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Only people i feel sorry for are all these kids parents who have to keep buying this turd and all the extra turdings every year, lol. #13
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Lets keep it real kids, Wack Ops 3 will only have minor lighting tweaks if anyhing over Wack Ops 1.
Bobby Pubic Hair gas no interest on investing on a new engine period, as long as the dopes keep lining up every November they'll keep pushing the same thing.
As far as next gen is concerned im going on record as saying they will keep the same basic core engine and again do some tweaks like better textures and lighting but nothing to get terribly excited about. So please st... #14
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Thank you captn obvious, we got a real genoius over here people. #23
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So now you really can just sit in a corner and wait thanks to being able to see whos coming around the corner, lol thanks Treyarch. Just when you though COD couldnt get any worse. This is a deffinate no buy. #14
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Booty #36
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Two companies with mountains of cash ?
A real kick ass beast of a console, no more exclusives bs. A developers dream, one console no porting and spending money on two diff versions of games. I think this would work, probably mean end of a free to play network though, if MS gets their way #35
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Without developers wanting to make games for it, it wont matter if this thing is as powerful as a supercomputer. #8
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Lol, you fanboys really need to stop.

" Nothing wrong with no innovating " " Doesnt make your game bad at all "

If that was the case we'd still be playing 8 bit NES games on 13 inch CRT TVs. Innovation is what drives not just Video Games but everything from Transportation, to Medicine, Science, Entertainment you name it.
COD is tired as hell and needs a major overhaul or go just go away.

As for the " it... #3.1.1
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Speak for yourself Hoss, they would do me and my freinds a favor. We dont give a rats's ass about COD. #9.2
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Please MS do it, and take the tired ass Call It Doodie series with you. Shit i might even throw in a couple o bucks. Do it ! #22
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Lucky them, they dont have to pay $60 every year for an expansion pack. #15
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Good, now the kids can play a bowling game after they play COD. #65
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These guys need to stick to PCs, if they really knew about consoles and the console business theyd be putting great games on consoles instead of tapping about how great their next game will look and be. Crysis 3 will do equal or worse than Crysis 2 on consoles. #24
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No im not paying $45 a year just so I can enjoy in game chat, who gives an eff. #13
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Who gives an eff about trophies, really. I got buddies who rent crappy games just to get some trophy. Whoopdie effin doo, u got a trophy in Cabalas Big Game Trophy, whoooo hooo !! #11
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Theyre doing everybody a favor. #6
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Its the fact they basically put out the same damn game every year while all the while proclaiming thats " this is a brand new game, weve made major improvements, were always finding ways to make this game better than the last, blah, blah. No you havent, its the same car with a new paint job. Kiss my ass. #24
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I say do it ! Crap out 3 Call It Doodie games a year ! Eff it, ride that 92 Ford Tempo of a game till the wheels fall off. Then it will go the way of the Guitar Hero games and people will stop buying your crap. Its gonna be fun as hell finally watching this series implode on itself. Way to go Bobby K ! #26
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Apparantly in the future tanks will waddle around slowly like half drunk ducks, must be some sort of an advantage on the battlefield. Lol, nice work Treyarch. #9
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Call o duty train has been sputtering along since MW2 came out in my eyes. #14
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