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I already know this game will be one of those games where critics will give out 10 out of 10s but the actual game will be average and boring.

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Phil first get some exclusive for your console then worry about next Xbox.

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I think they are pulling a MGS 2. I am almost guarantee it

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All I want is exact remake of mw2 with better graphics. I would play it for days.

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Nintendo is very money hungry. That is one of the reasons I don't support Nintendo. re releasing older games for full price and almost never have big sale on their games.

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Best game this generation

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one of the most disappointing game i have played last year.

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This is why I love Xbox

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Imo all the games that you mentioned are amazing fun games. The only Xbox exclusive that I didn't like was Recore. I still haven't finished it yet.

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My predictions from my experience with Nintendo. Battery life will be poor. Third parties will slowly move away. graphics will be bad when compared to rivals.

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I really hope they remake mgs 3 for ps4. Konami will lose all bad publicity if they made it.

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I am cancelling my pre order because of this

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Fanboyism is now so much that now some ps4 fans will spread false rumors just so a Xbox one game doesn't sell as much. This is shameful

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Best Map of all time. I remember using noobtubes in the corridors that connected flag A and C and getting hundreds of kills.

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I really hope they do remake MGS 3

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I really hope it sells well. I really enjoyed the game.

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I don't think valve can count to 3

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Jihad is only allowed when you have a threat against your country. Then you should not care about your self and think about your women and children. It is same as when someone says that he can die for his country. Hurting innocent is against the teachings.

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Don't worry, just do good deeds and pray 5 times every day to God then once you go to heaven you will have 70 of most beautiful girls around you.

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Is it allowed in your country to marry a whale?

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