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"The medium is the message."


If I were to do this, I'd get him a 4gb 360 with Kinect, and a membership to Netflix. Using Kinect with netflix is a godsend for browsing, and my dad is a computer radio engineer, so he'd get a kick out of using Kinect as well. #1.1.10
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Regarding that first link; yeah right. That would exist in maybe the year 2015-2017, and if it is true, you'd have to expect to pay MORE than $600 for something like that.

That's not a logical move in anyway for Sony. #1.1.8
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Halo 4 out-pre-ordered every franchise on that list combined except for Assassin's Creed 3, in which case it was only 1594 pre-orders away from doing so.

Damn. #8
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This game actually looks pretty neat. #1
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Man, what are you talking about? All I said was "it's a damn game console". Is it not a game console? I don't know what all of this "double standard" stuff, let alone motion controls and this "what if" scenario has to do with my comment.

Sorry, but I don't see any child wanting to buy a book for their PS3, let alone sitting down for a couple of hours and actually playing it.

If I were to buy my children something cate... #2.2.8
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I'm gonna say it's more believable that they're holding off from the conferences in preperation for something new, rather than having nothing to show. #1.1.5
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No, I would buy them LeapFrog for their educational gaming needs, since its won many awards for it's educational properties. If anything, I would rather have my kids active while playing video games, so they're not laying down all the time.

The PS3 is losing direction if this is their attempt to cater to a young audience. #2.2.6
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You're in denial if you think a child, adolescent, or teenager will buy a book to play on their PS3. It's a damn game console, that plays video games. If they want a book, they'll buy an actual book.

Honestly, who would buy a book for their PS3 over a video game? #2.2.3
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If a ban happens, it means it is banned. And if it is banned for a piece of hardware inside of the console, it will result in either a massive fee being paid, or a recall from the market.

Both of those options can easily result in job layoffs. #7.1.2
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High textured AYUSS. #1.1.1
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This would ultimately result with job layoffs with Microsoft's internal studios. Why would you want something like that? #7.1
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Sony would put their IPs on Nintendo and Microsoft first. There's no loyalty or honor that Sony would try to maintain if they were going out of business.

And considering that Sony's game department focused solely on consoles and game handhelds, why on earth would they suddenly move all of their titles to a device they have hardly touched?

There's no logic in that. #12.1.4
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You're comment doesn't even make sense.

"Arnon, I don't give a damn about Sony, and I'm actually rather confused that you mentioned the company at all"

Because your comment is in reference to Halo4's which is commenting on Sony's lack of originality, therefore you are either directly or indirectly standing for Sony by telling your audience Microsoft's lack of originality?

"They're the same game,... #5.10.3
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How are those two games related aside from the word "Sport"?

If anything, you should've put Sports Champions in place of Kinect Sports since they both use remotes to play. Oh wait, that's a Sony game. They don't copy people. Sorry, forgot.

Sony has blatantly tried to copy all of Nintendo's recent successes with all of them performing well under what they were hoping for. PlayStation Move, Sports Champions, LBP Karting (lets face it,... #5.10.1
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I'm confused here. You're stating that if they only develop for the PC, it can only cater to a small percentage of players because of it's graphics. That would be the case if graphical settings were static and could not be customized. Building ANYTHING on the PC caters to ANYONE who has an entry level gaming computer, which is a LARGE demographic.

Just because Crysis looks better on the PC, doesn't mean it has to be played on max settings. Hell, medium setting... #1.3.1
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Why would anyone believe what you just said when Microsoft offered countless warranties to get not only your 360 repaired, but replaced with a new one for free (happened with me)?

You bought all 3 of them new and never used the warranties? That's your own stupid fault. #17.1.1
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Then it has to be a FACT that the PS3 is a shooter console as well, since its top selling games (meaning the most players on said games) are shooter titles.

Drop this double standard already. Its been 6-7 years now and you guys still pull this dumb crap. #5.1.3
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You should re-read your own statement, because that's not what you said in your first comment.


"If it was not for Atari 2600, there would be no Nintendo"

You got owned, lol. #1.4.6
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"I am disappoint" is an internet meme statement created on 4chan.

It's meant to sound gramatically incorrect. #27.1
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"They have a pretty good up coming lineup."

They have the potential to have a good line-up. Ni No Kuni is something I'm interested in, but I doubt it's going to be a box office smash hit. Same with LBP Karting (not sure why this is even being made since you can make a karting game IN Little Big Planet). I wouldn't say Sly will be a smash either, and Battle Royale actually left me feeling disappointed, especially with how linear the levels felt, but the f... #20.1
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