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KZ3 MP was decent, too bad all the cloaked snipers, Sentrys, Rocket packs and Spies ruined it for me. They need to tone it back for KZ4, maybe make it more like a prequal. Go back to the first fight beetween Humans and the Helghast. Kind of like WW2 in a parallel universe. Forget all the doodads.

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Can you please leave out all the stupid ass MAVs, spawn radios, etc for BF4 DICE ?
All I need is my gun, grenade and my bollz. I mean whats next, Heartbeat sensors ?

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Depends on the game, ill take BF4 @ 30 FPS over COD 14 Post Modern Grey Ops 3 or whatever the eff they gonna call it.

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STFU already, less running of your mouth, more making a good game. Douchbag.

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Yea yea heard it all before, put up or shut up.

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Call O' Doodie devs please take note, thank you.

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Lol, asking fans to help improve their tired ass busted game. Stop buying their turd games thats how they should help, maybe then theyll have some motivation besides money to actually improve shit. Wanna improve your game ? Dump everything you have for the next game ( we know you will make one ) includIng textures, character and gun models, map assets and especially that tired ass fuck engine and start fresh. Its gonna be a little embarrassing come next gen whith you guys still running round ...

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Silly rabbits next gen consoles are for real gamers not 8 year olds and soccer moms.
I think this is Nintendo's last console, they just cant keep up. Just stick to making Zelda and Mario games and plastic handhelds Nintendo.

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Amazing and COD is an oxymoron.

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Step 1: Take Wack Ops 2 engine
Step 2: Do some tweaks to it like spice up the lighting a bit, new character skins, add a couple of new textures.
Step 3: claim your game will be all brand new and revolutionize the series.

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Correction, graphics are not that big a thing if the people buying your hardware are soccer moms and their 7 year olds. You can keep pretending nobody else cares, but we do. If we didnt wed still be playing Genesis games on 13 inch color tvs.

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Good to know there are still some developers out there trying to maximize each console to the fullest instead of rehashing their crappy old engine and using the games name to sell copies, yeah i'm looking at Treyarch, whats left of Infinity Ward, Clawhammer or whatever the eff you call yourselves ! Hope you hacks read the article and take notes.

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Would you buy a Ferrari with a 140 horespower 4 cylinder engine ?

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Too bad no AI or vehicles in online MP, kinda sucks they should at least let us have them in unranked online MP so we can mess around with freinds. Anybody wanna start a petition ?

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Depends, if you buy Doodie every year hoping and praying that this time they really did revolutionize the game then yes, you are an idiot. If you buy it every year knowing full well that it is the same turd then you are still an idiot, just an idiot with no expectations.

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This is all bought and paid for by MS, same shit with Lag Ops 1, a month before that turd dropped MS came out and said it would play better on 360. Gee now how would they know such a thing. Maybe u dopes on PS3 should stop buying this garbage.

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What do u expect people, its a Call It Doodie game.

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Sorry kids, they been doing the same damn crap for ever and they will probably never do an overhaul. What for ? All the fanboys keep paying for the same rehash every year. As far as next gen goes theyll just let the new hardware make it look better so it will look like it does now on gaming PCs. You guys cab keep wishing and hoping.

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You guys want to know what MW4 will look and play like if it will in fact be on next gen consoles ?
Take a PC and thrown in a $200 graphics card and run MW3 on max settings, there you have it.
There will be no brand new engine just the same tweaked version from last years model. Theyve been doing it since 2007 and will continue to do so. I know all the fanboys are hoping and secretly praying deep down in their little hearts that the next COD will be this great new game full ...

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Dont be hypocrates people, name one recent game that was perfect out of the box. True MOH2 is screwed up, no doubt about it. Even the great BF3 has received more patches than my kid brothers bike and dont even get me started on COD games. Reality is these games are being pushed out as quick as they can make them and these companies know they can always patch up whats needs to be after launch. The real question is which companies will take the time and money to fix their game. DICE could just ...

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