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@gangsta red... That quote won't kill anything cause most people are still skeptical such as myself for example. That is until I actually see some type of improvement because of it, otherwise it's just bs talk to convince consumers too buy the xbone over the ps4.

As for the ps4, it doesn't need to react to any of this cause it's proving itself by its continuous releases of exclusives and the better multiplat versions of 3rd party games. #2.1.6
I'm actually starting to like digital copies. Sure you will need unlimited Internet to enjoy it and have to wait hours on end for it to download, then install and all, but afterwards it's smooth sailing from there and your right, you don't ever have to worry about damaging your game cause you can always re-download it.

If next gen goes all digital, I would require 3 things...
1. Standard Consoles must come with a 2TB HDD.
2. Games are accessible w... #3.1.2
Naw.. This is definitely a disappointing month. Ah well, it's may so I probably won't be gaming that much anyway. #1.1.1
I'm a little disappointed... Doesn't look that great at all, not even next gen looking either... I'm way more excited for alienation! that top-down ps4 exclusive is gonna be Siiiick! just like dead nation. Maybe even better :-D #1.1
Winning by a nose?? Lol! More like the leg of a 7 foot basketball player. #1.1.14
Oooh raisins... They always have an entertaining facial reaction to everything lol #1.1
Feed a stray cat once and it will keep coming back for more... #1.1
Personally, I don't think this dlc represents the actual game as well as it should cause I found left behind kinda boring to be honest. #1.1.1
For the record, I was going by Canadian and American soldiers, which are males on the battlefield by majority. I'm just going by the news so I could be mistaken lol.. My comment has nothing to do with being sexist in any way cause I don't have a problem with woman soldiers, my point is that I don't see enough of them which is probably why you don't see them in lead roles in war games as much. #3.1.3
I honestly think of ps+ monthly free games as a bonus more than anything... What amazes me the most that I look forward too are the ps+ weekend flash deals! :-D outstanding prices for average too excellent games. #1.1.2
So it's not Same 'ol same yearly release using the same engine and gameplay formula since the first modern warfare that bothers this guy, but the fact that you can't play as a female lead?? Really??.... Smh... I'm sure all the female soldiers out there fighting on the battlefield with the men would totally agree you with..... If they existed... And no, I'm not counting the military office workers, but actual female soldiers physically fighting the war ;-) #3
I didn't need a GOW4 announcement to convince me to replay gow3 on the ps4 in 1080p @60fps :-) I last played this baby the first day it came out on ps3, so I'd happily replay it with all the visual /frame rate improvements. #1.1
Next year for the new COD, we'll be able to play as a gay soldier. #1.1.2
Most complete eh?? So a longer campaign and more maps for multiplayer included, without the need to purchase a season pass? #1.1.4
Yup. Having a bad First impression is what sabotaged the xbone and MS trying to recover from it will take a sh!tload of work. #1.1.2
A broken record will repeat itself mindlessly no matter how specific the question was. LOL! #3.2.2
Wow, this game looks great! far better than I expected! The driving effects, sense of speed, upgrading system and graphics all look fantastic! Definitely can't wait to get this now! #1.1.3
When will we get to use our own wallpapers already?!? #4
It's okay MS... Most of us didn't believe you anyway when we seen 1080p @60fps. LOL! #1.1.14
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I NEED MORE POWER!! LOL! hearing that in a corny echoed voice kills me every time :-P #2.5
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