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Not really, Nintendo>MS>SONY

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for a last gen game? really dude?

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blame lying "insiders" for that ... they hype everything up and some people get disappointed

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there were new AAA games, Phantom Dust, Scalebound form platnimum games and also Crackdown 3!

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I agree so much

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what are you even talking about? are you stupid? watchdogs is on both consoles you know

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One of the biggest fanboys on N4g. the fact u got agrees baffles me to the idea of n4g being filled with sony fanboys. no offense taken ps4 fanboys, i love and own a ps4.

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what r u talking about? kojima was on xbox for the first time on 2013, never for rising.

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no one feels bummed about graphics, if they would then you should feel bummed because you have a ps4 and not a gaming pc.

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why? because you are a fanboy?

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it was don mattrick being stupid, hopefully phil is taking care of it (and by the looks of it, he is)

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I am going to say it and see the sony fanboys rage, but truth is that if you look at the AAA exclusives xbox has better score. The best scores on ps4 are fez, flower, final fantasy XIV, which are all ports and the rest are indies. have fun with your indiestation ;)

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dude remember this is n4g, the sony fanbase website. these guys are all blinded fanboys. they are gonna disagree attack me and all and i am not gonna give a shit ;) come on children and fat men, don't disappoint

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Steve downes and David hayter are two big names u missed

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dude its n4g, logical comments and anything good about xbox is a sin lol

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honestly the d-pad on ds4 is the worst lol everything else is great, just not as good. huge improvement for ds4, but still not as good as x1

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its a multiplat dude

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its good seeing real gamers not being fanboys and discussing both the positive and negative aspects of their consoles. i tip my hat for you sir

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Metacritic page, there are more mediocre ratings and three complete negative ratings for the game.

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Completely agree with all you said, and I have played Forza 5 and I could say that it is hugely better than NFS Rivals.

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