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@nuggets "Star Citizen is still a game not even possible on ps4/bone and that's great!!"

LOL! Just watched a few videos of it and yeah.... It's Definitely possible on the PS4.
But I can't wait to see your reaction once it happens ;-) #1.1.4
Dlc evolved. Now they want us to re-buy the same game but with additional content.....
Not buying this a second time that's for sure. #1.1.1
Wonder book.... The game Sony spent half the time demoing but no one gave a sh*t about and was a total flop... Sony, please don't waste precious E3 time on useless crap like that ever again. Show games that gamers want to see(hopefully more Morpheus this time) #3.1
He makes it sound like as if it's the ps4 that's struggling to beat the xbone lol!

Team Microsoft is probably saying right now in their heads " please Sony.. Please, don't screw us over with a surprise price drop at E3 again... The xbone can't take another hit like that" #1.1.1
I don't see that massive downgrade your talking about? Only a little.... Now ubisoft and watch dogs I consider a massive downgrade..
But the witcher 3 still looks great at least. #1.1.1
89 isn't exactly a score too be considered underwhelming lol! #1.1.4
Assassin's Creed??! And farcry without violence?? Is this guy retarded?? Might as well call Assassin's Creed sneaky hugs and far cry "close smile" ;-) #1.1
Vandamme is an exception cause he's ballin' with the cash he's getting from his B movies. #4.1.1
3 rich, clueless gamers disagree with you and will buy the over priced crap Gawd dammit!! #2.1
Let' see... we have PS4, PS vita, Ps now, PS vue.... so for Morpheus, I'm gonna go with "PS Reality"... or PS Vision... lol! ;-) #1.1.1
Shitty sale... Can't even offer better deals than walmart when it comes too those AAA games...
The flash sales are by far the best still. #2
WOW! the enhanced sharp 1080p visuals with the 60fps makes a massive difference for this game too the point where it looks better than most of these current gen games that are out now!! Damn! I'm gonna definitely buy it again when it drops a little in price :-D #1.1.6
Looks like crap. #1
Dammit, I for once actually hoped this game would end up being a flop cause I see nothing but a gateway too excessive microtransactions for future games if it succeeds... #1.1
Alienation looks awwwwwesome!! but hearing this:
"There is a story flow that you go through, but the whole game is online" Makes me a little nervous, but fingers crossed that online for this game works on launch and if not, they better have local multiplayer for offline gameplay as well. #1.1
Too much people bought the resident evil remastered, so now... it got to Capcom's head....**smh** #1.1.5
@no way,
You completely missed the point. Not gonna waste my time explaining. #2.2.12

When crytek can make a better looking game than naughty dog on consoles, we can talk then ;-)

crysis 3 in-game on 360 :

the last of us in-game on ps3: #2.2.6
@nuggetsofgod " I hate console gaming culture"

Making a remark like that just shows how you were Never a Gamer to begin with. Just a PC fanboy only obsessed with graphics... Try less staring and more gaming bro ;-) #2.1.2
for someone who likes to bash these current Gen consoles for not being able to always achieve 1080p @60fps, I'm a little surprised that you even have the xbone and ps4... so you say that is ;-) #2.1.3
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