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"The medium is the message."


Forza Motorsport 4

Gran Turismo 5

It's not THAT subjective. In fact, Forza 4 scored almost 10 points higher on average. GT5's premium car quality is nice, but I'd rather take that sort of qual... #1.1.5
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I guess most people didn't realize that the HD Zelda trailer shown for the Wii U was running in-engine.

Pretty sure the Wii U will be able to stand on it's own. #1.2.7
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From what I've garnered, KoA is actually a 20 hour story, with about 5 hours of sidequests. #7.4.1
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Really... the PS3 version of Doom 4 is going to have more data than the PC version, a copy of the game with an unlimited amount of space for data.

If that's the case, then it's obvious that id have consoles in mind. #1.1.14
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What's the reason to worry? Within the next 3 months the 360 is getting Max Payne 3, Soul Calibur 5, Mass Effect 3, The Darkness 2, Street Fighter x Tekken, and many more.

Im also confused by the fact that every year, no matter how many 360 exclusives come out, the same people always state the same "360 has no games" shpeel. Again, off the top off my head. Last year was filled with nothing but quality exclusives. Forza 4 (highest rated racing game), Gears 3, Hal... #4.2.1
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Skyrim on max settings does blow those games out of the water. However, most people on this site will disagree with you, because most people on this site have not actually experienced it on max settings at 1080p or higher outside of a YouTube video, which hardly qualifies as an experience.

Then when talking about mod support such as the 2k texture pack for skyrim...

ht... #5.1
Yes, there is a massive difference from Skyrim on ultra compared to the console versions. Then, with mod support, there's no competition. #3.1.2
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Ever since Squaresoft merged with Enix, the quality of the Final Fantasy franchise has been on a decline. FFX being the last Final Fantasy made by Squaresoft. From there on out, each game has progressively received a lower score, or close to that extent.

The quality games that have been put out by SE, aside from The World Ends With You and some old remakes, have been developed by other studios, and published by SE, such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution. #1.5.1
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Looking forward to a lot of those. This list is a little silly though. Only like... 4 titles on it actually have a release date. And Tales of Graces F isn't particularly an exclusive, but I'll still pick it up on PS3.

Take away Sly and Yakuza, and that's my list. Unfortunately, I doubt The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, Tales of Xillia, and Final Fantasy versus XIII will be released this year. #8.1
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Just because it's well-known doesn't mean it's good. I guarantee you it's popularity comes from the main character... #2.1.1
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There's few games that will actually drive me to buy a handheld. The top title being monster hunter.

The fact that monster hunter is a party action RPG of sorts, with Monster Hunter Tri 3D and Monster Hunter 4 being exclusive to the 3DS, this in my eyes is an awesome deal. I could get two 3DS' as gifts for the girlfriend and other friend and we could all play MHT3D and MH4 together.

Vita looks awesome, but I'm gonna hold off until there's more... #8
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As cool as the God of War series is, and how fun God of War 3 was, the story of the game felt rushed in a sense, and I'll be perfectly honest, the story of God of War is a little ridiculous in my opinion.

I want to see, with all the experience Santa Monica has behind the PS3, a new IP where they can show off their muscle. #1.1.1
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"I think she is the last teenager or female and her genes/DNA are the key to killing the virus so they have to travel 100's of miles to get her to a scientist so he can take her DNA and save mankind."

I hope that's not the plot of this. Off the top of my head, I Am Legend had the same storyline, and The Book of Eli had the same plot device. I hope there is no special cure. I hope that it truly represents the title of the game "The Last of Us", and... #1.1.4
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You know I gotta say, for a crazy idea, I'd like to see a sci-fi Zelda title, that takes place in the future and you travel to different planets.

Just a thought :/ #2.1
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Yeah I don't understand the logic that because the PS3 is more powerful than the 360, it somehow equates to the PS4 being more powerful than the new Xbox, even though a past generation should never be any indication of the next. #1.1.2
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"If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!"

-Skull Kid
Majora's Mask #4
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"quad core @ 3GHz, it is a fine possessor but not a huge leap over Sony's Cell processor (Sony might still have the lead)" Four independent cores are much more functional than a single core with 7 SPE's (6 available for gaming) that are dependent on a single core to execute all commands. Also, most PC games that you've noticed to stand out above the rest, such as The Witcher 2, Crysis, and Battlefield 3 all recommend a quad-core processor. The... #1.2.1
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Morrowind... bring me Morrowind on Skyrim's engine. Oh god how amazing that would be. #1.2
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First thing I thought was RuneScape.. #13
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Technically, you were screwed over. The only feature the old PS3's currently have over the new ones is that they're backwards compatible. However, because of the new pricepoint for the slimmer, quieter, cooler models with twice the amount of HDD space, it in all honesty was not worth the $599.99 pricepoint. I myself am an early adopter, and as cool as my fat, sleek PS3 with the touch sensitive buttons look... it's scratch prone, loud, freezes, and overpriced with a pitiful sized... #1.3.8
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