I like cute things.


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It'd be nice to win $25, I could buy a game or something with that.

Buena suerte!

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Also a member of Cheapassgamer. :P

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Nice compilation piece! I'm going to use this to formulate my plan of attack right now.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I figured it was understood what was meant but I guess I was wrong. I'll change that in the actual post.

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Disappointed that it's not GTA.

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We will look into this though.

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I'm pretty sure it's a coincidence. If it was inspired by another piece then Laura would have referenced it in her own article. Also, there's no point in blatantly ripping off others.

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I agree. My phone does almost everything that a OUYA will and it even has more storage.

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I don't ever sell any of my stuff, otherwise I probably would have done that a long time ago. The PC and PS3 are why mine is sitting on the floor, untouched.

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The Wii but it's because of the Wii U.

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I got wrapped up in Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper.

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Yeah, it seems to be a problem with bigger companies. I guess that's why we see such a big wave of support for indie titles nowadays.

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This definitely speaks to me. I lost interest in Skyrim after about 30 hours but I'm gradually getting back into it by wandering places.

It's kind of fun to go wherever you want and see where you end up on the map.

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Funny thing is he owns a 360 as well. He prefers to play things on the PC.

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About to upgrade my PC so some of these tips will come in handy. Thinking about the cost of new components was making me miserable.

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Great post listing the pros and cons of Nvidia and AMD. I have an AMD card right now because it was within my budget. I may go Nvidia in the future if I can afford it.

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I would get this just for the soundtrack. Nobuo Uematsu is a genius.

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These posts are pretty interesting. I wish I had seen something like this when I was building my computer 3 years ago.

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They tried to explain it in the press release but all I could gather from that is the higher price that the Europeans would have to pay for the same amount of MS Points.

Not quite sure why that would affect US PSN users, except for fairness in the developers' eyes. Using that logic, the price should be the same for everyone.

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Given the choice, I would pick the lower one. If the price is changed to $9.99, it will delay the release by about a week though. Some people may vote for the higher price because of that.

Not everyone acts rationally.

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