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"The medium is the message."


Did I ever say that any of the games mentioned were exclusive in previous iterations? Nope. All titles mentioned above were exclusive to the PS3. I didn't say Star Ocean 1. I said Star Ocean 4.`

"12) L.A. Noire (funded intitially by SCEA, it has since dropped off the radar, so let's just ignore this one, 'mkay?)"

lets ignore it? lulz. Seriously?.. This game has just as much credibility as all the others. And again, every title mentioned was a PS3 exclusive... #3.5
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What does a higher standard of development have to do with ANYTHING.

Fable 2 was marketed

Little Big Planet was not #13.3
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Oh jeez...

Hey everybody! No more posting links! It makes you a tool and means you are stupid and have no opinion of your own!

fail. #67.1
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Lolol.. look at all the disagrees and no actual reasons why. #52.3
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>.> #1.15
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Lulz #104
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Morgan, you really are childish.. And now I KNOW you haven't played 4 maps because for 2 reasons.

1. Microsoft and EPIC are still under contract.. and SINCE they are still under contract, those maps would be illegally made, and EPIC could go out of business. Not to mention the only way a port is happening is if it is being made by another company.

2. Not only is MGS's logo on the front cover of the box, it's also in the game itself. I understand that your ego is so m... #1.17
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Morgan.. you're entire look on this is flawed..

1. If it is true, then why not just post it to big sites so they all know?

2. Microsoft is still under contract with EPIC. It is virtually impossible for those maps to come from EPIC, as they WOULD be breaking their contract. Do you know what that means? Please tell me you do.. It means that since they are under CONTRACT, those maps would be illegally breaking the CONTRACT since the CONTRACT is not OVER. Not to mentio... #1.39
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"You do not understand a publishing logo. It isn't illegal. It only means that for that period of time, that company is publishing that game for a certain platform. Unless a company paid for exclusive publishing (and a logo does not signify that) there is nothing to stop another publisher from providing the game to another platform or even to the same platform. That is the law. Do some research next time."

Really, now?! Did you know that Microsoft had published BioShock... #1.35
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Except.. Cliff B. stated HIMSELF that Microsoft owns the rights to Gears 1 and 2. #1.34
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I'm not missing anything.. there's a lot you are missing though. Not one game with a Microsoft Publishing Logo has ever gone to another console.. know why? It's illegal unless Microsoft gives them the rights. Now mind you.. I said PUBLISHING LOGO, not "Only on Xbox 360" logo. Another thing to mention is that your logic is def. flawed when you say they didn't have to money to purchase publishing rights to Gears of War 2 yet again.. their logo is right on the front cover lulz.
... #1.30
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"Things are going to be rough for you in your young life when this goes public. Even if you never visit this site again when you hear about it, and you will, you are going to think of me and gnash your teeth in anger. I will be laughing.

I will be laughing because I know what kind of resources Epic has committed to this project. Most of developers on that forum understand. The difference is I am the first one to say something about it.

You don't do what Epic has... #1.26
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It also has a higher score than Little Big Planet and MGS4.. which are the only 2 exclusives on metacritic for the PS3 with a score higher than a 90. #5.4
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"It just makes it a high rated game that people who frequent gaming sites will buy"

= System Seller

Fail. #2.27
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