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All of them, or as many as possible. No reason to limit the library, even if there are titles that aren't well received.

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I know this might shock you, but developers don't make games *entirely* for your enjoyment. And pointing out these flaws is not an indication that one isn't having fun. Rather, making note of such things makes more gamers aware of certain tricks implemented in games that either make you play them longer or make it seem like a justified purchase, which in turn leads to gamers being more careful with their wallets, and forcing such tricks out of the market (i...

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I understand the goal of allowing one to enter a mission from any angle, but I'm not sure they really took into account how this would change the formula of the game.

One of the reasons every metal gear has had a challenge is because you start at a specific point in a level and have to navigate through it, thus making the difficulty easy to set. However, when you allow the person to enter the game area from any angle they choose, the most that can be done is have the AI w...

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I was thinking the same thing.

First off, those who wish to support it will eventually buy the game twice, which seems a little unethical towards the fanbase. And second, if they simply made the game digital and physical from the get-go, it would be inherent that they would generate *more* sales than just having a single method of distribution (i.e. digital).

Also, if they decide to go this route, there's no say how much revenue the physical copies will g...

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Maybe when it first released. It only takes a few seconds now.

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This will make the game a hit or miss with critics. One of the most long-standing features and reasons for selling the game has bee its split-screen multiplayer mode.

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Just make the GameCube 2 with wavebird controllers as the standard.

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"Microsoft has *insert any one of their franchises that gets released every year*."


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A larger selection to choose from? The potentiality of having more enjoyable experiences? The chance of discovering new franchises? The ability to not complain that you don't have something to play? Also, how would you know that you would only be enjoying 3-4 games on a list of 30? What if it turns out that you enjoy 20 out of 30? Or 30 out of 30? The more big-name games you have to play, the greater the chances of increasing your enjoyment on the console. Come on LOGICWINS, use logic.

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If playing games that you played 10 years ago is the megaton announcement, then you should probably ask yourself if you bought that thing to play new games, or old ones. Why would someone drop $400 to play games from a decade ago, when they can spend $50 to do the same thing? That's horribly unreasonable.

It also seems like they didn't have anything else to offer, so they compensated and offered the *potential* (since it's up to the developers to add support) to p...

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It sounds to me like release dates for games are more important for you than the games themselves, which comes off as a desperate comment:

"I shouldn't care about these games if I don't know their exact release dates."

That's silly. It's about the game's first and foremost. Not their release dates. Hell, there wouldn't even *be* release dates without the game announcements. Let's be honest. Game conferences are about the ...

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You probably wouldn't understand (nor would you be much of a gamer) if you haven't played their previous titles. I suggest starting there to figure out why people want it.

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The Last Guardian
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Hitman (exclusive content)
Street Fighter V
No Man's Sky
Destiny Expansion (exclusive content)
World of Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy 7 remake
Mother Russia Bleeds
Crossing Souls
Shenmue 3
Batman: Arkham Knight (with exclusive gameplay missions)
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (and Playstation b...

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Which means its impact was far greater than Crytek's titles since people still talk about it.

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ICO - 90
Shadow of the Colossus - 91

Crysis 1 did the best due to its graphical prowess combined with open-world gameplay and a decent story. However, most games can do that now. People want The Last Guardian because the games produced by the team are wholly original and have not failed to disappoint to the masses (unlike Crytek).

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Unless society is based on a Left Libertarian egalitarianism, you can't have rights to something you don't own.

Off-topic @genuine

What does it mean to have a *physical* right? Are rights physical?

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Crazy Taxi, All Tekkens, All Street Fighters, Soul Edge, Rampage, Ehrgeiz.

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From my understanding it was confirmed as a timed-exclusive a few months ago. Bet it'll be fun.

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I'm confused, isn't the game's sense of achievement met through the game's difficulty? If not, then what is the achievement? If it is, then if the achievement is higher, so is the difficulty...

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It's a beautiful concept video, but I'm skeptical in regards to it's entertainment aspects, especially those in the field of gaming.

For instance,
-Do I need to walk everywhere to interact with a game?
-Will this come with some sort of treadmill to move through worlds?
-If it's AR and not VR, how will a game even work with it unless it's only a "creating", "top-down strategy" or "point and click" game? ...

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