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The game might have been considered "ok" if it was a standalone title, but it was nothing compared to the epic Final Fantasies of the past. It's pretty sad when a Super Nintendo game has more locations, characters, items, spells, summons, theme songs, and optional sidequests. Heck, it would have been nice to just have some sort of continuous world, instead, of Super Mario-style, unlinked "levels".

The game was just walk down a corridor, fight, watch ...

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I still have my original, backwards-compatible 60gig model (with a larger hard drive, of course).

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I've been playing video games since the Atari 2600 and have yet to play a better RPG than Final Fantasy VI. It had everything: huge world maps (2 of them), 13 playable characters(each with unique skills), an epic & serious story without any J-Pop references, tons and tons of hidden secrets and optional areas to explore, a soundtrack so good you won't believe it's an SNES game, and the most evil villain of all the Final Fantasies.

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I see no reason why gamers should lower high standards. If a game franchise has a history of quality, then of course, people expect it to continue. You don't purchase a Mercedes and expect it to run like a SmartCar.

Stop settling for rushed, low-quality, incomplete, first-week DLC, crappy modern games. Vote with your wallet....else, we will keep getting COD #45, with some lame subtitle like, "Extreme" or "Redemption".

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The dumbing down of quality video game franchises continues. I don't know if this deserves a 3/10, but I think we can all tell that its nothing like the previous Ninja Gaidens.

What has happened to the legendary Japanese studios? They used to pump out constant quality from the NES to the PS2.

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Mega Man 2 for sure. Who can forget one of gaming's most epic tunes!??

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Old Cecil and Kain rolled over in their graves when they heard some of the crap passing for dialog in FFXIII. Hope's mother: "Moms are tough!"

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This guy speaks the truth. FFXIII would be an OK game, maybe, if it was some other stand-alone title....but it is certainly not worthy of being a Final Fantasy.

Unless you have been playing since the first one on the NES (which hilariously enough has tons more exploration, unlike our modern cutting-edge FF games), than you can't talk about how great FFXIII is. All it takes is a journey through the first 6 to see how awesome they used to be....and that's before you e...

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I didn't even read the article; I just hate the overuse of the word: "homophobic". A phobia literally is a fear of something, and I doubt any of the characters in this game are talking about how afraid they are of gay people.

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RAM and network bandwidth are 2 completely different things. One is a physical object, while the other is a measurement. RAM is only used to hold (logical)objects in memory on your local device, hence, having an extra player onscreen would be equivalent to an in-game NPC to your system's RAM. All network-related commands, synchronizations, etc, would need to be handled by an external server provided by Bethesda. The bandwidth allocation would be completel...

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RAM has absolutely nothing to do it. It's graphically equivalent to having an NPC fighting next to you.

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I buy almost all games for my PS3, but Diablo has to be played on my just isn't right any other way, lol!

Now, if Blizzard were to release another "Lost Vikings"; that would be a whole other story!!

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Final Fantasy Origins is a great addition. I have the original PS1 disc, but the load times were so annoying. Too bad this one doesn't include the updates which were added to Final Fantasy I in the PSP addition.

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Judging by the information from Japanese players that have played the game, for the first time ever, I won't be buying a Final Fantasy title on release day (not counting XIV, which I don't even consider a real FF).

So sad to see the best game developer in the world during the SNES/PS1 days fall to this level.

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Why specify people's skin color? We are all equal and skin color matters about as much as what color your hair is. If everyone really believed in equality they would stop these stupid studies and just call people, people.

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Let's hope not...

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My favorite part in the game was the hilarious wedding of Vivi and Quina, with Quina saying, "I so happy!".

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There's nothing wrong with changing the formula up a bit. Final Fantasy VII was very different than the SNES Final Fantasies. Not only was it the first in 3D but it took place in a much more modern setting. Either way, the new flashy changes weren't important. The importance was that the game had a great story, tons of sidequests, a huge map to explore, and characters that you cared about (except stupid Cait Sith!!).

Anyway, Square lost it on XIII because all of t...

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I see all these people posting things like, "The problem is: battle system, the futuristic setting, etc.". This is not what is missing....

The problem with Final Fantasy (and most modern versions of classic franchises) is that the original games were made by a group of people who were truly passionate about creating greatness. They were personally invested in creating a virtual, epic wonderland for others to explore and learn about. They filled their worlds with ...

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True classic games are great on their own merits. It has nothing to do with who they were "made for". They are just good no matter who plays them. See Demon's Souls.

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