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Wait for manufacturing cost to drop, rather than announce it now and scare away half the potential buyers like me lol! Good idea Sony.
Tell us the price when you can afford to lower it a bit more. #1
Taking away the turned base battle system will make it feel like a different final Fantasy game altogether cause if you haven't noticed, every final Fantasy game has a different type of gameplay and battle system, so I can already see that if it plays like ff 15 for example, it's not going to feel anything like ff7,which is turned based and using ALL your characters that are in battle, not relying on AI to do the work for you like ff13 which was the worse ff game. #1.1.2
Some clueless idiot will buy it without doing some google research ....
And if it was real, what's even the point in wasting a fortune on it when you could be much smarter and buy a 65 inch 4ktv, high end gaming pc, the xbone, wiiU, a ps4 along with shit loads of games for each and maybe more?! #1.1.1
All I can say is that I think those two have the best chit-chat during gameplay combat sequences lol! Always entertaining to hear them banter back and forth while getting shot at. #1.1.2
For f#@k sakes... Sony's e3 conference fool me... I actually believed them and their 3rd party partners that games like mgs5, fallout 4,black ops 3, uncharted trilogy and star wars battle front was also coming out on the ps4 this fall................ #1.1.2
All this uncharted talk gets me excited to replay the uncharted series in 1080p @60fps in the living room this time to see how many family members get attached to watching it ;-) #1.1.1

1. Sales... last gen, I agree. wii was dominate when it came to sales. This gen however is the ps4 in which by your statement and logic, you agree with. so we have a clear agreement ;-)

2. Power: Digital foundry was taken into consideration last gen when the 360 had the better muliplatform games, so why is that invalid now??
All multiplatform games Look better(1080p native) and typically perform better(fps, details) on the ps4 and if you can... #1.2.10
Defining PS4's superiority:

1. Sales: are almost doubled the xbone

2. Power: System capabilities and graphical fidelity of the PS4 so far clearly shows that the xbone is the weaker console.

3. Variety: Various genres for all too enjoy and not just generic shooters ;-)

4. Quality: Well built console with quality games(superior multiplats) to match.

No opinion's here, just fact. #1.2.7
Why are people acting so mellow dramatic about this?! LOL! it's a freaking price cut on a game that is currently not selling as well for full price for crying out loud!
Here's an easy explanation: Reduced price of the order 1886 means hesitant gamers that didn't want/ or couldn't afford too pay full price for it can now buy it ;-)
More sales is better than nothing. #1.1.4
A couple NPD victories for the xbone is like a very small slice of the pie when we're talking overall monthly worldwide sales here...
The Xbone has improved and all, but let's face it. The PS4 HAS and will continue to dominate this Gen, unless MS decides to buy every up and coming big AAA multi-platform game(example: GTA6, FF15, Fallout 4, MGS6, etc..) as a 1 year timed exclusive or something in those lines in order to have a better chance on catching up and/ or even leading..... #1.1.2
This would be the best news ever! if it were true and in my opinion, it probably is but ND won't say a word until it's ready to be revealed.
When I finished the first one, I was happy that I completed it, but actually sad that it ended... #1.1.4
What I'm thinking... " Oh here we go again... a PC fanboy trying to downplay current gen consoles capabilities just to hopefully feel a little relevant again ....Until... #1.1.2
Sony knows that they don't need to release AAA exclusive this "FALL" to compete with MS's typical annual offers when they know consumers will be buying the ps4 version of these up and coming big AAA multi-plat games such as the next COD, fallout 4 and "Metal gear solid 5!..... MGS5!!!

Then there's also a little AAA game called until dawn which I'm definitely looking forward too :-D #1.1.16
If the NX is weaker than the ps4,whats the point of even releasing a new console?! That's gonna fail as bad as sega's 32x! #1.1.14
Violently Killing zombies with half naked chicks in 1080p @60fps on the ps4. Totally can't wait to get this game :-D #2
I'm totally jealous of his success and hot gf.... But good for him. No reason to hate on a successful gamer. #1.1.12
Drake will be wearing a crash costume as a disguise during a festivity scene ;-)

But like ND said, Sony doesn't own the ip anymore so they don't have any control over it and won't be implementing a crash mini game inside uncharted 4. #1.2.5
That is some confident talk right there considering how most open world games this gen have been struggling to maintain 1080p @30fps! But if GG can manage to keep this game at 30fps and above, I'll be quite impressed. #1.1.6
This reminds me of when I got minecraft ps3 full version for free on father's day not to long ago :-D #1.1.4
As much as excited for Morpheus, it's not another platform until it can function on its own without the ps4.
I think Sony is only saying that to justify the high price tag that's going to be in store for us.... #1.1.13
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