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"53% of Utherverse's users are women and a majority of users are university educated and in their twenties and thirties"

LMFAO! why do I not believe that for even a split second.
Getting their stats from fake accounts I guess haha! #4
"you never know what you will get with COD... "

We always know what we're getting with COD bro. lol!

But on a serious note, this one seems different. In fact, this might be the first COD that caught my interest since COD4 :-) #1.1.2
The xbone is struggling to catch up in sales against the ps4, which is why ms is continuing their "support" of the 360 versions ;-) clever backup plan I say... #1.1.11
I showed pt to one of my friends so when I gave him the controller to start the game he was like " ummm.. Do I press start?" and I'm like your game already started bro, just open the door to the hallway.. And he was like "what?!" as shocked as he was he went through the door to the hallway and was like" no f*#king way!? This is actual Gameplay?? Holy sh*t! That's f*#king insane! The graphics look so realistic! I thought this was a cut-scene "
<... #1.1.2
1080p Gameplay? I thought this game was running at 900p?... Anyhow, looks like a lot of fun. #1.1.4
Never even heard of this till now lol!
The xbone is the only "gaming system" that can even come close to competing with the ps4 right now in terms of sales, games and popularity of course ;-) #1.1.2

Where exactly in my comment did I say it was okay to casually kill someone in GTA?? my point is that you will have to deal with the consequences for killing innocent people in it, which obviously shows that Rockstar isn't encouraging unnecessary killing, rather only too kill other criminals and bad guys..
and bringing up COD and gears multiplayer?? really?? your going up against people that WANT to kill you bro! it's fair game. open your eyes... #1.1.4
GTA is like a mario game compared to this crap.

@andrewer... Dude, don't kid yourself cause we clearly know that it's about an xbone fanboy upset about modern society not accepting 900p as a new standard ;-) #1.1.4
My jaw dropped during the trailer of this game... I was like WTF?? I mean, I love my blood and gore and all but making a game solely about hating everything and killing everyone you see whether they be innocent men,woman,children, dog or cat is just messed up man....
and people defending this crap by comparing it to GTA need to get their heads checked cause unlike this game, GTA DOES NOT give you points or encourage you to kill innocent by-standards for the fun of it which is why the... #1.1

Thanks for your input captain obvious. #4.1.3
I just need MP3, MP4 and MKV video/ audio support and I'll be an even happier PS4 owner :-D #1.1.2
Well, well.. It appears that Sony's destiny marketing plans panned out after all ;-) #1.1.23

FH2 looks like a great and fun game, but please... Don't go all retard about it trying to graphically compare it to drive club because it easy sh!ts on it in terms of visuals. Gameplay however, I don't know. that's definitely personal opinion. #1.1.9
Funny how the xbone fanboy's keep asking where are the games though?? Hahaha! like as if they have more games to brag about to begin with LOL!
just hush up and hope that the PS4 doesn't kill off the xbone too soon ;-) #1.1.3
900p is the new 1080p for MS LOL! #1.1.4
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WTF is a new school horror game like, or suppose to be like that's way better than an old school horror game anyway?? #1.1.1
yeah funny how that works now... when it was ps3 vs. xbox360 the media and everyone was all over it when the 360 had the advantage. Now that Sony's ps4 has the advantage it's suddenly "all entirely about gameplay! and nothing else matters!" LOL! when more things can be done with current tech, more things will matter. Period.

and obviously resolution didn't matter in the ps2 era because guess what? everyone still had an SDTV! now everybody has a 1080p HDT... #1.1.1
Looks like 720p vs. 1080p... I'm sure yall know which is which ;-)

Can't wait to play it though! #1.1.1
?? Ummm.. NO. Game trailers is game trailers. Quite different from each other to begin with. #6.1
So let me get this right... This article is going by what an analyst predicted?? Which means it's not even official, yet he's saying Sony made a bad investment promoting destiny?? Lol! Wtf? Is this a joke?? At least wait for the official numbers before shit talking buddy.... #1.1.4
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