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Rather use the ds3?! That controller was way more worse to play sf4 with, so I can't understand your complaint?!

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They were excited and strong supporter of the wiiU in the beginning as well... Just saying lol!

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Tales of zestiria(ps4) and South Park :stick of truth(ps3) as well! Woot! Woot! Both super cheap! Totally buying.

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And not to mention being able to play all upcoming games at 1080p /60fps is gonna be awesome! Looking at you uncharted 4!

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Bluray was obviously removed because of all the streaming services Sony has and wants us to subscribe too... I haven't bought a bluray movie for over 2 years so it won't matter to me... I'm excited for all my upcoming games to be played at, at least 1080p /60fps on pro:) because they still look great on my 55" 4KTV

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Bro, 720p unscaled to 1080p doesn't even look that good, so to say 900p games upscaled to 4k is equally as good as what the ps4 pro can do is just ridiculous lol!

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Don't know about you guys but I buy either or, depending on the sale... Like my last 3 games uncharted 4,ratchet and clank remake and mgs5 all physical, while older games for dirt cheap on those psn flash sales I get digital... Best of both worlds.

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Lol! Perfect at graphically downgrading their games after every new game reveal.

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But, but... I though pc gamer's thought the ps4/xbone version of games were "low settings" on a PC?!? LMFAO!

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I'm guessing that they didn't make much from the Order....

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The fact that I can get 5+ ps4 games for that much is the reason why I still wouldn't get an xbone maybe?! LOL!

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Does anybody know if its running at 60FPS on PS4??! cause if it's not I don't really see any incentive too get it.

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If it was a ubisoft game, it would be the other way around lol!

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Well, in comparison too all the other games that are out, I'd say uncharted 4 would be the closest thing too a well deserved perfect score, aside from the last of us(That is a perfect 10 as well). Both games tackle every category exceptionally well. Visuals, story, sound and gameplay all done right.

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That was pretty funny. They were clearly just messing with us LOL!

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"To say it’s the best-looking game on PlayStation 4 feels like doing it a disservice. It’s the best-looking video game I’ve ever seen on any console"

Here's some no holds bar honesty ;-)

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I will watch this when I get home :-)

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He looks like a stripper from magic mic LOL!

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There's actually a few games that I'll definitely buy :-) like that bikini zombie slayer game hahah!

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should have just made Shadows of the Damned 2 instead. the first one was awesome!

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