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If a digital and physical copy costs the same then I should be able to trade in a digital game just like physical disk.

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Don't compare this Xbox exclusive masterpiece with game like journey.

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Mgs3 greatest game ever made.

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We only get a stupid and dumb skin and they get a whole mission. Wow. Thanks kojima. But still Ps4 version will be better looking then the ones.

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Buddy companies put alot of money when they develop these games and they want to make a profit on them and they sell each game at same price as they did last gen. That is why you see online passes and dlc. If these companies dont do that then they would go bankrupt. And next gen the cost of making a game will increase so that is why they are stopping used games and I am ok with it.

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Like Funniest comment ever. Literally laughed out loud.

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Xbox ftw!!!! cant wait.

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I find it funny that people actually believe that next xbox will require Internet. Microsoft is not that stupid. Wait for e3 for official information.

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What technical marvel? Lol the game was full of loading screens. Imo mgs4 was a big disappointment to me

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I did my part to help them out. I pre ordered the game and won't be trading it in.

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We need single player dlc!!! I will be the first one to buy that. Multiplayer sucks

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Smh... So what they are calling them zombies. Stop trying to make it a big deal. They look like zombies and act like zombies.

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So many games and so little time to play them. I can't imagine how guys with families have time to play.

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Of course u would think that Mr Tretton.

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I just logged in to click agree button for what superstrokey said.

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great post.Everything you wrote is true.

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ok i did one mistake. you must be stupid if you didnt understand what i meant by the sentence.

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Epic are the best delevopers out there.IMO Gears 1 is the best game this generation. I really hope it gets 10 from ign and gametrailers.

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looking awesome. I really hope they do something new with the multiplayer.

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