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On a visual standpoint as of now and from the videos I've seen, horizon zero dawn still looks better. But who knows, maybe Gow will look better in person...

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Yeah bro! Lovin' my pro as well :-D Even with those endless comparisons with the 1X, they are irrelevant to me cause all games still look and perform great! Don't got time to zoom in and complain about the lack of pixels that I won't see during normal gameplay views ;)

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Jezz.. Why are people crying about this name change thing as if your life and reputation depends on it lol! I'd like to change my name as well, but I ain't sweating it cause what's most important is me still being able to access all my games and enjoying them ;)

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No... It would have to be the last of us part 2. Yes, I have not played it yet, but going by what I've seen so far, plus my experience with the first, I know it's gonna be one amazing game!

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4k checker boarding still looks and runs great on my 4ktv, so personally I don't think it's worth forking out $600 for the onex just to get a little higher resolution for 3rd party games when I already have a console that already plays both exclusives and 3rd party games well enough until next gen.

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The 2018 clips definitely looks compressed and blurry as F#@K.... However, the music for this video is pretty awesome:_D

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Higher development cost huh??.... Funny how Horizon zero dawn released last year as one of the amazing AAA games without microtransactions or loot boxes... just one optional DLC and the Dev are perfectly fine.

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No. Definitely not true at all. Kids that age are very smart and aware what is right from wrong, good and evil, reality and media entertainment... However, it's the kids that have no remorse or sympathy for torturing and killing animals and even rodents and reptiles such as mouses and frogs you have to be worried about. Those are the ones that have some screws loose and need to be under high supervision.

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N4M news 4 murderers. Make it happen ;)

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Lots of emphasis and support for backwards compatibility to distract xbox gamers from realizing that they have nothing going forward...

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Absolutely Not. LOL!

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Personally, micro transactions for me is what ruins the joys of replayability. I remember back in the days when after I cleared a game, it would give me several New skins, levels and even weapon unlocks for a new game + mode, so would I play a single player campaign again because of that?! F#*K yeah I would! But these days, you have to pay for that stuff. Utter bullshit.

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Gawdamn! How many times do they need to re-release this game?!

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Valve is out of the question if they want more exclusive games made... EA?! Like seriously?? Not gonna even be possible. Think about it... How much did it cost MS to purchase the company that made minecraft? Like 3 billion?? For a small indie company.... Now consider one of the biggest gaming publishers out there with all their established IPs and studios which is EA. Lol! How much do you think MS will have to fork out to purchase them?? Ain't gonna happen.
They should buy a st...

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Yeah please do not ever say GT is better than super! Ewww.... GT is what made me lose interest in dragon ball... Super has regained it.
Anyhow, I'd like Gojeta and Janemba as dlc! That would be awesome!

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This colossus is 2 stories high and comes with 2 Backonies, plus 2 easy to reach areas to insert your sword :p
haha couldn't resist. I'll definitely grab it this time since I missed it the first time.

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Nioh looks and plays mediocre in comparison to the other ps4 exclusives..

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Hype level for the Nintendo switch........ Zero.

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I think he was being sarcastic :D

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He left ND to join SquareEnix to develop the new avengers game..... Must have been offered a much higher salary that's for sure...

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