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No. that's Mr. Negative

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I believe it was called Sega Channel

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Perhaps even a fusion of Trunks and Tapion. They have a history. (trunks carries tapion's brave sword) And it WOULD explain the bright red hair...

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Google Future Trunks, and compare to the mystery character. The Mystery Character isn't just wearing a similar jacket, it's Trunks entire outfit! My guess is a new fusion. Future Gotenks? Future Trunks + Future Gohan?

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My guess is Prometheus. They cast a similar silhouette. Prometheus' costume motif is that of a knight, So the name Arkham Knight fits. Plus, there was a Prometheus reference in Arkham Asylum, and almost everyone that was referenced in Asylum appeared in later titles. With Prometheus, Maxie Zeus, and Great white shark being among the few the haven't yet.

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Invited, no code

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ordered mine on ebay from a random guy, 2 for $5. Same thing though, love them. my psn name on one and "guest" on the other.

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My vote is a redesigned Prometheus. He was one of many to be referenced in Asylum, most of which appeared in later games. Story theory: Look at the silhouette the knight casts. That can't be coincidence. I feel as if Hush (as Bruce) will be ruining the Wayne name, as the Knight ruins Batman's. And it would be a reason for the GCPD to be against you again.

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It looks like an updated Prometheus to me as well. Also remember Prometheus was one of quite a few villain Easter eggs in 'Asylum'. Most of whom have appeared in the later titles.

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After Greenberg poked fun at Sony for their promotion, no less.

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Epic name btw

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Looks like Ben Affleck in Agro

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Kids would likely not be the paying audience either.

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"Kids don't want a Final Fantasy VII remake"

Kids aren't the target audience, and they probably don't have the money to buy the game anyway. Who cares what they want?

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No problem.

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Agent 47, easily. Bond is too "human". Bond's ego alone would be enough to get him killed. Bond is flashy. He has to be seen. Announce he is there. Toy with his target, to get an emotional response. Agent 47 is mechanical, near perfect aim, minimal emotional ties... I'm a Bond fan, but I feel like he literally wouldn't see 47 coming.

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Halo games being milked is up for debate. But the Halo brand is most definitely. The moment I saw Halo Lego sets and Halo laser tag, I realized they were taking it too far.

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2 ps3s in the house. netflix works on both

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Blind Kenshi please

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the pricing for Move and the PS3 are wrong in that article.
$69 for move solo unit? PS3 consoles from $499? is there even a $499 PS3 on the market anymore?

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