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Batman could. He's Batman. You can't be stopped when you're the god damn Batman.

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You guys really need to shut up and just wait. It's an interesting concept and damn will it be cool if it turns out to be good, but what with the track record of all of these "AAA exclusives", I'm not going to hold my breath.

Don't set yourself up for disappointment. Most of these games are utter garbage, whether it's developed by Sony or not. Superbot Entertainment doesn't exactly have a track record. In fact, isn't this their first game?

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You know, I like Naruto: Shippuden, alot... but there's no way I believe it's better than something like Ruroni Kenshin or Samurai X

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Lol yeah right. Microsoft's numbers are still higher than the PS3's by a good 10-20k a week. If a price drop happens, it's not going to be because of the PS3. In fact, the 360 outsold the PS3 for a good 14-16(?) months worldwide, and is possibly still on a roll.

Regarding Motorola and Microsoft, I can guarantee you Microsoft is not going to let the 360 shipments halt in the USA. Microsoft as a whole is worth more than Sony and Motorola combined.

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Sorry, but you sound sorely butthurt. Microsoft isn't "doing" anything. These ads are not taking away from Xbox LIVE in any manner. They will only generate more revenue for LIVE as a whole. If people want to enjoy the 360, and have more money than you do to pay for Xbox LIVE without having to bitch about it, then let them.

Problem solved. Stop trying to shove opinions and beliefs down peoples throats.

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Unfortunately, if it's Disgaea 3, I heard it wasn't that great in terms of it's storyline. :(

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Finally, an RPG for the Vita. Been waiting a while, now. Plus, there's a possibility that it's a Souls game? Even better.

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Yeah, I was about to say that I doubt Sony's audio quality competes with companies like Harmon Kardon and Sennheiser..

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No, the reason it hasn't been announced (and possibly won't be announced for a very long time) is to give incentive to customers to purchase the Prepare to Die edition on PC, since it will have already came out 11 months ago when it releases.

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Just because there are better deals out there for certain products that GameStop sells, doesn't mean GameStop is pointless.

It's all about convenience. Sure, you can sell your games on eBay and make a much larger profit than you would at GameStop, but you're also going to be waiting about 4-10x as long for said profit to occur. Most people don't want to wait that long, and they know that when they walk into GameStop to trade in something, that usually they...

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More people need to purchase this on Steam. Great game.

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"That's all I can see now really."

That's a pretty massive difference that not only affects gameplay, but the weapons, armor, and just about everything else.

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I honestly haven't touched mine that much recently, either. I'm waiting for more games, though, and it's murder...

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
Phantasy Star Online 2
Monster Hunter
Gravity Rush
Persona 4

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That... is pretty sick.

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Such subtle differences are somehow equating to massive bullshots. There's hardly any difference between the two. Also, some of the images look different for legitimate reasons:

2 different sets of armor:


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Who cares if 343 says this stuff or not? It's 7-8 months from release. Bungie was changing things for Reach all the way up until about 1-2 months until it's release date.

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"The very first thing to notice is the difference in quality between the helmet visors in the premier trailer and the final build. You'll see a very big drop in sheen and texture resolution. Notice the face models are really well done in the premiere trailer (and different from the final build), the lighting is or appears to be HDR, the ground textures are excellent (in comparison to the final build, at least). Oh and the animations are more weighty and realistic in the trailer."...

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How would you even know? Are you saying this based off of text you read on the internet about a game that's still 7-8 months from release?

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On sale at GameStop's for $29.99 right now.

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You are clearly butthurt.. and..


I'm going to assume you don't even own a gaming PC. If you did, you would know that 90% of all games released on the PC DO in fact look better than their console counterparts. Hurray for no proprietary hardware!

"most of the developers haven't maxed out the graphics this gen."

Yes they have. In fact, they did that a few years ago. ...

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