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That would be interesting.

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This is looking to be heavily SH2 inspired. Which is good. But a new unique story. Thankfully!

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That would be a great deal. So you end up getting Extraction for free. Nice move on Sony's part. Bah, shame I get all multiplat games on 360. Same with Portal. Im torn!

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Much more reasonable than $10 per. Good to hear they are about 1 1/2 hours long too.

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Or you can continue to be a close minded SH fan and not give this guy a chance. His music is pretty good and if the series is so dead to you, dont play the games. Simple.

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Stop crying.

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People love to complain when they feel like their console ( their own shallow being) has been proven wrong or threatened. Man, you have to LOVE fanboys. Such a waste of human life.

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A HD version of Extraction sounds awesome. I just wont be getting Move :/

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If it performs better than Ill be getting it, but (from this image) it looks horrible. Looks like the bottom half is the new part. Big ass vent lines, some random bump at the bottom.

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I was expecting darker and grittier look too. It still looks rather cartoony. At least the fatalities look sick.

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"A sports star with powers"
Good job souring one of my favorite PS3 games. Ugh. Ill be watching heavily to make sure the new Cole isnt a complete D-bag.

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Broken comment system

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No shit its Hugh Laurie. I was saying no to Fillion, because Laurie looks just like Freeman.

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Nathan Fillion as Freeman? No. You cant deny this.

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Anyone could have faked this.

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The game is fantastic, but scary? Not really.

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I just want the game. Idc which console it appears on (would prefer the 360 or ps3). I just want to finish this awesome story.

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Um, it just says he wants to play 2. How is this any indicator let along a rumor?

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I found some decent replay value. Ive been looking for all the collectibles and achievements. DLC could make the game that much greater but it should be cheaper.

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