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I simply cannot understand how people defend it so much. Speed runs are a horrible way to complete a game but if your game can be completed in 6 mins, that is way to short to charge anything for. Kojima wanted people to get use to the gameplay,etc before the full platter has been put out on the table. What he should've done is put this out as demo. This is unacceptable and any gamer who has respect for themselves should not defend it. I'm sorry if what I say is harsh but it's the... #4.2
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ME TOO! #1.1.2
Skip to 13:45 for gameplay.
Also, it looks pretty decent. Hopefully the framerate will more stable after the day one patch. #7
There is a special PS + edition but then there is also a full retail version. #3.1
How? #1
that no one ever was? #3.1
Honestly I would avoid listening to some people, apparently every COD released becomes the worst one yet. I've enjoyed my time with the game. #1.4
That's what I was thinking, hopefully it is! #6.1
Don't forget about Dead Nation ! #3
Chloe > Elena #2.1
So a game is selling more than a console? Hmmm #6
Last of Us! #5
@inthelab Last of Us came out in June.. #2.1.2
Years? Wasn't Titan Fall announced at this year's E3? #4.2
Honestly, why do you wink at the end though? Lool #2.1.2
Wow, if that happened I would probably drop a tear for him haha #1.3.1
Hai, hai,hai,.......hai loooool #3.1
Can't cheat codes do the same thing, like past GTA Games? #4
Looks cool #1
^ -_- funny #2
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