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Eurogamer is f*cking biased, no way is Uncharted 2 below 12/10

Why did they deduct 2 points ?

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Pff... only 10/10, Eurogamer is so biased and I hate them. They always give PS3 exclusive less than they deserve.

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Psst... hey Foxgod

you may wanna reconcider.

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pff... @ liquifidArt what the hell are you talking about there's dozens of better places to live than America, what a clueless statement.

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She looks wicked cool.

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For people that don't know the meaning of the word 'definitiveness'

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You're buying FIFA and PES instead of FIFA and NFS:Shift ?

What do people still see in PES, FIFA surpassed it in so many ways its not even funny anymore.

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Can't argue with the facts, Sony brings the best of both worlds.

HHG speaks the truth.

Seeing LBP being played like that totally refreshes the entire game.

THIS is how you do motion controls properly.

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Holy sh!t, is this in game ?

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Silk SpectrerrrrRRRrr...*drools*

Wonder what the Dr. Manhattan one looks like, they have the physics to pull it off.

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lol, he switched from dissing 360 to dissing PS3, I guess he just needs to blame the console that is the most popular and with which people can identify the most.

This is a kick in the nuts to Microsoft actually as this shows the PS3 price drop has really doomed the crapbox to 3rd place.

Soon, Mass effect series will release on PS3 and then the 360 will truly be comparable to a brick.

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No Keith David, and Nolan North on # 10 ?

(keanureeves.jpg) Wow...

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HAHA, I disagreed on your first post and agreed on your second just to add to the lulz, sorry :D

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Hey Foxgod, long time no see.

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Nah, just a grown mans hand full, like I like em.

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Thats more sold than all JRPG's on 360 combined worldwide.

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This will definitely sell a few extra copies by pulling in people who were not really sure whether to get this or not.

I was gonna get this from day one and no way am I gonna play it so that she grabs the lamp in the end. I wanna see how far I can take this :)

You can choos between lamp and disgust, I wonder what digust does.

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Are ?

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Just give me Z.O.E 3 and keep your MS paid opinion to yourself my friend.

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True, that explains the 10/10 :)

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