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First time playing this on the PS4 since I didn't get it on my ps3 and Wow! Really amazing game so far and I'm about 3/4 through! so well balanced in every way, not to mention the 1080p/ 60fps just makes this game a butter smooth, joyful, eye-candy journey to what a post- apocalyptic zombie game should be like :-D
And yes I said Zombie game cause the infected are pretty much zombies in every way they act. especially the runners! 10/10
I can't remember the last game... #1.1.2
The author needs a little more common sense here... In a business perspective, do you think that it's wise to invest in a console that is capable of native 4k resolution while considering the fact that 4ktv's are still fairly new to the consumer, high price tags plus with very few people having it in their household would be a good idea?? Lol! Sony and Microsoft are much smarter than that. A 4k console would probably cost at least double what we're paying now and I doubt there wo... #1.1.6
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This game has seriously confusing mixed reviews.... Well, So much for COD killer. Do I have any takers?? #1.1.8
Even if they were on par, I still don't have any interest playing a console quality game on a stinking small screen... Speaking of which, I doubt that the iPhone games would even be at the level of console games.
Can anyone even picture a game like the last of us on an iPhone?? Lmfao #1.1.2
Indie games were a good time waster on phones and tablets but when they showed up on consoles way beyond the $1.99 price range, it's gonna definitely take a little more effort for me to purchase it... For example child of light, excellent game and worth the $15 I paid for. #7.1.1
Saints Row 4... So much fun😁 I don't know how people can hate on it?? You practically create your own superhero #3
Episodic.... Well, there goes my purchase.... I'll just wait till they release the entire package when it's completely done then buy it.
This is the reason why I didn't purchase the walking dead or siren blood curse...

Come on evil within! Don't disappoint me!

@Mr. Swank ... Are you kidding me?! The chainsaw guy scared the shit out of me mainly cause he was a one hit kill and Omg... That regenerating f*cking creature in those prison... #1.1.5
If they actually did release drive club on launch day do you know how much fail that would be?! Graphics were terrible and only at 30fps too and Gameplay wasn't impressive either.. It would have gotten butchered by the media as well as gamers... So yes, they made a damn great choice to delay it cause it has truly come a long way and is looking very good now. #1.1.3
The best time to invest in a new ip is when next gen is just beginning, kinda like a fresh start plus there is very little competition currently and everyone needs a new game to play. #1.1.7
His sarcasm is not the problem, it's indeed solely the cry babies he mocks. #3.1.1
Yeah I love dynasty warriors and all but the developer's need to seriously get a new engine or really update it cause their games look really outdated even in 1080p... #1.1.1
Half the user reviews are nothing but a bunch of idiots. I can't understand how they would think that anyone would take them serious rating any AAA GAME a 0/10 to A 3/10?! lIKE wtf?! There are some bad AAA games out there, but I don't think any of them so far deserve anything less than a 5/10... and the user's reasoning for the low score usually is just plain hate and stupidity.

The so called professional critics(like IGN & gamespot) ain't that bad compare... #1.1.4
What makes you think I don't know what the difference is? Where in my comment did I say destiny or advanced warfare will be game of the year? If you read my comment correctly you would see that I said destiny will be the "Bigger" game. #1.2.5
I kinda agree that destiny will be the biggest game of the year, but as for game of the year, probably not.
I'm honestly looking forward to only one more game this year and that is the evil within. I'm most likely in the minority here lol! #1.1.2
Your description of destiny is no different than any other shoot out there(especially COD) and yet you think advanced warfare will be the biggest game of the year?! Lol! #1.2.1
Minecraft looks like sh*t whether it's in 720p, 1080p or even 4k.. .It's like watching crap in hi-definition. #1.1.3
Must be his first time ever using youtube lol!.....

This game still looks last gen even in 1080p, But it looks fun at least. #1.1.1
If Nintendo bought Plat-games, I would feel like as if I was physically forced to buy a wiiU.... #1.1.2
isn't it obvious?? MS was the direct competition to Apple and you know how most Asians love their apple products ;-)
... Except me, I'm with Samysunnnn.. #1.1.3
Bayonetta is to violent and naughty to be in a game with Mario. #1.1.2
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