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"You do realize majority of the 60 mill are casual gamers driven by brand recognition the same goes for Xbox.
You think they consider sales before buying a console? lol"

Yes, why wouldn't they? If I was an average consumer and I had to pick between 3 different consoles, I would probably ask:

1) Which one has the most support (games/software)?
2) Which one has sold the most?

Those are two big questions wh...

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"yes but you will never get the same level of performance out of a pc gpu. Consoles are always more efficient so it will outperform a 580/1060.

Lol what? That must be why consoles always outperform PCs right? I'm kidding, they don't, ever. But that's to be expected when you're spending half, or a third of the cost of a gaming PC.

"It was digital Foundry who stated the closest was a 1070."

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It's not psychic, it's reason. I assume that the reasons he says he can almost guarantee something is that the most reasonable thing for Microsoft's gaming division as a company to do is to stick with the most profitable goods that they have. If their consoles aren't making them money, then they seem to have no reason to continue making consoles.

I wasn't a business major (I studied formal logic heavily), but If I had a business that had a product that w...

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Woolly_, I see no good reason to buy a console for anything other than exclusives (which I might be wrong about, but hear this out). If exclusives didn't exist and every gaming device had the same games, purchase decisions would come down to a matter of which gaming device had better hardware. And considering all gaming devices, people wouldn't be buying consoles because consoles aren't the most powerful gaming devices on the market.

Maybe it would come down to ...

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Actually, in terms of horsepower, the X1X is comparable to a GTX 1060 or RX 580. More memory in a GPU does not equate to more power. A GTX 1060 or RX 580 are comparable to the GPU in the X1X, but they have less memory.

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Septic, the Xbox One X is comparable to a GTX 1060, which is roughly 3 or so years out of date now. In fact, all consoles that release are roughly 3 years out of date at the time of release, so bragging about a console's power is like bragging that you finally bought that 1080p display that has Netflix built into it in the age of 4K.

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Wrong comment placement.

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Is there a reason why Nintendo believes that the properties "variety" and "high performance" are mutually exclusive?

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If their consoles are flukes because of the gimmicks they incorporate into them (therefore making their sales luck rather than based on performance), then how is the most logical solution to make *another* console that rides on features not required to play games well?

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The problem that Microsoft is facing right now is that their advertising was misleading in regards to the scope of games that would run at native 4k. Never in their marketing did they indicate that some games will run at native 4k and other games won't. What they said (in paraphrasing) was that they would have a machine that will play games at an uncompromising native 4k resolution, which is a vague statement and is what Microsoft is being called out on on websit...

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'"What a stupid move for gamers. Why would you want to let them more accurately and proudly represent themselves online?"'

Lol this isn't a quote from anyone. Last time I checked, games push gaming in the right direction, not avatars.

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It's not about what's smart, it's about what level of trust you have in your partnering publishers. I'm sure Sony expected EA to hand them something better than this.

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So it's a hassle to upgrade your PC, but not your console? You don't *have* to upgrade your PC on a yearly basis just as you don't *have* to upgrade your console on a yearly basis. Games will still run just fine on PC hardware that is 5 years old.

The only reason a console lasts that long and plays every game that comes out on it at the same settings is because developers *have* to make their games work on limited hardware. But just because developers aren't...

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The video has been removed from public viewing which gives us enough information to make a reasonable judgment regarding what might have happened:

1. EA made the video and gave it to Sony.
2. Sony uploaded the video without noticing the photo-shopped image because:
--a) they have a lot of videos to upload
--b) they expect that EA wouldn't hand them something half-assed requiring them to carefully watch it.
3. Sony removed the video af...

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What's fair and not fair is irrelevant. If it's "console exclusive" - regardless of the console that it's on - then it's not *actually* exclusive.

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I agree, with MS changing their policies so that all Xbox games are on PC, I'll just stick with my PC.


The article is regarding the game as being a reason to buy the console. Thekhurg brought his point up because if you already have a PC capable of playing these games, then Crackdown 3 isn't necessarily a console seller since you can get the game elsewhere.

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Just download more RAM from the switch store, should get it to 60 FPS.

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17 million units by 2021 equals to 5.66 million units a year if we're starting with the beginning of 2018 (if not, then it's less than 5.66m), which isn't saying much. I think Microsoft would find it worrying if they couldn't keep that up.

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The phrase "console exclusive" literally means "Can be played on multiple platforms of hardware except for 'X', where 'X' = any hardware that cannot play the game.

If you can't say that it's exclusive to PC, then you can't say it's exclusive to consoles. The same game running on different platforms of hardware is considered inclusive or partially inclusive.

Random philosophical side note about video game excl...

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The androids were neat, but I wish they would have had more variety in their models. You have rolling droid, small droid, big droid and flying droid. I found myself having trouble motivating myself to get to the Swarm because it just felt like the android bit never ended.

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