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No thanks, I'd prefer to enjoy the game rather than to get pissed off and frustrated from it lol!

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But.... But... Mario and Zelda people! Mario and Zelda!! Nintendo could probably sell a turd just as long as it has Mario's name and mustache on it ;)

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The thing is, these people are right. It's completely different when your console gets more power vs android phones getting more power...
More power on an Android device means better and quicker multifunctions, but still irrelevant when it comes to games cause it's not its main focus....
Game consoles however matter much more when it comes to power because they can do so much more with it since it is afterall their main focus. Video games! So the switch being underp...

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The story was lame, the characters were annoying cry babies (hope especially) and it just wasn't nearly as captivating as the previous FF games.. The only thing I liked about it was the graphics. Best looking console jrpg at that time.

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Lmfao! So majority of xbone fans requesting to get a cod game from the x360 days?? Lol! Running low on current gen games are we? :p

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It's basically a 3ds, wii and wiiU combined. which is why it's named the Nintendo switch cause that's what you do.. Switch between the Wii, wiiU and 3ds... Weak console, but powerful handheld.

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He practically said that the switch is an HD version of the 3DS which happens to be playable on your HDTV and skyrim is already pushing it to it's limits... yes, quite the compliment lol!
Let's be honest here, the switch is just an updated wiiU in a clever disguise ;) ..

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Short answer is NO... Hoping all this switch talk will end on here already and get to more interesting ps4/xbone gaming news.

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What the hell is going on here?? No themed sale for 3 weeks straight?! I don't know why, but I've gotten the habit of getting excited for Tuesday's now... However, this is starting to concern me....

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The switch will sell more in the beginning, then fade out when people realize that it doesn't have much games to keep the interest there so by the time scorpio releases, gamers will be ready to still purchase, therefore in the long run( 2 years later or something) I think scorpio will outsell the switch.

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Just like how all the single player games I mentioned has a multiplayer portion ;) so what are you getting at?

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If a single player game is "arguably easier" to make, then tell me why we haven't see an uncharted 4, a God of war or the last of us quality type of game on the xbone?? Would you consider the annual COD games harder to make over uncharted or even tomb raider reboot? I personally don't think so....

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My GF(of 7 months) got me the ps4pro for Christmas :D .... **brushes invisible dirt off shoulders **

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If FF15 took this long to release, then I'm expecting FF7 remake to be done in 2023 the earliest lol! Laughing in sadness.....

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1st MKX
2nd MK9
3rd MK2
4th MK1
5th MK shaolin monks

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One of Angelina Jolie's child's name, that's why it was okay ;)

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It's good, but it hasn't got me hooked like what uncharted 2 did. Now that game is amazing.

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Price of Mk xl was so good that I had to buy it... Again! Lol whole game is pretty much the price of the dlcs

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I thought I was going into a porn parody seeing "cum" in there lol

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Way Cheaper to just wait for a PSN plus deal.

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