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* Three New “Halo 3” Multiplayer Maps – Be one of the first to experience the Mythic Map Pack* which includes three new maps, “Assembly,” “Orbital” and “Sandbox”
* Halo Wars: Genesis – a beautiful graphic novel by Phil Noto chronicling the first military campaign against the Covenant. The novel centers around the Sprit of Fire on a mission to discover why the Covenant are so interested in the world of Harvest
* Unique In-game Vehicle – “Honor Guard” Wraith
* Six ...

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Huh?... building and defending were very much in the demo. And it was the easiest thing I have ever done within a RTS. The D-Pad lets you cycle through various things such as base's, squads, god options, etc. And base building is as simple as pressing A. Literally..

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I spent over an hour just playing around with my base's. I literally spent over 2 hours on the 2 campaign missions. I haven't even touched the other modes yet. It's def. a day 1 buy for me.


That's not a very good use of logic, my friend. Comparing Halo Wars to PC RTS games is not even fair. But I can say, that Halo Wars' controls are easier than some PC RTS games. Which is a major accomplishment.

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I'm sorry, but the Killzone 2 demo, as amazing as it is, was meant to just purely show off the graphics. That was, literally, the shortest demo I have ever played in my life. It was probably 10-15min. And even though I played it about 5-6 times, I feel like ugh... they could have at least thrown in the multi-player component. Or even a harder difficulty rofl.

Trust me Fishy... the Halo Wars demo is very enjoyable. It comes with 2 campaign missions, Skirmish mode, and Multiplayer mo...

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You do realize that the 360 outputs 1080p. Anyone who says otherwise by bringing up HDMI is a fool. HDMI is not needed to output 1080p. It's just another form of HD. I can output 1080p with component cables on my PS3 and 360.

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*Sigh* The title of this article should be changed. It is stating that EA is saying that Mass Effect on the PS3 is a necessity. Yet, in the article, it's some mans opinion of the same thing people have been discussing for the past week or so.

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I swear to god, you guys are f*cking morons. If you were to actually click on the video to bring yourself to youtube, you would realize that the guy making the video has no relation to the moron writing the "bad news" about Killzone 2. Hell.. doing these things are SO damn fun. And only someone like a Sony fan would take something fun and turn it into a hate crime. Doing this in Halo 2 was fantastic.

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In all honesty.. the Halo Wars demo has a lot of replay value.. it comes packed with a skirmish mode and a online mode. The Killzone 2 demo was there to purely make you look at graphics. And yes, it was sexy as all hell.

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This sort of thing was the main glitch within Halo 2. Half of the maps you could get out of and walk around and enjoy the scenery.

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It would have to be fully remade, due to the fact it was built from the ground up on the 360 and the controls are built for the 360 controller. Also Ensemble Studios is not around anymore.. they only have a in-house studio from them for Halo Wars DLC.

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The very opening is what got my excited. The sad and depressing music that Halo gives off but at the same time etches itself into your memories plays.


Controls - Very intuitive. Great tutorials that get you going and are to the point. Very engaging and can be picked up by anyone. It's pretty much the RTS version of Halo is all. Halo was very easy to pick up and learn.

Sound - Great voice acting and intense battle music. Really good sound effects. ...

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Really? I wasn't aware that Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Audiosurf, etc. all relate to Half-Life!

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Killzone 2 is The Orange Box' b*tch.. well.. Valve's b*tch for that matter. Valve is just one of those companies that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you hear about a new game from them in development.

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Too bad Sony doesn't pay for any kind of exclusivity.


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100% on that as well.. Half Life 2 > Killzone 2. Sorry, but someone is going to have to prove me wrong. And it's going to have to be something not relating to graphics.

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Sales figures disagree.

Xbox 360 software sales equates to more than the Wii and PS3 combined.

Xbox 360 software attach ratio is 8.1+ games per console. PS3 software attach ratio is around 3-4.

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Halo Wars is going to curb stomp this fool. Every person who has played it, every preview, every website, every magazine, etc. has said it is set to redefine Console RTS games. Not to mention it already has it's first score of a 9/10 from the very strict reviewing magazine OXM, which even gave Gears of War 2 a 9/10.

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Lulz.. that was funny XD

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I think Llort here is starting to feel threatened by Halo Wars lulz.

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Kim, OXM is very strict on their reviews. They gave Gears of War 2 a 9/10 as well I believe considering the hype around such a game.

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