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"but keep in mind that updates are coming"

So what you're saying, is that Xbox LIVE will never update again to make itself better? It is at the peak of being the online service? Seriously?

Things that will be added to Xbox Live this year:

Xbox LIVE Primetime - A service that uses the avatar function to play games with thousands at once to win real life prizes.

Xbox LIVE Theater - A service that allows the user to view a Netflix movie...

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"$50 a year is a lot! If you think about it, within 8 years, you could have enough to buy a PS3!"

Do you guys realize how ridiculous you sound? Rofl..

Some guy above me said "Within 4 years, that equates to as much as a arcade 360!" DO YOU REALIZE HOW LONG 4 YEARS IS? Ahahahaha.

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Halo has always had the best cinematic cutscenes. It all started with the Halo 3 superbowl ad.

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That's ownage.

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The masses speak differently, and the Xbox 360 wins in all grounds with software quality and sales. Just look at the games listed above 90% on metacritic.

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Valve MADE the game, it's their decision rofl.. They wouldn't be laughing off all of the rumors if they didn't have a say in the matter.

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The Left 4 Dead port was posted in the rumormill of Official Playstation Magazine and was claimed to be 100% false by Valve themselves.

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Favorite 360 exclusives:

-Gears of War Series
-Ninja Gaiden 2
-Tales of Vesperia
-Lost Odyssey
-Fable 2
-Halo Series
-Left 4 Dead
-Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Severely Underrated. Pure fun)
-Forza Motorsport 2
-Mass Effect
-A Megaton of XBLA Games

In all honesty.. I hate the term exclusive, because I wish all games could be played by everyone. The sad part is, is that it wont happen =/

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Halo Wars demo available to all February 12th.

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"So you rather take Metacritic, which puts mostly scores from sites whose revenue depends on the businesses (i.e. paid lobbyists) than actually honest sites whose traffic depends on the quality of their work rather than the strength of their corporation? Good job numbnuts, you missed the whole point anyway, because I clearly implied that review scores ultimately mean jack sh1t. I guess some people are just too dense."

LOL. You're calling me a dense numbnuts because I wo...

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Just saying... but you should totally try out Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.. It's damn fun, and I place it's graphical qualities up there with Gears of War.

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They had $60 million actually, and we know because it was stated many times.

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"Anyway, Killzone 2 has about 125 reviews down here at N4G and has a 9.3 average. On the other hand, Halo has about 40 reviews and a 8.9 average. Why don't you Halo fanboys gather as many reviews as you can to crank up that score? Hell, go to metacritic and put only the best scores here, it might as well reach Killzone 2 quality, because everyone knows that reviews matter more than the actual game. Oh wait."

Lol. Yeah, lets take all the backwoods scores from sites that ...

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LOL... Spike is so delusional he thinks if the PS3's price were to drop, it would have a higher overall number than the Wii... oh lawdy lawd.

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Durr I don't know.. tell me 1 reason why it is good?

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Really now.. is that why you MADE an account based around them?

God.. you are the biggest failure I have seen so far. Who's separate account is this now? I mean, it's a known fact that every PS3 fan on here has at least 2 accounts that use for the site.

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Just as terrible as Metal Gear Online... nah, pretty sure it dominates that.

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Sorry, wut? Pretty sure that lime on your head is causing citric acid to drip into your brain. There's been about 2-4 updates that have caused serious PS3 malfunctions.

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magicman, please, shut up. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Yay for being a lemming. The update was like 2 lines of coding. There is literally no way in hell that it can cause RROD. If you are to experience the problem, it is most likely a coincidence.

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