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Say what you will but at least theyre actually evolving the game by using a new game engine and developing both the SP and MP themselves. They could of easily just brought in another studio and thrown together a new SP campaign and some new MP maps and called a new game like some other devs do.

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Not sure about more Emotional but deff a much more realistic SP than COD's over the top the world is on the brink of all out war and its up to you to save it again story. The graphics where also a step above with being able blow limbs off bad guys with a well placed shotgun blast.

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Why give it away for free, when you can just tweak and rebuild parts from OLD maps and sell them as NEW ones ? Someone was too busy getting high instead of going to economics class. Mr.420

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Id wear that as a badge of honor and would put that in big letters on my websit. Yea we where blacklisted by Activision.

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Child please, itl be full of shovelware featurIng characters with no arms just lIke the Wii

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Played the demo and what a let down. Graphics are PS2 maybe 1st gen PS3 at best, the gameplay gets boring fast, the vehicles and people are not well modeled. This should have been a $20 dollar arcade PSN download game, not worth $60 . GTA 4 does vehicle combat better IMO.

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Yea, i think trophy whores are dumb, oooh look at me I got an icon of a trophy ! Woop de fucking doo. I git a picture of a $5000 dollar bill, so effin what ? Trophys where just invented to give dopes reasons to keep playing games. Tards

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MW2 was the last COD me and my freinds bought since then we switched to BadCo 2, and now BF3 and the next COD game i buy wont be till they actually come out with a real brand new game engine, wich probably means never giving their track record.

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My only hope is that they optmize Frostbite 2.0 to the fullest by the time MOH and Bad Co 3 drops since its still buggy in its current state. Bad Co 2 is still the better game in terms of overall balanced gameplay compared to BF3 in its current state.

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They should of had that RPG hit a building dead center and have nothing happen except leaving a black mark like in COD games.

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Yea and apparently putting a decent graphics engine in a game is also a waste from what the Twisted Metal demo I played looked like. Crap looked like a PS2 or very first gen PS3 game, wack.

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Another COD expansion pack, you don't say ! So this one will be COD Wack Ops 1.5 ? I'll pass thank you.

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I got friends who are big trophy whores, even buying crappy games just to get a trophy then getting rid of the game. I could give a rats ass.

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I just hope DICE learns from the mistakes in BF3 MP, and makes the MOH 2 MP that much better.

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Def Black 2 or MOH 2, Most likely Black 2.

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If BF3 was as good as Bad Co 2 in terms of overall balance and gameplay and mechanics then I would be the fist to sign up. BF3 is just to full of bugs and unbalanced weapons and crap for them to try and offer a subscription. I'm really hoping they iron the kinks in Frostbite 2 in time for MOH 2 and deff Bad Co 3, which I honestly will be 100% better than BF3. They just added way to much crap for the sake of adding it without really thinking it through. Hey DICE theres already a game out t...

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Ooh look, another catfish with a shotty, man u bever see that in BF3. Thanx DICE.

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Hey i got an idea, hows about fixing all the BS Like the OP shotty, MAV, Input Lag, and other assorted bugs first, then start thinking about new maps. If i wanted a busted ass FPS id go play Call O Doodie.

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Deff not worth $60, 25 used at the most. Graphics look like a 1st gen PS3 and the whole game just seems rushed, game play is repetative, the helis are cheap kill noob machines. GTA does vehicle warefare better.

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Yes old maps are coming to MW2.5 they will take pieces from here and there from past games and put them out as " NEW " maps. This is Lazyvision remember ?

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