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Then congrats.

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That just goes to everyone. This gross display of breaking the rules is getting annoying.

I didn't mean to single you out.

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why don't any of you actually report the post that is a duplicate of this one? I don't get the rules here if they are never enforced.

This site is just a mess.

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It was just announced and contains near PS3 strength plus multiple forms of interaction.

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1. Her name is Heather Mason throughout the game.
2. She changes it back AFTER the events of the game.
3. The film may take creative liberties and not make her associated with Cheryl Mason.

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Survival horror is not synonymous with slow paced gameplay. Dead Space 2 very much requires survival. Play it on something higher than normal.

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He could be cloned

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0 was a good indication of how survival horror coop could work.

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The maturity your comment conveys truly proves to me that you understand SH, and are not just following what the elitists say to fit in with them.


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I guess you didn't read the very last bit of the post.

It's that type of thinking that damages the series. TS was hardly even a team. They were not some elite group, just a few alternating people. Akira being the only that lasted through 1-4, and he did the music.

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He's a troll, no logic comes with that lifestyle.

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Not many people have, but it's amazing. It was a sleeper hit, and now DS2 is GOTY material.

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Lol why you scared though?

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Shoo fly.

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It's not delayed people.

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Like Neckbear said. It's highly original, thats why people like it. Deadly premonition was amazing in my book as well, and it didn't sell everyone.

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Finally a name.

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