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So it's a hassle to upgrade your PC, but not your console? You don't *have* to upgrade your PC on a yearly basis just as you don't *have* to upgrade your console on a yearly basis. Games will still run just fine on PC hardware that is 5 years old.

The only reason a console lasts that long and plays every game that comes out on it at the same settings is because developers *have* to make their games work on limited hardware. But just because developers aren't...

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The video has been removed from public viewing which gives us enough information to make a reasonable judgment regarding what might have happened:

1. EA made the video and gave it to Sony.
2. Sony uploaded the video without noticing the photo-shopped image because:
--a) they have a lot of videos to upload
--b) they expect that EA wouldn't hand them something half-assed requiring them to carefully watch it.
3. Sony removed the video af...

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What's fair and not fair is irrelevant. If it's "console exclusive" - regardless of the console that it's on - then it's not *actually* exclusive.

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I agree, with MS changing their policies so that all Xbox games are on PC, I'll just stick with my PC.


The article is regarding the game as being a reason to buy the console. Thekhurg brought his point up because if you already have a PC capable of playing these games, then Crackdown 3 isn't necessarily a console seller since you can get the game elsewhere.

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Just download more RAM from the switch store, should get it to 60 FPS.

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17 million units by 2021 equals to 5.66 million units a year if we're starting with the beginning of 2018 (if not, then it's less than 5.66m), which isn't saying much. I think Microsoft would find it worrying if they couldn't keep that up.

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The phrase "console exclusive" literally means "Can be played on multiple platforms of hardware except for 'X', where 'X' = any hardware that cannot play the game.

If you can't say that it's exclusive to PC, then you can't say it's exclusive to consoles. The same game running on different platforms of hardware is considered inclusive or partially inclusive.

Random philosophical side note about video game excl...

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The androids were neat, but I wish they would have had more variety in their models. You have rolling droid, small droid, big droid and flying droid. I found myself having trouble motivating myself to get to the Swarm because it just felt like the android bit never ended.

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But it's... not a beast. It's less powerful than a GTX 1070 and has a processor clocked at 2.3 GHz. That's not beast status at all.

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"With an Xbox version to follow" is a statement catered too heavily towards guaranteeing an Xbox release. At the most, he could have stated "we'll see how the game does and later there might actually be an Xbox release"... which is essentially what he said.

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Lol what?

If you had a PC that had 16 GB of DDR4 and a GTX 1070, you would have a far more powerful device than an XBX. First of all, a GTX 1070 has 6.5 teraflops, not 6 teraflops. Furthermore, the card itself has 8 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory and then you're adding another 16 GB of DDR4 which is far more memory than the XBX.

Also, the XBX has a processor clocked at 2.3 GHz, and if anyone is building a PC, pretty much any processor at this point is a...

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Hearing the news regarding the PC version was wonderful.

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Like I said, there will be compromises. No console can run a game on high settings/4K/60 FPS unless the game itself uses little resources (2.5D platformers for instance).

Having a lower resolution so as to grant higher performance settings and 60 FPS is probably better than a 4K resolution that has the detail of its image compromised due to bottlenecking. Yes, it will be a higher resolution, but the level of detail will be low. It's a bad example since we're talking...

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One of the main reasons a larger SSD is so expensive is because it will eventually become the new medium for data storage, mostly due to very obvious reasons such as no moving parts, being quieter, having less energy consumption and being faster in boot times for nearly anything written to it. Also, they last a very long time. If you were to write 20 GB on it a day it would last roughly 187.5 years. If you were to write 100 GB a day it would last 18.75 years. A regul...

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@frostypants Actually, I thought about the design for a few months (hence why the computer runs like a beast) because I was looking for a workstation/gaming rig that I could future-proof. Furthermore, the cooler to the CPU is an essential part of the computer and will determine the amount of stress that can be placed on the processor before bottlenecking; the longer the CPU can stay cool, the better!

Also, considering that the GPU is $700 alone, that's an inaccurate ass...

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Lol 6 teraflops of gpu power; that's cute. This thing will run on medium-low settings to be able to get 4k/60FPS native. My 1080ti has 11.3 teraflops and not even it can pump out 4k/60FPS on high settings. And in case there's any dispute, here's the build:

CPU: Intel Core i7 6850k 6-core @3.6GHz
Cooler: Corsair h115i AiO liquid cooler
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080ti Founders Edition
RAM: TridentZ RGB 32GB DDR4-3000
Motherboard: Asus Ra...

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All of them, or as many as possible. No reason to limit the library, even if there are titles that aren't well received.

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I know this might shock you, but developers don't make games *entirely* for your enjoyment. And pointing out these flaws is not an indication that one isn't having fun. Rather, making note of such things makes more gamers aware of certain tricks implemented in games that either make you play them longer or make it seem like a justified purchase, which in turn leads to gamers being more careful with their wallets, and forcing such tricks out of the market (i...

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I understand the goal of allowing one to enter a mission from any angle, but I'm not sure they really took into account how this would change the formula of the game.

One of the reasons every metal gear has had a challenge is because you start at a specific point in a level and have to navigate through it, thus making the difficulty easy to set. However, when you allow the person to enter the game area from any angle they choose, the most that can be done is have the AI w...

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