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Would of made sense after COD [email protected] but then again that would mean no COD for 2 years minimum and no 100 million for 2 Novembers in a row. Tell your dad Bobby he's a money hungry SOB when u see him at dinner.

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Ooooh wow ! the same ol' COD engine with a not too distant future paint job ! I will give Treyarch probs for taking a big step forward as far as when this thing takes place, too bad it will still feel like the same old thing, lol, I bet the damn guns will still sound the same. I don't see this one doing good for two reasons, same old engine as stated before and I think they're going too far into the future. They should have gone the Ghost Recon style of future.

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Wasn't Wack Ops 2 confirmed the day after Wack Ops 1 ? Btw let me be the first in confirming Wack Ops 3 for Nov 2014.

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Lol, what a joke this series has become. Dive perk ? Playing pussom Perk ? U gotta be kidding me ! Enjoy it kids ! Pussom perk, " oooh If I lay here real still he'll think I'm dead and move on, kinda like a grizzly bear, oooh boy. Hahahahahahahaha !

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$100 ? Shit bro, I'd pay up to $500 and a lung for something like that.

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@ decrypt
" Sigh, console gamers need to understand, one of the reasons Activision doesnt want to create a new engine is because Console tech is too old "

No they wont do a new engine cuz that would mean no 6+ million sales every November for at least two years minimum. Money is bottom line here kids, not making the best looking or best playing game every year. Yea they will not do a new engine now that the new consoles are already on the horizon but they ...

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Easy, optimize FB2 engine for better visuals than BF3, remove horrible input lag, remove Frag Ammo, remove full auto shotguns and ur done

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No destruction, no go in my book,

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Hmmmm I though April 1st was a couple weeks back ? What a troll.

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Did somebody say BF3 had subpar graphics ? Compared to what ? BF3 is easily the best looking FPS out now on consoles. Awsome, lighting, particle and water effects plus destruction. It makes Call O' Doodie games look like PS2 games and MOH 2 looks to be taking it a notch. Will gameplay be good ? Who well have to wait for the beta ( prob this summer ) but as far as graphics go, this will be a great looking game on consoles and even better on PC. So don't even start with the " oh...

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Please make the most out of the Frostbite 2.0 engine ! Please, please ! ( keeps fingers crossed )

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Time for reality check, Wack Ops 2 will not be running on a new engine period. It will be what all COD games are, new skins for characters, mostly new but alot of parts from older COD games for its maps for SP and MP. New and old weapons and a reworking of killstreaks and the like. Thats it kids, thats how they pump em out every 12 months. Oh and no there is no Santa.

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They really need to implement a grading system or something to weed out the crappy maps, FC2 was full of crappy thrown together maps.

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Looks like Map Editor will return, this might be FC3s saving grace,

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Godman what a let down, Lol shit looks like COD on a SANDALS RESORT.
I just hope MOH 2 turns out ok.

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Truth is just like the Wii, this will be geared for kids, soccer moms and other casual gamers, do of course Nintendo wasn't gonna spend millions on a high end GPU. Wii had motion control gimmick, this one has the big touch screen control ( only one included soccer moms ! ) so the games will for he most part be shovel ware full of cute little characters with no arms or legs. Hell this thing could come with 4 GPUs with 2 gigs of ram each the reality is the developers aren't gonnna spen...

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Cuz he got tire of people laughing out loud when he would say he was creative strategist for a game series that was anything but creative. It's like calling yourself a cheif when you work at Mickey Ds. He might be the most creative person on earth but I couldn't tell judging from the last three games he's worked on. Well now you can't say you where forced to make the same repetative shit cuz of Bobby Nodick. Lets see what you got Bob.

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Damn bro, how do you really feel ?

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Good luck Bob, I wouldnt tell future employers that you where " creative strategist " for COD ( one of the most un-creative games year after year ) if I where you. Shit, you're better off saying you used to make Wii games.

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Last two Socoms where weak at best, and MAG looked like a damn PS2 game. I'm not surprised one bit.

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