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@thrust Think of Share-Play like someone sitting on the couch next to you it works like that. So I would assume if you're able to play the game on multiplayer (for example ghosts) with someone else when they come over, you should be able to do it on Share-Play. It's basically a virtual couch that spans any distance over the Internet. #1.1.2
I wonder what happened to suspend and resume :-/ #1.1
I realize that if you sign in and try to purchase it, you can't. #5.2.1
I'm also still able to purchase it on it PSN. It wasn't removed yet. Maybe they only did it for the U.S.? Or maybe it's still yet to come? #5.1.1
It's still available on the PSN store.... #5
@fxa5209 I don't think you mean on PS+ generally. I think you mean PS+ for PS4. Also, the Xbox One is in the same boat, they're getting indie games as well. Stop being spoiled. In the end, these are free games. Just be glad we are getting them. #5.1.4
So many varying reviews ... Hmm #1
The video isn't there for me :-/ #4
What would Goku do ? hmmmm #6
Why doesn't everyone leave this guy alone .... You all are making his voice have weight. He says something and everyone flips out.... #1.1.4
I know, I was reading this like, what does a core player play? Battlefield? Hahaha #3.1
I got excited for a sec ... 😔 #1.4
Where is this source ? #1.3
Where did EA announce this? No one is questioning the source ? #1.5
They're honestly doing fans a service. They could've easily made one AC game for all platforms but fans wanted a full, next-gen game that wouldnt be held back by the previous and that's what they're giving you. #2.1
Can this game come out please! #1
People need to stop complaining -_- #2
Did you really exit? #1.2
I'm just counting the days down, thankfully the Destiny Beta comes out tomorrow :) #7
It's not, not knowing how iPs work, it's more about comparing random guys trying to develop a valve game to Naughty Dog trying to develop a rock star game. So he basically compared naughty dog directly with a random group of people. #7.2.1
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