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I started my COD blackout day after Wack Ops came out.

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I was pumping 6+ LMG rounds into fools all last night only to watch them run by like it was nothing and mow peole down with 3 shots from their USAS + Frag rounds.

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Thanks for nerfing all guns except the effin USAS / Frag rounds DICE !! You effin hacks.

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No, all the creative guys left for Respawn.

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Stay the fuck out Stockholm Bob !!!
- a DICE fan.

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God i hope this patch puts some balance in the game, im sick and tired of every jackass and his mom running around with their frag/USAS/FAMAS. Really just take out everygun except fir those two, then it would be somewhat balanced. BF3 will never be the great game is could have been. I just hope they figure out hiw to really use that FB2.0 engine by the time BC3 comes around.

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Speaking in beer terms, Unreal is your Bud, you get, you put it in your game, it works boom your done. Other engines are the micro brews, hand crafted, not for everybody, can be tailored for diff things.

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Oh great something else to add to the already game breaking input lag.

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Agree 100%, seems they went the COD rout with BF3 and threw all kinds of stuff in it without thinking about the most important thing in a MP game, BALANCE !

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At this point in time if I had to choose between BC2 and BF3 for the rest of my life I would take BC2. The input lag, MAV glitch, Frag Round, OP vehicles in SQDM keep it from being a great game. Can all this change ? Maybe, but it I really do feel that BF3 will never really be fixed. I hope MOH 2 and deff BC3 take the FB2 engine to the next level.

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Booohoo, i didnt like the way my video game ended ! STFU ! Theres kids who barely have clothing much less a video game console, high speed internet, or a TV. Fucking good for nothing spoiled people these days.

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Make this pistols only, and im in. Reality us it will be full of RPG shotty whores.

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If Booby No Dick is still alive and @ Activision, then yes there we be a COD in 10 years.

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Must be internal beta, cuz we all know COD will never have public betas, you have to pay for COD beta. Thats what the first 6 months of COD games are till they start patching

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They would have to be stupid to not go Bluray

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The only way and I repeat, THE ONLY WAY this can work is if they make it PISTOLS Only
( NO MAGNUM ) . Other than that this will be an eff festival of epic proportions.

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I dont give an eff if they're planning a Unicorn filled expansion pack, Fix the the GD input lag and BS weapons/MAVs first. Dopes.

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I just hope Danger Close has the FB 2.0 engine optimized so theres no input lag and other game ruining things that BF3 has and will prob never get fixed. Oh and keep all the BS MAVS, frag ammo and mortars the hell out of MOH 2.

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Yaawn, So what ? Unless Valve stops the console versions of their games from coming out then whats the point ?

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I think if they can optimize the FB2 engine and make the gameplay more of stripped down gun on gun game wihout all the MAVS, spawn beacons, frag round BS they will have a better game.

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