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Jeebus christ, now Bobby Nodick has 3 studios crapping out Call It Doodie games ? Theres prob gonna be a a new COD game 2 times a year now. Bet all the 14 year olds out there just got a boner, lol maybe their first one.

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Says a company whos last console game was meager at best. How about focusing on the current gen.

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Those who can develop great games on consoles can,
those who cant have a bunch of excuses to why they cant.

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Looks like next gen GTA with fancy gadgets. Shit is aight.

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Wow a tablet with a Xbox 360 sticker and wallpaper.

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Wake up numbnuts, 99% of Phones, TVs, PCs, stereos, you name it, some of them by the very same Foxxcon company. Hell alot of clothes and shoes are made the same way ! You want to stop ? You cant. Do some research first instead of running your mouth.

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"Come work with the game industry's brightest " why is Infinity Ward placing wanted ads for DICE ?

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And in related news Activision just announced that Wack Ops 2 will run just fine on an Amiga 64, matter of fact that might be overkill.

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Looks like they its straight outta Act Of Valor Movie, which is not a bad thing at all. Good to see they left the horses out.

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Wake ups kids Call It Doodie couldn't be saved by god himself it has brought down to a level so low it has to look up at whale shit. I twill be full of the usual BS guns, kill streaks, effed up spawns blah, blah. They need to take it out back and put a friggin bullet in its tired head and while you're at it take those effed up lame ass horses out of their misery too. Who trying to kid Treyarch you hacks ? When all you retards gonna wake the eff up ? every Goddamn year they start yappi...

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Those who can, create, those who cant, talk about those who can

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Ur on crack, BF3 On consoles looks great, destruction, particle effects, great lighting and water effects. Just another fanboy making excuses.

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They went from COD 4 through Wack Ops 2 and prob MW4 with doing tweaks here and there to their engine claiming they have to in order to keep their precious 60 FPS fast paced gameplay. Well what excuse will they and their fanboys use when their games still look crappy on next gen hardware ? When alot of the games then will be constantly making their games better from title while theyre stuck in the graphical mud. Reality is they dont care, its all about gettting the next COD game ready for Nov...

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Shit, I wasn't misled one bit by the Wack Ops 2 trailer, it looked MW3 but instead of Russians it had Robots. Other than it looked like the same old COD game, I feel sorry for the blind fanboys who think this is some great leap ahead, sorry kids it's not. Just another re-skin job from your big uncle Bobby Nodick.

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Why the hell does Wack Ops 2 need new hardware to run on ? POS looks like it could prob still run on a PS2.

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Lol, I just can't looking at that horrible looking tank, it looks like one of those Voltron lion toys from the 80's that where made from plastic and had their feet welded in this screwed up position, just horrible. Next time hire a decent conceptual artist Treyarch.

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Who these effs trying to kid , looks like the same old shit.

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How about stating the fact that some of the BF games actually got major engine upgrades like going from not being able to completely destroy a building ( BadCo 1 to having full destruction ( Bad Co 2 ) to a completely new engine ( BF3 ). And what does COD do every year ? A new re skin job with minor tweaks here and there.

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This not some big step forward, stop acting like they're takIng some giant leap forward cuz theyre not. Take MW3, replace Russians with robots and you get Wack Ops 2. Even parts of the trailer looked like MW3's trailer. This is just another re skin job on the same old COD engine. Oooh they got horses this time ! Too bad they look like they've already been dead for a weak before they rode them into battle. They need to take this series out back and put it out of its misery same as ...

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