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But, but... I though pc gamer's thought the ps4/xbone version of games were "low settings" on a PC?!? LMFAO!

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I'm guessing that they didn't make much from the Order....

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The fact that I can get 5+ ps4 games for that much is the reason why I still wouldn't get an xbone maybe?! LOL!

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Does anybody know if its running at 60FPS on PS4??! cause if it's not I don't really see any incentive too get it.

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If it was a ubisoft game, it would be the other way around lol!

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Well, in comparison too all the other games that are out, I'd say uncharted 4 would be the closest thing too a well deserved perfect score, aside from the last of us(That is a perfect 10 as well). Both games tackle every category exceptionally well. Visuals, story, sound and gameplay all done right.

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That was pretty funny. They were clearly just messing with us LOL!

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"To say it’s the best-looking game on PlayStation 4 feels like doing it a disservice. It’s the best-looking video game I’ve ever seen on any console"

Here's some no holds bar honesty ;-)

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I will watch this when I get home :-)

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He looks like a stripper from magic mic LOL!

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There's actually a few games that I'll definitely buy :-) like that bikini zombie slayer game hahah!

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should have just made Shadows of the Damned 2 instead. the first one was awesome!

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The last of us is a Sony IP so if it transitions from the ps3 to the ps4(both consoles developed by Sony), there is no damage done. Forza going from xbox to PC however is a totally different story and will eventually cause the xbone too become irrelevant.

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WOW, after the recent trailer I was really excited too see the game play and graphics too match it.... ..So underwhelming... Let's hope the campaign graphics are much better.

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Not even close too uncharted.... Quantum break reminds me of those Sega cd fmv cut-scene days....

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killing off hope from ff13 would make me happier.

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Yeah the beginning of the last of us got me teary eyed cause I have a 10 years old daughter so that hit my weak spot.
No other game has ever made me that emotional.

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I feel so pervy watching this LOL!

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I Totally called it :-p

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Judging by history, it's definitely gonna be delayed.

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