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Who cancels their preorder for a game because Valve is trying to have fun and get the game out earlier? People can be so f**king stupid.

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While that is great, this looks like it will be a great game that deserves to be a full game, 10 hours, retail. Hopefully it will be continued or something and we'll get a retail version eventually.

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Joke much?

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Wtf? Where was that said? Oh right, no where.

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You fanboys. What would the world be like without you?

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I would like a physical release more than anything. This game looks great.

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Exactly what it is. For fortune city.

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Well the last game did end saying his hunger was never satisfied. Maybe infected people get hungry more :P

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Capcom didn't release these. These are screencaps and probably scans. Pretty ugly.

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I'm not sure about that either, but I think the earlier the infection, the more agile the zombies are. Also, don't forget about crimson heads.

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I don't see why the USS would want to take him down.

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This would be 3rd person, I actually hope for an option for both.

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I want to have like a visual representation of the repercussions of your history altering actions. Like "What if" videos if Jill died, or any of the others.

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You call that video high quality? Have 720p.

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I think they are using this to test the action route for the RE series, while the smaller Revelations will test the survival horror route. They don't even know where to take the series.

It's possible they will go both ways with it. But to me, it seems like these games are all tests to see how RE6 should be.

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I'm fine with then new changes, but this sounds like a non-cannon side project. So what harm can it do?

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I was hoping for like $100....just $25 off? Boo.

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Last straw. No matter how good this game is, it is NOT a real sequel to Prey 2. Why not just change the title while you're at it?

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Your loss.

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I am disgusted that I have to share a world with people like you.

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