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Depends. Some McDonald's toys go for decent cash at certain vendors. I have seen some go for as high as $25 bucks a piece at Frank & Sons in So.Cal. All really depends on a lot of factors though. #10.1
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With regards to buying a child Happy Meals, mainly my three kids: it's not something I do everyday. My kids getting Happy Meals, or McDonald's in general, is really a once in a while treat. I prefer my kids don't end up like myself and would prefer them to eat home cooked meals. But once in a while, maybe once or twice a month, it won't kill them to enjoy a treat.

It's up to the parents to decide what to feed their kids. None of this is Nintendo's or M... #9
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I actually completely agree with you here. #2.1
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So was I. For years I had been following this game's development. And it looked good from the videos I saw coming from Japan. But actually getting to play it... it was a real let down. Still, I give them credit for trying something new, they just should have refined it a bit before releasing it. #1.1
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Maybe they can pick up some of the JRPGs that NISA and others aren't bringing to the US. There are tons of JRPGs that get passed over and one more company doing localizations is definitely a welcome sight. #1.2.1
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I feel the exact same way. And having worked with these three before, I am sure they will do a killer job at making that happen. #1.1
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Funny, I usually suck at designing my AC but I am good at maneuvering and running and gunning. #1.1
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I agree with you one hundred percent on that issue. I wish I could play the three games on my Vita. But the two coming out in Japan, and hopefully here, are for the Vita, so there is some hope. #2
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The sequel to Lunar was also a great game. If they release that for the iOS market I would definitely get the pair. #3.1
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I've played the all on consoles but I guess I should start getting them for the iOS devices huh? #1.1.1
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I gotta admit, I absolutely love the list. Especially the inclusion of Shining Force and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. Great list. #1
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Hopefully it doesn't have to come to that. But if it does, should the worst case scenario become reality, I would do the same as well. #2.1
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It is deeper than games. Games barely factor into the argument from a realist standpoint. But because they are looking for something to blame right now, games are right in the crosshairs. Unfairly games are seemingly taking the heat for this latest round. #1.1.2
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No kidding. This is a serious issue though. These people in Washington are seriously looking at measures to justify regulating video game sales. I mean, for them to go so far as to question the validity of a Supreme Court ruling and with backers from both major parties, this could potentially affect ever gamer and gaming company for years to come. #1.1
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Personally, having played all three Saints Row games, I would have to say that The Third was my favorite of the three with 2 following second and the first game last.

No one forces you to use the giant purple dildo in the game and some of the over-the-top weapons available are not forced on you either. The story may have strayed a bit from the "seriousness" of the first two games, but overall I and a lot of other SR fans that I know enjoyed The Third on most every l... #48
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Same here. Out of all the games on the list Ni no Kuni is the one I want the most. #1.1
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Gotta Run/Be The One is my favorite one from your the list here. #2
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Did the person even read the part that states that I am a parent as well? Or did he just dismiss the entire article when he got bored with it? Either way, this was my response:

"I am glad that you agree with my opinion on a themathic level, but further reading of your comment proves that you didn’t finish reading my whole little rant here. Or else you would have read that I am not childless and am indeed a parent of three beautiful young children who I spend the majorit... #6.1
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So I came across this comment on my article the other day which I want to share with you here:

"I agree, on a thematic level, with the opinion you have expressed in your column. However, as a writer, more importantly as a copy editor and most importantly as a parent, I am repulsed by the completeness of your arrogance. You speak from a position wholly uninformed by experience, knowledge and any valid standpoint whatsoever. An “oh-so-busy day of drinking and watching soap... #6
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Yeah, but the list only covers games confirmed to be coming out in Q1 2013.

GTAV is listed as Q1/Q2 with a possible May date. Watch Dogs is just listed as 2013 so a possible date may be expected mid-year. Beyond last had a Q2 speculative date when last checked. And Last of Us also simply had a 2013 unspecified release date.

Believe me, all four of those games are on my watch list, but I wanted to list games that were confirmed/semi-confirmed for a Q1 releas... #1.1
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