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What would Goku do ? hmmmm #6
Why doesn't everyone leave this guy alone .... You all are making his voice have weight. He says something and everyone flips out.... #1.1.4
I know, I was reading this like, what does a core player play? Battlefield? Hahaha #3.1
I got excited for a sec ... 😔 #1.4
Where is this source ? #1.3
Where did EA announce this? No one is questioning the source ? #1.5
They're honestly doing fans a service. They could've easily made one AC game for all platforms but fans wanted a full, next-gen game that wouldnt be held back by the previous and that's what they're giving you. #2.1
Can this game come out please! #1
People need to stop complaining -_- #2
Did you really exit? #1.2
I'm just counting the days down, thankfully the Destiny Beta comes out tomorrow :) #7
It's not, not knowing how iPs work, it's more about comparing random guys trying to develop a valve game to Naughty Dog trying to develop a rock star game. So he basically compared naughty dog directly with a random group of people. #7.2.1
I was too, but I feel that Nintendo has been somewhat of an under dog and people didn't expect much but they came, they showed games, and now, the people's choice award provided them with positive fame.

I don't know why I needed it to rhyme but whatever. #2.1.1
Beyond disappointing ? Really? #3.1
The thirst for money? Thats always been real. #3.1
... #4.1
You've gotta admit, Sony is on their game. First with Microsoft copying Sony's PSPlus and now Nintendo with Cross Buy. This is great for consumers. Hopefully more innovations like this force companies to offer more value to the end user. #1.3
VR games need to put your hands in the game, it will feel 10 times more immersive. #2
So, PSNow release timeframe for EU? #1
You might not trade in your games, but many people do. Why should I have a single-player game I've played through or a game I'm not going to play anymore just lie there? I would rather sell it and get something else. You also might have a good internet connection but I find it annoying that I have to go to a friends and sign in and download the game before we play when I can just bring the disc. When you buy a game, there should be no restriction, its your game. #2.2.1
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