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This is glorious 🙌🏾 #9
I agree, a game series shouldn't be yearly but the people buy the game so they make them. #3.1
So "it's going be 599 U.S. Dollars".... Flashback anyone? #2.3
^ Agree. Stop copying pasting the cod comments each year.... #4.1.2
Red Dead ! Read Dead ! Read Dead ! #1.1
Then why comment? Why click on the post? Why read what this is about? #2.1
People making a judgement call when they don't even own the device.... #5
Just why? Smh... #2.1.1
I love that you wrote this! I've seen too many articles of claiming that girls are some type of victims in the industry and are not as accepted as males..... Stop.... Smh. If you're worried about being a female and getting harassed online, try having your name be "ArabienSoldier" LOL. Terrorist jokes all day, but I laugh at it. #11
Currently enjoying Zombie Army : Trilogy for Halloween! Suggest others give it a try! Its on sale on PS4 too! #4
Same, my PS3 still has that theme so I just bought this one too! :) #6.1
Extinction was fun but in no way is it better than Zombies. #2.1
@Dragon You hope its not the case that they produce the game they envisioned through more money support? #1.1.2
Really, why did you even click on the article ? It's pretty simple not to give yourself a headache. #3.6
I bet you felt so clever when you wrote that article title 😂😂😂 #4
😂👌🏾 #6
Replicating the PS2 isn't like replicating / emulating the Cell from the PS3. I wouldn't be surprised if was but then again, it would destroy the whol purpose of PSNow but again, you can't play PSNow games and Livestream at the same time. Anyways, I need time splitters back me life, anyone else feel the same ? Hahah #2.2.1
You're very cool! #3.1
I'm not a PC gamer but that's was a pretty ignorant statement brother. #1.3.4
Don't be that guy. People enjoy unboxings of all kinds, if you don't care for them then there is no reason to comment or click on the link really. #3.1
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