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Sad part is they could take dry cow turds, cut them in a form of a DVD, put COD Black Ops Part 5 labels on them and still sell 5 mill before anybody would raise an eyebrow. That's how bad all these fanboys are. Sheep.

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LOL, if IW is skilled enough to make a true next gen COD game then they sure ass hell haven't proven it before and even if they do have the skillz, I think Activision will never let them take the time it needs to do a major graphics engine upgrade. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ACTIVISION MILKING THE SERIES TO THE LAST DROP PEOPLE ! and you can't do that if you let your devs taking 3-4 years to make a new graphics engine from the ground up. That means you 3-4 years without a new COD game every No...

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Too run n gun for my taste, no tactics involved. I'm out.

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You people need to wake the eff up, did you really believe MW2 would be some great leap forward in terms of graphics and gameplay ? They been selling you the same shit since COD4 and many of you will still buy MW3 just cuz it's the new COD. Vote with your wallets.

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That sound you hear is the sound of coffee mugs breaking at Activision's HQ.
Seriously, good luck besting BF3 next fall.

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Hey Activision, instead of punishing people why don't you put more time and effort into making a better game instead of the turd that is Wack Ops.

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Laughable, Let's take a look at these 2 modern style military shooters hitting next fall kids.

#1. BF3 has been in development for about 4-5 years and has a REAL NEXT GEN graphics engine behind it.

#2. COD MW3 has been in development for maybe 2 or so and going by Activisions track record on the COD series it will prob be another COD rehash with a tweaked graphics engine but basically look just like COD MW2.

I think we know which game w...

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Hohum, add destruction then you can brag Crysis 2.

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He does have some valid points, U gotta empty a clip into a dude to kill him, the shotty is way OP, the retarded jet packs are just GG trying to lure HALO fans and don't even get me started on the class of choice for noobs, the infiltrator. Ooh look at me, they won't know who I am, teehee. STFU with your stupid shotty. They should have added a hardcore version of all the gametypes.

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I got KZ3 and while it looks good, there is alot of spawn campin and dudes running around with their OP shotguns and almost no tactics involved pretty much die, run to where the action is, die and repeat. I'll take large maps full of destructibility and vehicles involving team based combat over KZ3's run n gun gameplay any day.

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STFU with the PC vs Console shit ! Yea PC's games will always look better cuz your running the games on a $3000 rig. No shit it looks better. Consoles boyz get the eff over it ! I don't care if Naughty Dog is sprinkling coke and meth on their games to make them look as good as they do, they will never beat a top of the line gaming PC. BTW PC freaks, call me crazy but I'd rather spend $3000 on a PS3 and a good TV and still have money left over for a game or two. Or having to spend ...

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Stop your crying and sell that turd like everyone did.

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Friends don't let friends play COD.

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Wack Ops

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Ooooooooh another COD game re-skinned and labeled MW3. Give it up Acti.

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Yea, and I could also go buy a Wii and play some crappy bowling game, but I wanna play a GOOD game. That has been made to take advantage of the hardware in my PS3 ! Not some shoddy port. It's called freedom of choice, google it.

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Hmmmm, I can either buy a PC port game or a game made specifically for my PS3........
Thats a tough one .............................. .......... KZ3 here I come !

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KZ3 being better than Wack Ops is no great feat. COD [email protected] is better,COD 4 is better, MOH SP is better, Bad Co 2 is better, KZ2 is better.

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Don't hate the campers, hate the crappy game that has made camping a winning formula.
1. Worst spawn in a COD game
2. Chopper gunner super OP
3. Crappy hit detection
4. NukeTown
5. Camp friendly map designs
6. A game engine that does not allow any destruction, so you can't just take out a campers hiding in buildings with a grenade, RPG, air strike, etc.

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The fact that anybody can get this many kills confirms what a camp friendly, screwed up spawn system and hit detection game COD BO is. I notice they're not playing in hardcore mode.
Guy goes 103 -4 in this vid

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