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I NEED THIS.... Give us this demo on consoles ! #1.1
Well ofcourse.... Wouldn't you want them to continually improve or would ou rather them stay the same ? #1.1
You're acting as if Microsoft broke some illuminati oath and now they're recieving the consequences .... Relax... #1.1
Yup :) #1.2
Some gamers have become pretty entitled nowadays .... #2.3
FarCry 2's campaign was pretty meh.... FC3 is where things got better, for me at least. #1.2
This gender debate needs to end.... Leave it out of video games.... Devs should make whatever they want regardless of female/male lead.... #1.1.3
Teaser image for a teaser trailer teasing and upcoming trailer for and upcoming game ... #7
I don't wanna make it easy money though. I want to struggle so I can persevere. #2.1
Yeah I don't understand people's hate for the first game, I enjoyed it. #8.2
@whoyouwit04 Or maybe because the P.T. demo was Playstation only? #1.1.2
I actually enjoyed Watch Dogs so I'm looking forward to this ! #3
Do you know what's copied and pasted? People's complaints every year when a new Call of Duty is announced.... Like why do you care so much? Why comment ? Why waste your time? Just move on. Forget that this franchise exists ( if that's even possible ). #1.3.1
Shadow of Mordor copied Assasins Creed and Batman, is that a bad thing ? No. It made the game better and was put together in its own fashion. Games have been copying games since the beginning of this industry. Why complain? Just move on with your life. #1.1
Thats pretty dumb.... #1
Nice to see you trolling on N4G instead of playing yor Wii U... #2.7
You amaze me sir. Can you teach me your ways?? #3.1
I need this game to come out already ! #1
This post is bublicious ?? #50
This game really needs to come out already ! #3
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