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"The medium is the message."


Your thumbs are supposed to sit on the analog sticks. You're not supposed to dig your nails into them. There's no logical reason that the sticks would just fall apart aside from incorrect usage. #8.1.3
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Doesn't the PS4 do dedicated servers, multitasking, and enhanced/extended controls? #14.3
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They're catering to the same consumers. That's why they're in the same market competing against each other.

Better is relevant to a number of things, such as which games you prefer, which online service you prefer, which controller you prefer, which company background you prefer, etc.

However in terms of speaking strictly about the consoles, with which one having more bang for your buck, one can be, and IS better than the other. #10.2
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Just sold my Vita and my 360 to pay off a PS4 with an extra controller and Killzone. Looks like I made the right decision, because I'll definitely pick up a Vita again when PSO2 comes out. #1.1.4
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This is really exciting. Demon's Souls & Dark Souls were some of my favorites. I cannot wait for my PS4... #1.19
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Ah, Flower. One of my favorite games of last gen. #1.5
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Avatar does not look amazing for it's lighting alone... The $500m budget also contributes to it, with state of the art production technology.

I highly doubt the PS4 or Next Xbox will have quality anywhere near that movie. Believe me, you will still be able to tell that it's a video game, next gen. #
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Or not. #1.1
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Honestly I don't expect much from either of the 3 companies at this point, due to how long they've been in this generation. However, it's really nice to see Sony focusing on the Vita a bit. #12
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They can't do Crash or Spyro without paying Activision some stupid amount of money. Crok and Gex would be sick. #12.1
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Kickstarter works with pledges, not donations, so no... people are not being "scammed" out of their money. #1.2
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Gawdayum... #9
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I am a PC gamer. The reach engine, which is partially used for Halo 4, incorporated an extreme amount of behind-the-scene's tricks to make the game look great. Very little aliasing was apparent throughout the entire campaign. I have no doubt the same can be said for Halo 4. #6.1.6
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Sorry, angels3785, but the image in the article is on a PC. NO game looks like that on consoles with that level of anti-aliasing, shader quality, and ambient occlusion. Especially when that image was captured at 1761x863.

If Halo 4 were to be made on the CryEngine 3 for consoles only, it wouldn't have this type of fidelity. However, for the time being, I believe Halo 4 is looking pretty damn good.

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I'm glad to see that the big names are considering all of this. Cloud gaming has a lot of potential. #2.2
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No, that's a bad idea. They would definitely need their new console to release before, or during the holidays.

The 04/04/2014 is a neat idea, but in a real world situation it wouldn't rake in enough profit in a month like April. Now, what they could do, is release the PS4 before the holiday of 2013, and announce and or release those games on 4/4/14, and have games like Little Big Planet 3, inFAMOUS 3, etc. in 2013. #8.2.2
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It will be equivalent to technology from 2010-2011 most likely. Consoles, usually, have technology that's a bit dated to allow developers to know what they're working with.

That's not to say, however, that because it's technology will be a year or so behind, doesn't mean it's games will look bad. If it DOES have a GPU equivalent from 2010-2011, it's games will look phenomenal, provided that they throw in enough RAM to not have it bottleneck. #6.1.2
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All you have to do is a litle research. #2.1.3
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My top 360 titles would be

Alan Wake
Lost Odyssey
Gears of War
Blue Dragon
Mass Effect
Splinter Cell Conviction
Dead Rising
Deadly Premonition (Yes, it's really good)
Geometry Wars 2
Earth Defense Force 2017
Fable 2
Ninja Gaiden 2 (I consider the 360 version an exclusive in it's own right) #1.2.5
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If I were to do this, I'd get him a 4gb 360 with Kinect, and a membership to Netflix. Using Kinect with netflix is a godsend for browsing, and my dad is a computer radio engineer, so he'd get a kick out of using Kinect as well. #1.1.10
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