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Can't wait untill the pirated PS3 version...


I can see the PS3 version selling roughly the same as the 360 version because of this.

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Am I the ONLY one who thinks Nathan Fillion would make for a terrible Drake. Just because he's kind of the same wisecrack in Serenity doesn't make him Drake.

He doesn't even look like him, was watching Castle last night and it just confirmed my doubts.

This guy should be Drake (The young one of course)

I'm already dissapointed they're making ...

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Project Notatall

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Uhmm, I think yeah since Playstation dictates when generations start and end, just like with the PS3.

I thought Sony was just being ballsy when they claimed that, but then I look at games like Uncharted, MGS4, LBP and Killzone 2 and I know its true, Next-Gen doesn't start untill Sony says so.

So will Playstation survive till next generation ?
Whatever Sony decides.

The real question is: Will MS and Nintendo be ready when Sony decides to usher in ...

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haha, yeah me too. Sam Fisher just doesn't have the history.

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Yes, one game will make the Wii sell like back in the day, forever...

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Conviction: Sigma will be.

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Waiter: Can i help you sir...

Iwata: Yes, i'll have the fried rice with Humble sauce, no pork, extra Humility on top please, thank you.

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Another AAAA for the pl-AAAA-st-AAAA-tion 3

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When is this punk gonna review Uncharted 2, or did the cat get his tongue.

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Modern Warfare 2 will destroy this trash.

EDIT: Who modeled this ? the proportions are WAY off.

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Microsoft... when will you learn to get your sh!t together.

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Only a wicked fanboy would deny this.

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I just don't get the excitement for this game.

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Of course it just happened to be, 'Leave Your Kids at Home Day' at the airport.

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pff... who wants a FlopBox 3shitty when for the same price you could own a Trey and witness the power of the Cell first hand ?

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Christ, don't remind me...

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They only do everything.

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You'd think he'd settle down now that he has Elena. I wonder what kind of mess he'll get himself into this time. Can't wait.

Please let it be a crashing airplane, the last parachute gets vacuumed out and you and all the bad guys jump after it. And in mid-air you gotta kill all these guys and get to the parachute as before its too late.

Thats so Drake.

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