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The only interesting thing on there is family on psn... I want to know if I can share/or play my bought games on multiple accounts in the family on psn thing?

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Pointless for me... The GF likes dragging me along to each and every store because apparently my opinions matters but in reality it really doesn't half the time, especially when she already has her eyes set on something particular lol!

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Which is it social media?! potential serial killer or mentally retarded?! I can't be both!!

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Gawdamn people these days... Always Complaining about something! Even when its a nice update with free dlc?! Lol! Like wtf?! Just accept the generous offer, smile and STFU.

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I doubt sea of theives or state of decay will sell well in general and they will definitely not help sell the onex.

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@segamaniaco "Anyway, half of psn is gay, psn is the gayest gaming network"

Well that was Very random and dumb as [email protected]

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I would have to agree with some folks here... This video has fanboy written all over it lol! Forza 7 in an intense rainy type of weather with the sound blasted all the way up while gts on a basic track during the day and sound dropped very low as if the developers couldn't afford better sound effects lmfao! So much fail with this comparison that I can't even say which is actually better to be fair.... Let's wait for the real deal when they both release or a more professional comp...

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It's always entertaining how these xbone fanboys try so hard to downplay Sony's endless line of exclusives lol! "oh they don't sell enough", "it's subjective" "and so on...
So subjective huh?? Because they don't have Forza, gears or halo? Because as far as I'm concerned, the ps4 seems to have every single multiplat which performs better for that matter, along with all their various exclusives So how can the xbots even downplay it? Lol...

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A gaming pc in my opinion will never beat the ps4 no mayer how high it's resolution, fps and textures my be because it doesn't have all the games I want to play or the quick simple setup and comfort level I need it to be. When I see a game I want, all I need to do is make sure it's in a ps4 case and done.

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I have yet to see anyone playing with a switch in public... Just saying :p

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It's pretty clear that people do want this, otherwise Activision wouldn't be selling an old game and it's dlc separately lol! What's sad is that gamers are actually buying it....

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@moldy well, the majority of gamers do own a Ps4 after all ;)

On topic, the first game looked very lame I'm not denying that, however this sequel looks a whole lot better!

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Isn't the switch an upgraded wiiU already? Since every game that they have been selling so far is practically an upgraded version from the wiiU? Nintendo just renamed it the switch(instead of wiiU 2) so that customers will rebuy the same game again ? Lol!

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All indies I bet. Didn't care much for them on the ps4 and still don't care for them now. Especially with all these AAA games coming out none stop! So I would not buy a $599(Cad) console just to play 4k/60fps indie games on it..... Maybe when the price drops dramatically and all multiplats are proven to be better on it. Sure I'd definitely purchase one.

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Wow! Best water physics I've ever seen in a video game! so realistic!

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@bouzebbal, What?! XboneX not much more in comparison to the original xbone?? Can you even add? lol! xbone S here in Canada is $299.00... the xboneX will be $599.00. We are talking hundreds more not dollars, so it will indeed struggle in terms of sales and MS will have no choice but to drop the price to as low as the pro if they wanna stand a fighting chance.

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@donthate, how can it be the best console experience if it barely has any of the games I want to play on it?

Don't get me wrong, having high resolution is great, but it's not what keeps a gaming console alive.

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Backwards compatibility will help a console that don't got current new shit to play.

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First thing on my mind was.. "next gen consoles better come standard with at least 2tb hdd... At least 2tb! Is that so much to ask?!

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The xboneX will fail in the end simply because of 3 reasons...
1. Way overpriced for the average consumer.
2. It's very power for the current gen consoles, therefore won't ever be fully utilized because its weaker counterpart will hold it back (original xbone), not its competitors.

3. Not really any exclusive/ or impressive games(aside from anthem) worth getting it for... Unless maybe you want that native 4k minecraft lol!


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