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@Muerte2494 & immortal84:
Hold on! You two actually need others to tell you what's a good looking game? You can't determine that for your self?

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I try not the dirt myself with fanboy war. I just stick to the facts.

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Deferred rendering is general technique and isn't owned by anyone. However, Guerrilla Games were one of the first developers to put the technique in a game.

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Jailbreaking, or rooting as it's called in the Android world since that's actually what you're doing (giving the user root access), isn't an especially new concept.

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Can someone please explain to me when we started measuring game scores on a logarithmic scale? 85 out of 100 (the current Metacritic score) is to me quite an excellent score. I can think of 84 scores that's worse and only 15 that's better.

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I thought about writing a long comment on game lengths and subjective experience but it turned out one of the TSA editors already said it all:

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It really doesn't matter what you and I think. In a democracy every game developer has the right to develop any publish what ever they like.
If you don't approve of it, the only thing you can do is to not buy the game.

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Hope it's a RALLY game this time. DiRT 2 was fun but all these Trophy Trucks and Buggies and shit bored me.

Me and my co-driver in a proper rally car against the clock. That's what rally is all about.

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Please, create a special section for all these f*cking opinion pieces (or cut it out all together).
When I visit NEWS 4 gamers I expect, you know, NEWS. Not some fanboy rant in a blog.

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Let's get one thing straight. This isn't a game fore everyone. It's hard, really hard. The game doesn't really ease you in with simple gameplay and then adds on new mechanisms as the game progresses. Instead pretty much everything you can do is unlocked from the beginning and you, the player, is the one that has to improve during the game. And not the game character.

But when you get the hang of it, it's really fascinating. The sense of immersion by doing ...

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When they compress the crap out of the picture. It would be far more useful to use the bandwidth on 1080p with less compression.

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Don't know anything about the article but it comes down to the ratio between the screen size AND the viewing distance.

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Years ago when I bought a GeForce 1 (yeah I'm that old) it came bundled with a pair of 3D-glasses. And the games back then came on a cd.
It's all about the rendering. Storage hardly matter.

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The only thing I know is that the on stage demonstration at Nintendos E3 keynote was excruciatingly embarrassing to watch.

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They've already said that the lag is under one frame. Which in a 30fps game 22ms is.

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Can't we just settle with human being?

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The games I play doesn't consist of black lines on a white background. It's always easy making a point by using extreme cases. Try a real world example instead.

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Isn't this kinda obvious? Just like you need to keep exercising too keep your muscles in trim, using your brain will keep it from ageing.

It's not the actual content of the game that makes this (i.e. it doesn't have to be a violent game) but the fact that you keep your brain active.

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That's funny. A recent Swedish study claims that you have a higher risk of being overweight if you spend the time in-front of the tv instead of the computer.
Why? Well, that's just for speculation at the moment but the most popular theory is that you don't have the same time to eat while gaming than you do in-front of the tv.

Also, her claims that games...