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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha
(catches breath).......hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha !

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COD and Graphical Powerhouse are an Oxymoron, look it up.

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Interesting problem ? By all means allow me to help you boys out,

Take MW3 engine, add new textures, new models , skins, spruce up the lighting a bit, add some particle effects, copy all guns from MW3, copy all MP and SP maps from COD 4, MW2 and MW3 then take bits and pieces from each one and make new maps, ooooh and whatever you do DO NOT I repeat DO NOT forget the exploding white pick up truck and barrels, i think thats it........ Oooooh crap almost forgot you need to have ...

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U know u in trouble when your sucess is hinged on Call It Doodie. I mean really thats all you got ? U basically admited defeat.

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Too bad its RAM says otherwise.

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Yup, i can almost taste that " always on confirmation "

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Sure they can say oh dont worry always online will only be for " TV cable box mode " it wont be when it on " console mode " Now given M$ track record how many of you actually beleive it ? Ooh yes im sure they would never use the fact thats it always online to check what, how and when youre playing a game. So its basically a matter of trust if the nextbox is always online. How much do you trust M$ or for that matter any console maker ?

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Devs said this 80's throwback crap.

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Well glad thats settled, thanks Mr, Ballmer.

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Im terribly offended by the photo, everybody knows Jeebus wouldn't be rocking some shitty taped together headphones. Fuck, maybe one of apostles but not the big jefe.

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Then get ready to deal with losing gamers to other consoles, plain and simple. Only real question how many ? And if its substantial what will you do about ?

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Well they either gave him the boot for being a dbag and giving them a bad name, or for basically letting the cat out the bag. I think its both.

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Lol, yea im 100% sure MS would never take adavantage of it always being connected to check what youre playing, is it a copy of a game, is it a used game etc, etc. no this will be strictly for streaming tv and movies. No honestly, you can trust them.

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Much as i think MS is shooting themselves in the foot ( if always on rumors are true ) saying they should just up and get out of the videogame business is plain idiotic and based on nothing but rumors. Let Capatalism sort it out, you put out a bad product, you loose money, and if youre smart you fix it. If you dont you die. Period

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Dealwithit fanboy, 8 gig DDR5 > 8 DDR3 no matter what you say.

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Forget the devs, more importantly from M$, and apparantly it worked.

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Based on fact that MS nickel and dimes fir everything. Play online, using points to make it easier to get people to spend etc

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Yea , and no one is dumb enough to release a "smart phone " 5 years after everybody else has.

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