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Daaaaamn! the fatalities are more brutal than ever! Lol #1
Whatever. I love my white chicks ;-) #1.1.6
Performing a complicated button pressing fatality after defeating someone makes me feel that much more of a Boss ;-) #4.1
I don't know man... This is a very close call with the PS4 vs. PSP in terms of a visual comparison........ #1.1
Pachter- " I think you’re better off buying a PS4 if you care about these exclusive titles. If you care about the non-exclusive titles, you’re better off buying an Xbox One because it’s cheaper."

Well said for once haha! But... If you want to pay a little more for the better versions of most(if not all) multiplat games, then just go with the PS4, period. #1.1.17
If Kojima joins Sony and develops a new IP for the PS4, oh man can you imagine the damage it's gonna cause lol! #1.1.3
When I suspend an online game. I expect everyone else to put their sh*t on hold until I'm ready to resume again... So As an entitled gamer, I speak for myself and say " wtf Sony?!" the Rock is not impressed... ;-) #1.1.8
Exactly. picture FC4 releasing at $14 LOL! #1.1
If all 3 were remastered as well as TLOU in 1080p @60fps, then yes... Yes, I would buy it. #1.1.3
I just saw the price for this game on a Canadian best buy flyer... $69.99?! full price for a remake that looks like a ps2/ps3 crossover game at most?! Like really??
screw that! as much of a FF fan I am, I'll definitely be waiting until it hits the $20 range at most. #1.1
A free update?! you sure there's no hidden fee? #2
Because the reincarnated ps2 has arrived ;-) #1.1.3
To many people want their 15mins fame & recognition these days... Having dignity and pride for what you do doesn't exist anymore....
And that's just a shame.... #1.1.2
The old tomb Raiders are pretty boring compared to the reboot, which was fantastic Btw ;-) loved it as much as the uncharted series.
2015 uncharted 4.
2016 rise of the tomb raider.
Both gonna be awesome! #1.1.3
5 days earlier... Wow. I don't give a shit... And whoever that is crying about this needs to relax. #1.1.29
It's "a part" of the future... especially when pSN has those amazing 60%-80% off flash deals and such :-D
Not really into digital purchases, but with those prices, I'm like F$#K it. Add to cart. #3.1
Oh wow.. This game runs like shit on the surprisingly disappointing. I'm just glade I didn't purchase it. #1.1.4
Or replay value could be each character could have their own storyline/ perspective of things and each could have their own specialty weapon or skill maybe? plus they all can have their own different ending. #1.3.1
I only suggested a 4 player mode is because of their 4 person squad. I think it would work very well into the story, plus the game can get more in dept with each character and their personalities as well as their interactions between each other during combat and cut-scenes.
and if you wanna play solo, the cpu can always control the rest of your team members, but you can also switch characters on the fly! how sweet would that be! :-D #1.4.1
1- 4 player coop
2- weapon upgrade system
3- benefits for exploring areas(extra ammo, gun upgrade parts, unlockable skins or something like that)
4- continue excellent storyline while giving player a little more control
5- longer campaign (with a little more hands on action) #1
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