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The ps4 not saying much in regards to racing games?? Hmmm.. So which platform to you is saying a lot then?

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I find almost all open world games too repetitive and end up getting bored and never finishing them.. Linear games however, I always finish cause it keeps me interested in seeing the final outcome of the story and Having no distractions like repetitive side quests to level up in order to progress with the main campaign is a plus for me ;)

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Curious, but what exactly makes gt sport more of a sim driver above the the rest( Forza, project cars) ? Serious question cause I can't tell the difference beyond the graphics, content and exclusivity...
Also, playing racing sims don't make you a better driver cause I'm a great driver in real life but only mediocre to crappy in racing games.

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All companies need to stop with this always online bullshit. GT is going in the wrong direction with this one. Hell, I don't even like racing online.

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@moldy you forgot to add the price of your pc to your oculus rift bundle there bud.

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it's worth the sale price trust me... considering the fact I bought it for full price and still happy with my purchase, I'd highly recommend it!

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More affordable and mainstream. Let's be honest here, VR wouldn't have picked up this well if it weren't for Sony's psvr. Give credit where it's do.

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No future update will beat external HDD support. That was all I needed :D everything else is just a mediocre bonus.

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I'd be good with an HD remastered of 2 and 3 checker boarding running at 60fps! Damn can you imagine how great that will play and look?!

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Who gives a shit about chatting with Xbox gamers?! No offense, but I bought a Ps4 to play ps4 games! Hell, I don't even chat online when I'm playing a multiplayer game anyways! Lol

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Console war coming to an end?? WTF?! this guy been under a rock? it's now gonna be xboneX vs the ps4pro from here on out till next gen starts! ... But like Jaguar said, the ps4 will remain dominant and I don't think the oneX is gonna even put a scratch on Sony's momentum, sorry.

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Pro. Checker boarding still looks great on my 4ktv, plus as an added bonus I'm getting endless amounts of fantastic games! Exclusives and multiplats!

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I need to get back into is game on my ps3! Still working on stick of truth though while juggling ps4 games.... The struggle is real....

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This looks gorgeous in 4k due to the art style and all... Minecraft in 4k however, not so much. Still an ugly game.

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Kirby is not attractive, therefore it can swallow everything and everyone and nobody will care lmfao! This witch however, different story even though it shouldn't matter cause its a damn video game character! -_-

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You know nothing John snow!! Mario, Zelda, metroid and Pokemon for life! Then wait and repeat! Repeat! Repeat!... Now turn that switch to on dammit! Lol j/k

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This new secret of mana remake looks kinda childish... Don't like the art style at all compared to the original...

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They probably made enough money from all those dlc skins they released that they can afford to even make DOA 6! ... I want them to make a DOA game with full story mode(like an RPG) using samurai warriors type of map and gameplay :)

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For a handheld port, doom looks great!..... That's all I will say.

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Nothing else to play on there so why not? :p

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