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Forget playet count for a minute and focus on real needed changes.
If im paying for a server I want full control over things like player count, type of weapons, vehicles, health, mini map, killcam, amount of bases and MCOMMS for CQ and RUSH, accesories allowed, the works. If i want to set up a true pistols only TDM on my damn server then I should.

Make the GD MAV transparent to soldiers ! Its suppose to be a recon device not so you can lay down an effin corner and f...

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64 is an eff fest , in reality mo more than 48 is about right.

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No, tired ass games running the same effin engine 4 games in a row need to die.

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Keep dreaming son

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That has got to be a typo, dont they mean MW3.5 ?

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Noooo, i would let her beat me, all day looooong.

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No but $250 every 18 months is.

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Well its a lot easier to mess with people who bought your crappy game than fix said crappy game or better yet , actually make a good game.

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4th 360 ? If that was me the title would be " I just pre ordered my PS4, heres why "

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Lets do the math, BF3 + BF3 Premium = $110 for PS3
New video card to run BF3 at decent settings + BF3 + BF3 Premium for PC = $ 200 or more

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Too bad in five years he'll be going on EBAY looking for all that stuff after she divorces his ass. Sucker !!!!! And try telling her to sell her shoes or handbags.

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Eat a dick Activision, what 500 million sold at launch for your tired ass busted game isnt enough ? Now you wanna shove your turd down pre-pubescents as well ? Good for them, let rhem keep playing their kid games. Like Call It Doodie needs more 13 year olds hopped up on energy drinks talking shit online. Good for Wii fans not buying your fucked game. Hey i got an idea, first improve your piece of shit game, then try and shove it to kids.

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And in related news, Activision just announced MW4 will be able to run on the original lunar module's guidance computer.

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Settle down kids, reality is they look like current gen games running on a decent gaming PC. We wont see True Next Gen games for months, maybe a year after the new consoles come out. Why ? because the devs will still be transitioning and learning how to make the most of the machines. All you have to do is go back and look first gen PS3 and 360 titles, some ( not all ) are down right ugly when compared to the stuff coming out lately. Its a matter of time, that is the truth.

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Wiiu is a fancy fisherprice toy made for 6 year olds and their parents / grandparents. Which one you are is not clear.

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Not terribly impressed, looks good, but Looks like Wacks Ops 2 if Guerilla games did it. Maybe thats why im not feeling it

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$89 a year so u can post youtube videos ? Eat a dick Sony, the hell u think u are M$ ?!

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Question is what excuse will the CODoodie fanboyz give when BF4 drops running in full 60 FPS next level graphics glory on next gen consoles and The next Doodie game will still look and play like the same shit ?

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COD and " Next Gen " dont belong in the same breath. I hope all the fanboys are looking forward to another 5+ years of the same shit come next fall.

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Hardware can only carry developers so far, so next gen will be very much like current gen.
There are devs who will make continue to try and make the most of the hardware in order to make their games great and their will be others ( COD devs) who will be content putting out the same basic game every year with minor tweaks here and there.

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