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It's a fact that it's the worst game YOU'VE played this gen, but it's obviously subjective in retrospect. I mean, they're making a second one. It's obviously not that bad to the mass public.

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"Better" would be subjective. I honestly believe that the Unreal Engine might be one of, if not the best engine made, for the simple fact that it's the most versatile engine out there that can produce the best results.

Other engines that are used in games such as Uncharted and Killzone have the ability to produce a higher quality product, but they're very limited in terms of their versatility.

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"Why should I have to plug in a controller in the first place?"

Lol so you can use it. I plug them into my console all the time! :P

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Not sure what PC's have to do with this article per-se, but there should be no inconvenience to a gaming platform that can use any controller and can hook up to any TV.

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Pretty much a "warper" I guess. Takes a lot more skill to not kill the foes in just about every game made.

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You're right. As an alternative, we should have GameStop go under and have hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs and turn North America into a true third world country.

At least we won't have to hear about GameStop, right?

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N4G boinked my comment.

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Why does Final Fantasy XI run on the PS2? It must be because RAM was never an issue right?

No, it's because the game had an incredibly short draw distance and character pop-in rate to prevent a bottleneck. Textures and shaders were greatly reduced. Ambient occlusion was basically non-existent, and the framerate was locked at 30 FPS.

And it's the same instance for the PS3 versions of these MMO's. It's the reason why the medium-low settings of...

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That doesn't help your case, though. Stating that the developers would have to either focus on resolution, or pixel count only stems from the fact that the console is reaching a bottleneck.

When Cage states "much more power", this would signify that there is some ancient power that hasn't been unlocked yet. ATI_Elite is correct in stating that they're only working to optimize their engines within the confines of the systems hardware capabilities.

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RAM costs are relevant to the socket. DDR2 is dirt cheap compared to DDR3, and a higher end card such as the GTX 500 (560+) series with 1 GB of GDDR5 can cost $250 minimum, which isn't "Dirt cheap". Also, RAM for a laptop may cost more than a desktop due to it being a proprietary product.

Also, one needs to factor in that the RAM in a console is going to be specifically designed to work with the console to work around imminent bottlenecks. Consoles are technic...

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"If you believe that people are disagreeing as part of some psychological ploy to "get a rise" then you have a lot to learn about people and psychology in general.

People are disagreeing out of jealousy and fan rage. Nothing more."

"And you would be wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. Period. End of argument. You are wrong. It's detestable that you would attempt to defend such lowbrow actions as anything except what they are. Pur...

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It's a shame that everyone is relating perks in Halo 4 to the perks in CoD. I mean come on... Halo is in a completely different time. The perks could actually be pretty damn cool to see.

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I'd take you seriously if you actually played Halo. Judging from the two shots you gave, neither of them related to Halo 4's new engine., or were even correct for that matter.

That is NOT ODST, that is a 100% in-game shot of Halo: Reach. ODST could not support that many enemies on screen at once, and nevermind the fact that some of the grunts in that shot were not even in ODST.

Also, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary did nothing more than run on the Re...

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I think it would be neat if he shouted out someone's name just once, but I think they should stick to the silent hero.

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"These images are taken directly from the engine, and are not bullshots – confirmed by 343 developer."

Right in the article.

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Okay, that's impressive. I thought Reach's character models were good... those are some serious high quality textures, as well as nigh perfect ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing.

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I can live with the Halo franchise not having a native 720p resolution. The micro-detail placed into Halo: Reach was a pretty big testament to what the Halo series can look like. Also, the incredible anti-aliasing and character models helped as well.

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As opposed to finding this info out from where else? You would be surprised in my statement that a lot of the big wiki pages are written by the companies themselves.

I guarantee you they're not going to let their name on a website and have false info spread about them.

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Pretty sure they were legally ruled as art with the court cases that have happened.

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