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I would call that an achievement. However, such a thing was met due to a heavy attempt at attaining it (Sony, on the other hand, has done virtually nothing to be in the position they're in). Microsoft isn't particularly in a position to continue dropping the price, releasing bundles and offering heavily discounted deals through specific retailers. At least, not if they want this generation to be lucrative for both themselves and shareholders.


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So far, having a Wii U and PS4 has been one of the greatest combinations of gaming consoles that I've ever owned. They've provided nearly everything I want outside of PC titles (and I have one for those, too).

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Unless Microsoft plans to drop the price every month, it's most likely not going to happen. If you think about it, Sony actually hasn't done a single thing to create this gap outside of saying, "Here's a PS4. Here's the games you'll get with it. Here's the free games you'll get with PS+. Enjoy!"

In actuality, from simply judging that the PS4 has had no price drops, and hardly any deals or bundles, it's looking bleak for the Xbox, espe...

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Good on Microsoft for competing heavily.

However, I'm still confused. Do those who state their beliefs that the XBOX One will catch up think that the PlayStation 4 no longer exists? It seems the logic being derived from such a statement only serves Microsoft if the XBOX One was in a vacuum with no competition, that is, the PlayStation 4 suddenly disappears for its sales to halt and allow the XBOX One to catch up.

And yet, it seems ignorant to state such a...

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I guess if Microsoft existed within a vacuum and had no competition after December, then sure. However, Sony exists, and will have equal opportunity to do whatever they please with their console, including dropping it in price.

*Logically* (actual logic...), most likely, this is a rare occasion that you won't see often.

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I'd buy that black faceplate, open the ps4 and attach white LED circuits to the motherboard that would sit underneath the plate and would have them fade in with "PS4".

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The reason reviewers were able to give lower scores to this game (even though they enjoyed the beta) is due to the fact that a beta is not a full game. In fact, the beta was designed to entice you into buying the full game, as only a fraction of content was available for it, and therefore gave the impression of a complete game, which it was for what it was. However that should not necessitate an indication to the quality of the game in its entirety.

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Insulting an entire group of people for personal choice does not hold grounds for taking one seriously. Also, at least know about cannabis before making such claims about it having some sort of extremely negative cognitive impact.

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There is zero logic when buying an xbox one over a PS4. And that's not even a fanboy comment. It's just smart consumerism.

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I still have Xbones in my store. PS4 however is always sold out, and for every one phone call I get for Xbox one, I receive 10 for PS4. They're not flying off the shelves.

Lady actually walked in today and said "well, if you're out of ps4's I might as well get him something. An Xbox is better than nothing..."


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We would end up with a Crash Bandicoot Kinect game, or a "Crash and Rebuild". I shudder at such the thought..

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Keep hoping. So far the Xbox one isn't particularly a next gen gaming system when compared.

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A frustrating approach to a silent task. A remote would handle this in half the time...

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Why are you on a gaming website, then? Go buy an Apple TV. It's a sad day when gaming is reduced to acknowledging everything but gaming.

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Your thumbs are supposed to sit on the analog sticks. You're not supposed to dig your nails into them. There's no logical reason that the sticks would just fall apart aside from incorrect usage.

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Doesn't the PS4 do dedicated servers, multitasking, and enhanced/extended controls?

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They're catering to the same consumers. That's why they're in the same market competing against each other.

Better is relevant to a number of things, such as which games you prefer, which online service you prefer, which controller you prefer, which company background you prefer, etc.

However in terms of speaking strictly about the consoles, with which one having more bang for your buck, one can be, and IS better than the other.

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Just sold my Vita and my 360 to pay off a PS4 with an extra controller and Killzone. Looks like I made the right decision, because I'll definitely pick up a Vita again when PSO2 comes out.

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This is really exciting. Demon's Souls & Dark Souls were some of my favorites. I cannot wait for my PS4...

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Ah, Flower. One of my favorite games of last gen.

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