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No one has to buy every single game coming out. You don't even have the time to play them all.

I will get Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. These 3 games are 100%.

Than what I might get is Assassin's Creed Revelations, Saints Row 3, RAGE, NFS The Run and that is it.

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Where is Drake?

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I think the story goes as, God of War Chains of Olympus--->God of War Ghost of Sparta--->God of War 1---->God of War 2---->God of War 3

So probably if you play them in this order is the best.

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If he already has it, what is the point in returning it? There are no stores that will take back an open game and give you a full refund.

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So many great games!!! This collection is a must!

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After 250 hours in, I don't think so.

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Good list, But I would take MW3 off from there. That map pack doesn't deserve our money.

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I don't think that what I'm experiencing is because of hardware problem.

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I only play Rush so I guess no jet for me. As for the beta, it should have been announced by now with a firm date.

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It is a good deal to people who haven't played the game before but everyone who got it day 1 this is an insult. But I guess R* has to do what other publishers/developers are doing.

I just find this shady business.

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I can't believe these scores after playing the game. How is it possible that I am the only one who runs into bugs, and not just one or two but many. Not once I fell through the floor or got stuck in the wall. I died many times because I got stock at places where you should have been stock. I experienced audio problem such as no sound when opening doors or when chimera is shooting or hitting you. Some places are chaotic and you don't know what's up or down or left or right. Colors ...

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I'm sorry, but they can't be serious. I'm a console gamer but I know what facts are.

This is just hyping Crysis and nothing more.

Lost a lot of respect for Crytek.

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@FatOldMan and iamnsuperman

If you haven't realized Activision managed to ruin Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk single-handedly. This will happen to COD as well....well actually for me the damage is already done. Less and less people will buy COD games because they are the same exact thing each and every year. And now they will bring out a BS service which should be something included with MW3 to actually make the game somewhat "fresh" and "new" but they deci...

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I think that real gamers, no matter if they got a PS3 or 360 or PC should not buy MW3 to show Activision that we are sick and tired of the BS they are calling a "new game" every year and now this "insult" with the COD Elite.

People have to be a special kind of mentally challenged person to support Activision after this.

Whoever buys MW3 and pays for Elite is not considered a gamer in my eyes......a gamer...well an intelligent human being. ...

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I give you that it is better than R2 but Resistance Fall of Man??? No way!

I found that it has a ton of bugs. I got stuck in walls, in doors I fell through the ground not once. The audio is off many times and sometimes there isn't even some audio especially when I open up doors or when the chimera scream and shoot or hit me.

I also found that the colors look dull and washed out. I don't know if it's intentional but I really don't like it.

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Yeah MaideninBlack is right. Sadly that is how it is in todays world. Most people don't know that these games are rushed they just see that there is another Soul Calibur game and they just buy it regardless.

SC5 looks exactly like SC4 did. I see absolutely no difference. The only thing is that I think the game is getting way, waaaaaaaay to colorful. Almost like a kindergarteners color-book.

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I'm more into SP games. For example, Uncharted. I know there is MP in Uncharted 2 and 3 but I'm only getting 3 for SP and I only got 2 for SP. I don't care about MP for it isn't interesting nor is it addictive for me for more than a few days.

The ONLY game I play MP is battlefield bad company 2. That is it. Come BF3, and it will be that.

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Huge update. Lot of good stuff.

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Not because it's cool but because it isn't that cool and there have been so many articles about this.

The Germans just can't let GTA IV go.

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Are you the developer who has to put work into it or are you the gamer???

Gamers should look games with a gaming view not how hard it is to develop.

I did not know there are over a 100SF characters to be honest but the more the better.

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