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You know why Nintendo has fans ? Because we want "Mario 2000" (Yet lets get hard over 5 uncharted games since 2007. 15+ Assassin's Creed games since 2007, 10+ COD games, The halos, the dark souls, Etc. Which are all fine imo, but I don't bitch about good game releases. Every mario game is good, every zelda is bring them on I say. Same with Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Halo and R&C.

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Yeah this is what I was saying. I just picked up Donkey kong and a month ago, still haven't beat it. I'm still on Yoshi's yarn as well. That's why I don't feel the lack of games.

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Huh. I'll be honest. Wii U is my most played console. I buy every console because I don't want to miss out on games. My Xbox I play Forza here and there, PS4 I play Rocket league here and there. I spend most of my console time on Mario Maker, Yoshi's yarn, SSB and Mario kart. Nintendo isn't without it's faults (online) but Nintendo just has great exclusives and I've never felt a lack of games for it. I don't beat games in a weekend any more though.

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There have been far more over the top bonuses. Anybody remember Record of Agarest War ?

Pillowcase with breast. Mouse pad with breast. Only thing it didn't have was a blowup doll

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Breast aren't a reproductive organ. Also the need to be covered in public isn't worldwide.

Chest to chest, crotch to crotch.

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