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i just want one with up dated graphics. I enjoyed the old darkstalkers and graphics won't stop me from playing it but it would just be nice. lol #1.1.1
i really wished they would make a new one. #1
i can't wait for this game! #1
i'm just happy it was M5 or TSM that took it. #1
At least it's not like street fighter where they add new characters and you have to buy a new game. #9
i was hoping it would be more like a magic game play but no it wasn't. #1
Nintendo will probably come out with a bluetooth headset or something. #43
no surprise, the 360 has been out for too long. Time for a change. #35
hmmm catchy, sort of. #27
they can have my vote for this. #4
I miss the old RARE! Killer Instinct needs to be brought back. #51
nope none of those are on my list, been to busy playing multiplayer games. #1.1.1
yeah i doubt it is, on the E3 event showing of this game it showed 24 character slot and only 3 villians have been shown. #3.1.1
wow no fighting game from capcom!?!?!?!?! #5
makes me want a wii u now. #2
The cast still looks small #3
not a bad score, only thing i like about this game is that i can catch eevee in the wild! #5
wow that is a lot of cash but not as much as what Riot games is giving away at their world championship. #2
wow congrats to Capcom, now lets see how many can be sold. #24
i agree, i havne't found any single player game that i enjoy lately. #1
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