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Wow! Best water physics I've ever seen in a video game! so realistic!

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@bouzebbal, What?! XboneX not much more in comparison to the original xbone?? Can you even add? lol! xbone S here in Canada is $299.00... the xboneX will be $599.00. We are talking hundreds more not dollars, so it will indeed struggle in terms of sales and MS will have no choice but to drop the price to as low as the pro if they wanna stand a fighting chance.

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@donthate, how can it be the best console experience if it barely has any of the games I want to play on it?

Don't get me wrong, having high resolution is great, but it's not what keeps a gaming console alive.

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Backwards compatibility will help a console that don't got current new shit to play.

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First thing on my mind was.. "next gen consoles better come standard with at least 2tb hdd... At least 2tb! Is that so much to ask?!

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The xboneX will fail in the end simply because of 3 reasons...
1. Way overpriced for the average consumer.
2. It's very power for the current gen consoles, therefore won't ever be fully utilized because its weaker counterpart will hold it back (original xbone), not its competitors.

3. Not really any exclusive/ or impressive games(aside from anthem) worth getting it for... Unless maybe you want that native 4k minecraft lol!


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Sony sacrificing stuff such as multiplatform cross play is considered "at the expense of their own customers"?? Hahaha! I think I'll manage to still sleep at night just as long as you know... They don't start shutting down several game studios and drop exclusive after exclusives and then buy 3rd party timed-exclusives instead.........

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True 4k just shot out the window... From one of their first newly announced games! Lol! Can we all agree that native 4k will only appear on indie "EXCLUSIVE!" xbonex games? :p

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Got dying light enhanced edition and Titanfall 2 for $46! Woot!.. I can't seem to find a cheaper physical copy at best buy Canada?? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough like these other people claim....

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Of course they held back. That was very obvious. Not as mind blowing as the previous events, but still way better than Ms and Nintendo in terms of quality games.

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Ms don't need to rely on halo and gears?! Lmfao! What bullshit. We all know they rely heavily on them including the Forza series... They have literally nothing else without those IPs.

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The xbonex is pretty impressive I admit... However with its price tag and lack of good exclusives, I am not in any rush to get one...

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It is when you're living in Canada, in which we pay an average of $79.99 for new releases...
I went for watch dogs 2, battlefield 1 and final Fantasy 15 all for $95.00. So I'm pretty okay with that :) plus I got ps+ for $49 which is perfect timing since mine expired 2 days ago

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He is absolutely right! There are always complainers no matter what Sony does and if the ps4 had bc, it will for sure not get nearly as used as the complainers are claiming. In a business standpoint I can see why Sony isn't bothered by it considering how they are leading in terms of hardware sales as well as current gen software why bother wasting resources going backwards??

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Damn bro! 300 Mbps?! Wow! Didn't even know we could even hit 200 Mbps let alone 300!? Almost sounds like an over exaggerated lie..... Or maybe I'm just outdated lol

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Just call it the xbox elite and get it over and done with ;)

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So what does that make the buyers of the Nintendo switch?! :p

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Yeah better not, considering how I've invested in the pro only a few months ago!

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@tankcrossing, really eh? Do they scare you when they are unstable? Lmao!

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Wow the desperation towards defending the switch in this article is pretty sad.

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