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I can't wait for Hitler to find out about this :) gonna be epic.

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Awesome idea Sillelak, the way Liberation ended for me was with Rico being kidnapped by the Helghast, I still don't know how he escaped, they never mentioned it it Killzone 2.

Or Maybe it could take place between 2 and 3 with another squad.

Liberation on PSN would be a day one buy for me.

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Forget about the iPhone for gaming and make a console hooked up to iTunes or iGames, I´d seriously buy it.

Eat some more, you look so skinny.

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lol, pantsu flashing :)

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Why would ANYONE buy a 360 when they can get a PS3 that just does MORE, like, everything.

And now that PS3 has all the best exclusives I just don't see 360 picking itself up again I just don't see it.

Maybe they should do a bundle with Windows 7 or Happy Meals.

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Youporn and Keezmovies work just fine on the PS3 webbrowser thank you.

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Wow there, you got things mixed up a little. YOU guys are the beta testers. Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden 2, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Planet and soon you will be beta testing Mass Effect 2 for us.

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haha, funny man. I'm sure if it wasn't for the 360 using an old format Infinity Ward would have put in 12 more hours of gameplay and visuals that could atleast come close to Killzone 2.

Don't take my word for it, take iD's word for it who are struggling to put the singleplayer and multiplayer of Rage on the same disc for the 360 version.

What a joke.

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...Gaming on XBL, its the only way to pay this.


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Are you happy now, I know you've been waiting to crack this joke for years.

How was it ?

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Hehe, the funny thing is, I know for a fact that its coming couple 6 months after the pc 360 version, I worked on it for 3 months and got fired due to restructuring at Bioware.

trust me its coming, Ray always used to say he was quite excited about it and he's getting tired of the cover up story every time.

Don't take my word for it, wait a little. Unless what I worked for gets thrown in the crapper ME series is definitly coming to PS3.

You heard it hear ...

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Valkyria Chronicles seems perfect for handheld gaming, still I wish this had been on PS3 and had kept the same art direction of the first.

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Army of 4, can't wait.

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In other words... ;)

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Looks pretty neat actually.

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I'd buy it for sure.

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probably won't be the same without the characters from VC1. But the Valkyria Chronicles gameplay is perfect for traveling.

Just wish they would have called it VC:PSP, that would have explained the style change to tacky regular anime.

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Lost Planet 2 has been confirmed for PS3 like 2 months ago. Since E3 in any case.

Its definitely a Mass Effect: Remake published by EA with ME2 releasing this summer for PS3.

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1300 !!! 0_o you're crazy.

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