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"The medium is the message."


I'm confused here. You're stating that if they only develop for the PC, it can only cater to a small percentage of players because of it's graphics. That would be the case if graphical settings were static and could not be customized. Building ANYTHING on the PC caters to ANYONE who has an entry level gaming computer, which is a LARGE demographic.

Just because Crysis looks better on the PC, doesn't mean it has to be played on max settings. Hell, medium setting... #1.3.1
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Why would anyone believe what you just said when Microsoft offered countless warranties to get not only your 360 repaired, but replaced with a new one for free (happened with me)?

You bought all 3 of them new and never used the warranties? That's your own stupid fault. #17.1.1
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Then it has to be a FACT that the PS3 is a shooter console as well, since its top selling games (meaning the most players on said games) are shooter titles.

Drop this double standard already. Its been 6-7 years now and you guys still pull this dumb crap. #5.1.3
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You should re-read your own statement, because that's not what you said in your first comment.


"If it was not for Atari 2600, there would be no Nintendo"

You got owned, lol. #1.4.6
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"I am disappoint" is an internet meme statement created on 4chan.

It's meant to sound gramatically incorrect. #27.1
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"They have a pretty good up coming lineup."

They have the potential to have a good line-up. Ni No Kuni is something I'm interested in, but I doubt it's going to be a box office smash hit. Same with LBP Karting (not sure why this is even being made since you can make a karting game IN Little Big Planet). I wouldn't say Sly will be a smash either, and Battle Royale actually left me feeling disappointed, especially with how linear the levels felt, but the f... #20.1
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It's big for the Vita, but as an all-around announcement, it's not anything spectacular. Most people would rather purchase CoD on the home console rather than going out and spending $300~ for a Vita + CoD. #1.5.1
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I loved seeing Microsoft's core titles, and even Kinect looked a little better, but I'm fairly sure EVERYONE is anticipating Nintendo with their new console.

It's going... to be sick... #9
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I feel weird saying this, but I think Halo 4 actually looks graphically nicer than any Gears game. I'm glad, and shocked at the same time #2.1
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Both of them have gone down the crapper. I've actually downloaded IE9 and it's been working wonders without any crashes as opposed to my Chrome browser. #6.1.3
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You do know that Nintendo was founded in 1889, making Hanafuda playing cards, right?

You have an ironic name. #1.4.4
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Maybe, but the Vita cannot generate a resolution that's greater than the entire handheld itself. This is in fact a major bullshot, that has some serious anti-aliasing if it looks that clean, that large. #10.2.1
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Considering the image is an extreme bullshot (You know, since it's much larger than the Vita handheld, itself), it's probably not an accurate representation of what the game will look like. After I purchased Mortal Kombat Vita, I don't trust anything that will be hitting the handheld until I can personally view it. #10
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"with a next-gen console that has...current-gen specs?!"

Considering it will be the only console WITH current gen specs, yes it is next-gen. It will run at higher native resolutions than any other console currently. It WILL have higher polygon counts on it's games (You're literally biased to say otherwise if it has CURRENT-gen specs).

It's not exactly hard to outperform a PS3 or a 360 with hardware of 2012. #9.2
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Yes, Target does sell dead things. I own a Vita as well, but this thing is just lagging behind with a very limited library, features that were overhyped and are instead somewhat gimmicky for the games (Mortal Kombat Vita is a good example), features that are hardly EVER used, such as the back touch pad (this could have been removed from the system all together).

Cool piece of technology, but it's limited and has very little support. And yes, the PSP does sell better than... #13.1.2
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"The PS Vita's GPU is a future proof nightmare beast. It should have no problem displaying Full HD games."

Hahahaha... Thats cute.

Also, expect a massive downgrade to AC3 on the Vita, if the trailers seen were actually in-game. Hell, Mortal Kombat on the vita looks like garbage compared to the console version, and I own them both. (proof can be shown if needed)

Also, LOGICWINS in no way attacked the vita, but you people are way... #1.1.10
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More like developers want to cater to consoles that are 6 to 7 years old because it is a good market for revenue, therefore a lot of the PC titles are shafted as console ports. This has been proven with Battlefield 3, as it was developed from the ground up on the PC, and it most certainly looks "next gen".

Any remotely good $150 GPU in today's age would be sufficient enough to generate a significant difference. That, and more RAM. #1.8.3
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"It can when you stream textures from disc ala Unchartered, and more so if you can make that process more efficient!"

Aren't games in general streamed from a disc? And to be perfectly honest. I would much rather prefer Uncharted being installed than streaming. You ever skip a custcene in that game?... #5.1.3
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They've been out for 6 to 7 years. Do you actually believe that there would NOT be a significant upgrade? How much longer do you want to wait? #1.8.1
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"One developer working on Wii U, who wished to remain anonymous, told Eurogamer Wii U ports will at best look as good as PS3 and Xbox 360 games."

Lol... an anonymous developer. #1.1.4
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