Halo is another world


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end of march is the final Q4 2012 and this date is usually used for internal use. No official date!

hi folks

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the first KZ will be only a porting, no trophy support, no 3D vision, no HD resolution!


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great score !
Now BF3 is totally best than COD ;)

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Maybe, but ESRB appears also in other teaser trailer about for example god of war 3.

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sorry but I wrote a mistake.
In the podcast the press editor has told Master Chief uses this new armour, donated from a newest character, in order to win with Covenant in the battle versus enemies. The effects in the screen are seems to be like organic, with some flash and exagonal polygons, but it could be different.

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"nonsense ?"

but if Covenant and so other ones characters are alien nature, where is the nonsense ?


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1. Halo 4 is a Xbox 360 exclusive , no one version for next-gen console
2. These information have been captured from a gameplay session with 343i developers
3. Master Chief have a new armour with something organic that helps him in battle
4. This new feature appears in video like hexagonal pieces, when he was hit by enemy fire, that change some armour aspect
5. The story is now focused in the relationship between Master Chief and this new alien element in order...

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the podcast concerns also other platform

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FAKE !!!

Naughty Dog comments on Vita development

“We're not working on anything for PS Vita. I won't say never, ever, but there's no plans for it right now - we've always felt that consoles play to our strengths as a studio the best”, stated Meyer. “Given the brackets (to indicate an im...

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another mirror with video in HD

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The true is in the middle. The Executive Producer has told this information, but the team CD Projekt RED do not want to break the attention on The Witcher 2 360 !

It's clear. It's like BioWare with ME2 on PS3, do you remember ?

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the executive producer has told to journalists after the press conference.

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PS Magazine ? During a interview for MGS Collection, the journalist did a question about MGS series, and Kojima saw: "We’ll have to make it"
He not mentioned MGS5 to PS3.

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FOX Engine is related only to the spin-off MGS: RISING.

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Now Xbox Live is online!

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Xbox LIVE is still down!
The official web site reports currently Xbox Live offline, for every territory (US and EU)

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only in one case the framerate is affected by less 1 or 2 frames, during the checkpoint. It's a very rare moment.

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-->>Explosive Ordnance Disposal<<--
it's a robot controlled by Engineer in order to repair vehicles and disarm M-Com station.

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