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Companies will always try and get away with anything they can as long as consumers let them, some people are willing to pay $ to be able to play online, others prefer not to. Some will not mind having their nextbox always online, others say screw that. Its capatalism kids, if enough people say eff you MS and leave their consoles collecting dust on store shelves. They will change their strategy, the power is in our hands. But like PT Barnum said " there's a sucker born every minute &q...

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Yes it can, so can taking $20 out of your bank accouny everytime you log in to LIVE, how about what can benefit the consumers ?

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Ooh man theres gonna be a lot of crying kids come the holidays when Nana buys them a brand new Nextbox only to find out they cant play any games cuz they live in spitwater texas and all they got is dial up.

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No wonder it failed, there's no killstreaks !

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Adding another way to get cheap kills ? In a Call It Doodie game ? No way !!

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That is not their next gen engine, wake up bro. Its just some pre rendered tech demo. MW4 will look like MW3 with maybe, maybe better textures and lighting thats it.

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U are 100% correct but as long 15 year olds line up to buy it every year they see no need to change the formula.

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Yea sure ahuh, right Activision and COD is fresh and new every year you poop it out. Anybody thinking the next gen Call It Doodie will look like this on crack.

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Looks like we choice kids:

BF3 + next gen graphics = BF4
MW3 + last 3 games graphics = MW4

The choice is yours.

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It won't happen, there are waaay too many kids and grown ass men that buy Call It Doodie every year, just cuz all their friends bought it, and frankly I hope they stay the hell over.

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Well at least they didnt go with freaking Eminem,

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They got some balls if they drag out the same tired graphics/gamplay from the last 3 COD games compared to BF4 and Killzone 4. Lol its like Ford dragging out last years Taurus with nothing but a new paint job and rims against a 2014 GTR at the auto show then claiming how cool it is. Its not even funny anymore, just pathetic. Then again all the dopes show up going " wow maaan ! Is dat a a new hoodscoop on da dere Ford ! And holy cow ! Dem rims look like 19's !!

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Well maybe on PS4 they can do a real game with more than 30 players on the same map at once instead of the travesty that was MAG.

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Well they either have a huge massive Ace up their sleeve, or theyre too busy trying to figure out how to sell people their lower end DDR 3 ram and if the rumors are true the overbeariing
" always on " anti used games stance. Personally i think its the latter, where theres smoke theres fire.

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Aside from the turds that are CTF ( thanks for allowing the othet team to spawn 30 feet from the flag DICE ) and Scavenger ( you know a game mode sucks when you have to spend more time looking for a damn gun than PTO ) the DLC was decent enough.

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Well, one can only hope EA ruins BF like Activision has ruined Call It Doodie.

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Ooh i beleive it, everybody knows the next one will be such a great leap forward in both gameplay and graphics it will only run on next gen and gaming PCs. I mean thats why they got donething like what 8 studios working on it ?

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Sad part is they can a dry cow turd cut it into a disc, slap a COD sticker on it, and all the morons would still line up to buy it talking bout " it smells kinda funny but i heard its a good game !"

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It wont be game over for M$, people will still buy it no matter what, i meanthey could put a slot in the damn so you would have put in $20 everytime you started it up, and morons would still be going " whats the big deal ? Its only 20 dollars ? I get to play games for as long as i want as long as i dont turn it off ? " PT Barnum was right theres one born every minute. So why wouldnt M$ pull thiskinda crap ?

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I would not put it past M$ to pull some crap like this, they nickle and dime the crap out everything in 360.

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