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DONT TEASE ME !!!! 😩 #9
This is the same guy who thought uncharted had no gameplay... I love Joe but this game is obviously not for everyone. I enjoyed it and the story was great! #1.8
I really hope nobody here actually believes this... Lol #9
Where is this confirmation ? I REALLY dislike articles without sources. Just link where you got that information from..... Maybe I missing something here. #4
A date! :) #1
VR is becoming a bigger focus in gaming and in tech in general each day. This makes me happy :) #ImWaitingTheVrPorn #NotGoingToActInnocentHere #1
But then where would all his hate energy go? There are people that live to hate and each day there is a certain 'hate' quota to fill. #1.3.1
Exactly.... I really dislike articles that don't have sources. #5.1
I heard this was an annual thing, nothing new will be revealed. They will just be discussing Zombies and its succes. But then again, it could something new... #GETONTHATHYPETRAIN #1.2
Yeah, exactly lol. What was this guy's point. If someone pourd millions onto my lap to promote the Xbox I would've said it cured cancer and flew me to the moon....😂😂 #10.1
Because it's the Internet.... The place where people love to hate on others.... #1.1.2
........ #4.3
Yeah it's too much... #1.1
I don't ever do stuff like this but I have a couple of issues with what you had to say:
"did have flaws such as linear gameplay at times"
- Since when was it a flaw to have linear gameplay? Many games have it and it's not seen as a flaw.

"The new build had me battling in a study and my biggest issues were the aiming system"
"the ability to shoot cases, walls, doors, and such see debris erupt was highly enjoyable."... #5
FINALLY!!! :,) I've been waiting too long ! #4
AGREE TIMES 9000 #1.4.1
I don't see the release date on #1.3
They're not can still watch them both, just somewhere else now. #5.1
Exactly what I wanted to say! #1.1
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