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60 FPS @ 1080p > 30 FPS @ 2160p

Frame rate should always be held to a higher mark than resolution, which is not to say that resolution should go out the window, but there should be a balance between the two, usually with a minimum frame rate of 60 FPS.

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Wouldn't this comparison have more to do with the game itself, rather than the hardware it's running on? I mean, if you optimize the game to have a "max setting" - where such a setting 'X' is capped at using a certain amount of resources - then how do you compare the actual raw horsepower of the devices outside of the "max setting"?

If a PC has a higher clock speed on the CPU/GPU, more memory and storage than the XBOX One X, then clearly ...

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Being "fine" is irrelevant. If their games division is costing them more money than what they are making and their market share is stagnating or decreasing, then there's no reason to keep that division in the market, regardless of how many funds they have to throw at it; why: because a for-profit company isn't in the business of losing money.

Also, considering that they are going about this like politicians - not releasing any numbers and pricing it at ha...

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Forza 7 is about as amazing as any game that has micro-transactions, except that you're paying full price for it. They've also reduced multiplayer features and creative content, and there's, what, one new track in the game? In fact, why is this game even being defended? It's clear Microsoft's nasty business practices are now pouring into their video games due to a lack of titles. I mean, they have to make up for it somehow, right?

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I so 1080ti bruh.

This is a classic example of why a higher resolution does not necessarily equate to a better quality game. The X1X will probably see this multiple times in its life cycle; that is, a game will look better @ 1080p max settings vs 4k medium-low settings.

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2019 to 2020 is actually a reasonable release time frame considering two things: GTA V is still selling and Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out in 2018, so there's no reason to harm the sales of their own game by releasing GTA VI the same year.

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The article only pertains to one website and two countries, and in the article itself it even states it is still available on all other amazon stores.

This article needs to be flagged.

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Also, "uncompromised 4K" =/= "Compromise for 4K"

"Compromising for 4K" implies that they *must* make their games 4K regardless of any other compromises.

The statement "uncompromised 4K" means that the X1X can run 4K resolutions without compromising other graphical aspects of the game. This is not the case however, so Microsoft did in fact lie about this feature.

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There's the Toyota FT1, and if this applies to Lexus as well (since Toyota owns them), then there's also the Lexus LFA and LC.

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"No machine has infinite resources"

You don't need infinite resources to play a game at 4K without compromising most other aesthetic and graphical qualities. And yes, leaving the decision "up to the devs" implies that the console has insufficient hardware to produce the resources necessary to avoid graphical bottlenecking when working with 4K resolutions.

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GamerFanboi is correct, the phrase "sold out" represents the stopping point of selling your merchandise. It has nothing to do with how many items were sold, but rather deals with the fact that there's no more items to sell currently.

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"Why would you get a PC when you can get an xbox one x for 500 dollars?"

Because consoles are PC's that have been modified to be proprietary and only play games well. A PC is non-proprietary and is capable of doing well in everything that it can do, including games. So investing $200-$300 more in a PC will grant you far more opportunity than a console will.

It's like asking "Why invest the money in a c...

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Well, first of all, the prices on this website are inaccurate; as Nico said below, a Ryzen 7 is going to be $325, not $440. Secondly, you don't need to shove a quad-core processor running at 4 GHz to be comparable to an 8-core processor running at half the speed; a 6700K will annihilate the X1X's processor in terms of gaming performance because gaming is centered mostly around higher clock speeds rather than the number of cores. Third, a 1080 is far beyond what an X1X is capable of do...

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>Plays Mario: Odyssey
>Jumps off skyscraper
>No fall damage


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"You do realize majority of the 60 mill are casual gamers driven by brand recognition the same goes for Xbox.
You think they consider sales before buying a console? lol"

Yes, why wouldn't they? If I was an average consumer and I had to pick between 3 different consoles, I would probably ask:

1) Which one has the most support (games/software)?
2) Which one has sold the most?

Those are two big questions wh...

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"yes but you will never get the same level of performance out of a pc gpu. Consoles are always more efficient so it will outperform a 580/1060.

Lol what? That must be why consoles always outperform PCs right? I'm kidding, they don't, ever. But that's to be expected when you're spending half, or a third of the cost of a gaming PC.

"It was digital Foundry who stated the closest was a 1070."

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It's not psychic, it's reason. I assume that the reasons he says he can almost guarantee something is that the most reasonable thing for Microsoft's gaming division as a company to do is to stick with the most profitable goods that they have. If their consoles aren't making them money, then they seem to have no reason to continue making consoles.

I wasn't a business major (I studied formal logic heavily), but If I had a business that had a product that w...

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Woolly_, I see no good reason to buy a console for anything other than exclusives (which I might be wrong about, but hear this out). If exclusives didn't exist and every gaming device had the same games, purchase decisions would come down to a matter of which gaming device had better hardware. And considering all gaming devices, people wouldn't be buying consoles because consoles aren't the most powerful gaming devices on the market.

Maybe it would come down to ...

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Actually, in terms of horsepower, the X1X is comparable to a GTX 1060 or RX 580. More memory in a GPU does not equate to more power. A GTX 1060 or RX 580 are comparable to the GPU in the X1X, but they have less memory.

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Septic, the Xbox One X is comparable to a GTX 1060, which is roughly 3 or so years out of date now. In fact, all consoles that release are roughly 3 years out of date at the time of release, so bragging about a console's power is like bragging that you finally bought that 1080p display that has Netflix built into it in the age of 4K.

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