl would know what I bad. Gave ppl too much credit. #3.2.1
You do realize that all of the free stuff you get from Playstation Plus will not be usable if you dont actually subscribe to Playstation Plus right?

The stuff you buy discounted on the store you can keep, but the free stuff you cannot. #3.1
Confirmed again...downloading now!!! Good find! #4
You can try but I can't guarantee it'll work on the PS3 browser. #9.1
Yeah, that was one thing I forgot to mention, the disc tray. They may have fixed the RRoD problem but have they fixed the circular scratch on discs problem that was caused by the old school loading tray?? #7.1
While I agree that their conference was pretty "meh"...they did have a good showing with the core games before they started all of the Kinect hullaballoo garbage. #6.1
It actually bricked mine to where it wouldn't read any discs anymore so I just replaced the blu-ray drive. Cost me 90 bucks instead of sending it in for 150 to have sony repair it. FFXIII is garbage anyways. #28
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